Electric cars are not the best sellers

Uncover the truth about why electric cars haven't become top sellers. Explore their pros, cons, and what lies ahead.

While many car manufacturers are placing a strong emphasis on electric vehicles (EVs) and envisioning a predominantly electric future, the sales data for new cars in 2023 paints a different picture. According to statistics from Bovag and Rai Associations, the preferred powertrain is not electric, despite a fully electric car being the best-selling model the previous year.

In 2023, the top-selling car was the Tesla Model Y, highlighting the continued popularity of electric cars. However, the majority of new cars sold featured hybrid powertrains, constituting 37.1 percent, while fully electric cars accounted for 30.8 percent. Petrol-powered cars made up 30.4 percent, with diesel engines representing only 1.1 percent of new car registrations.

Breaking down the data by brand, Volkswagen maintained its popularity, making up 9.5 percent of new car sales. Other well-received brands included Kia, Toyota, BMW, and Skoda. Notably, the total number of new passenger car registrations decreased by 14 percent in 2023 compared to the previous year, despite electric car registrations increasing by almost 7.5 percent.

Examining specific models, the Tesla Model Y led the pack with 13,758 registrations, accounting for 3.7 percent of the market share. Other notable models include the Kia Picanto, Peugeot 208, Volvo XC40, and Kia Niro, showcasing a diverse range of preferences among car buyers in 2023.

In conclusion,

While electric cars offer notable benefits such as fuel efficiency and environmental friendliness, they are not currently leading the market in terms of sales. This lower demand can be attributed to factors such as higher upfront costs, limited driving range, and inadequate charging infrastructure. However, with continuous advancements in technology and increasing eco-consciousness among consumers, their popularity might surge in the future. It’s important for both manufacturers and governmental entities to address these issues to foster wider acceptance of electric vehicles. Let’s strive for a future where sustainable transportation is not just an alternative but becomes the norm.

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