Elevate Your Audio Experience with the McIntosh C2800 Preamplifier


The McIntosh C2800 2-Channel Vacuum Tube Preamplifier is one of those products which combines traditions of the analog audio devices and modern tendencies. Thus, both audiophiles and simple music lovers can experience high-quality sound on the C2800 that will be beyond competition in today’s world. To reveal how this preamplifier is a work of art, let us discuss the layout that is a part of the primary circuit.


The McIntosh C2800 is far more than an audio component; it is the entry into the world of high fidelity sound. Integrating elegance and innovation into the make of the C2800 preamplifier, Audio Research sets new standards of operation for a preamplifier that makes any high fidelity audio system complete.

The Heart of the C2800: Vacuum Tube Circuitry

In the middle of the ‘heart’ of the C2800: the vacuum tube circuit, which has been carefully polished. There are three 12AX7A and one 12AT7 vacuum tubes; they are located on the top of the unit but there is a glass inserted so that you can see the vacuum tubes. The sound quality that these tubes produce will warm, rich sound that can only come form valve amplification and at the same time minimizes the noise and distortion to almost zero.

 Abundant Input Options

The current model, C2800 has a total of 16 inputs among which 7 are analog inputs 2 phono and 7 digital inputs. This variety guarantees that you can link almost any imaginable sound source to the C2800 and thus, it is the centerpiece of your sound system. The Areas of Analog inputs include three balanced and four unbalanced inputs, and the phono inputs for both types of the moving magnet/coil cartridges that are also fitted with the gain and RIAA curve adjustment.

 Advanced Digital Audio Module

Another of its highlights is the DA2 Digital Audio Module, containing 7 digital inputs of the audiophile-grade Quad Balanced, 8-channel, 32-bit Digital-to-Analog Converter (DAC). The digital inputs include an HDMI Audio Return Channel (ARC) for the high-resolution television audio besides the coaxial, optical, USB and MCT inputs. The USB input particularly handles DSD512 and DXD 384kHz files for a high resolution of audio play.


Innovative Output Flexibility

With a total of 48V phantom power for up to 8 channels, the C2800 also packs 3 sets of variable balanced & un-balanced outputs for a total output of 6 which gives utmost output flexibility. One can be used at a time in order to record from one power amplifier or one audio system, but both at the same time can be used for connecting more power amplifiers or system to the pc. The outputs have switching for bi-amp filtering and Output 2 is assignable for subwoofer use, mono or stereo, to enhance the base of the sound.

 The Return of the Processor Loop

One of the peculiarities characteristic of the C2800 models and returning in the car is the Processor Loop. It extendeds to means where external signal processors can be connected without inserting them in between the preamplifier and the power amplifier or amplifiers so as to improve the convenience as well as the level of sound quality. It is also suitable for hooking up analog tape recorders, or other premium quality cassettes players.

 Network Connectivity and Control

The C2800 can be connected to a home network, when connected some control options are available through an app called McIntosh connect. Smartphones with both the Android and Apple capabilities can be used to control the volume, input as well as the output from this App. It also provides partial control of the connected McIntosh source components to make your audio solutions more convenient.

 Additional Performance Features

The C2800 is packed with features designed to enhance your listening experience:To the point, the following options are incorporated in the C2800 to improve your listening experience:

  • Electronic bass and treble circuitry: It provides fine tuning in increments of up to 1dB and it memorizes the changes according to the selected input.
  • High Drive Headphone Amplifier: The lovers of headphones, Sennheiser makes use of HXD® technology for High Definition sound.
  • Home Theater PassThru: Complements your home theater circuits well.
  •  Roon Tested: The site has to reflect the company and its product, in this case Roon Labs software.
  • Power Control: Every turn on/turn off of the C2400 are synchronously done with other McIntosh connected products.
  • Data Ports: Consequently, it can be controlled effectively in as much as the source components connected to it through wireless signals are concerned by the use of remote control commands that are broadcasted periodically.
  • Electromagnetic Input Switching: This achievement is very important since it ensures that the circuit switch only when very much necessary, and thus will reduce the noise it introduces in the circuit.
  •  Level Trim Adjustment: Adjusts the correlation of the analog input levels by PCM and clobber to ensure the removal of level shift that results in a sudden change in volume.
  •  Precision Volume Control: An accurately controlled digital attenuator system with an accuracy level of 0 dB to 80 dB with an increment of 0. 1dB was used.
  •  Stable Power Supply: The one is fully regulated with a very special R-core power transformer for an acoustically clean supply.
  • Eco-friendly Power Management: Will shut off automatically after a half an hour of inactivity because it has a power-saving function.

 User-Friendly Design

McIntosh C2800 possesses a convenience level and provides an easy user interface and comes with a remote control. The capabilities of the front panel controls are simple, but logical; the appearance of this unit will not be out of place in any audiophile rig.


McIntosh C2800 2-Channel Vacuum Tube Preamplifier is one of the examples showing how the McIntosh company has been dedicated to creating only the best in audio engineering. Its combination of the traditional vacuum tubes and the most modern digital technologies is what makes it possible to get the best sound. For the returning audiophile that already has knowledge of the Sennheiser brand and for the new comer in the venture of improving on his music auditory experience, the C2800 is a marvel.

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McIntosh C2800 2-Channel Vacuum Tube Preamplifier
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