Elevate Your iPhone with the Nomad Magnetic Leather Back


Do you want to upgrade the appearance and effectiveness of your iPhone? Introducing the Nomad Magnetic Leather Back that ranges from great looks to added protection and functionality in one amazing design. Think about turning your phone into an elegant piece of jewelry that not only is stylish but also comfortable to hold in your hand. Now let me enlighten you on how this product is unique.


I believe that Nomad Magnetic Leather Back for iPhone is not only a cover, but it is also the declaration of modern trend and practical use. This minimalist ultra-thin black Horween leather case crafted to form a protective shell to your iPhone, comes very close to modifying the original appearance or design of your iphone in any way. But what defines it from other cases that are available in the market?

The Essence of Horween Leather

Horween leather originating from the USA is arguably one of the best in the market when is comes to quality an d durability. This leather is as soft as silk and at the same time, ensures durability. That coat feels perfect like it is custom made, it just feels, looks and is perfect.

 Developing a Unique Patina

However, one feature that makes the Nomad Magnetic Leather Back to be quite distinctive is how it acquires a leathery finish. This implies that the more one uses it, the more personalized it is because it holds the usage pattern of the owner and besides the phones have character.

 Magnetic MagSafe & Microsuction

This leather back comes with the magnetic mag safe and the microsuction attachment to ensure your phone does not fall easily. You can think of it as ‘the hand shake’ – it’s strong, dependable and very comforting. It is very compatible with iPhone’s MagSafe system meaning that you can easily attach and also remove it easily.

 Raised Protective Camera Ring

One must note the considerably small thrown up camera protection ring as an important extension of the design. Basically, it serves as protector to your camera lens, particularly from damages such as scratch which might result from frequent knocks and drops of the camera. This prevents your camera from getting impaired in any way hence ensuring that your camera remains in the best shape to capture high quality images.

 Compatibility with Charging Methods

I am sure at one time or the other you must have been worried about charging your phone with the case on. Fear not! Being MagSafe and wireless charging compatible, there is no need to take off the Nomad Magnetic Leather Back to charge your phone. This is the kind of convenience that is similar to having the cake and still be able to eat it.

Slim Look and Laser Like Cutting Line

This leather back is precision cut to be ultra thin in order to retain the slim appearance of your iPhone. It is slimline and contours well to the palm, thus not adding much thickness while offering a good grip. It’s like that pair of gloves that you find, that fit like a glove – well-shaped and to the purpose.

How to Install the Leather Back

This accessory is easy to install on the notebook since it is a Nomad Magnetic Leather Back. It is automatically in alignment with your iPhone and you only need to rely on the magnets to get the job done. The microsuction material not only helps with the overall snug fit of the case which has no wobble or misalignment but also increases the solidity of the situation.

 Daily Use and Durability

Globally, this implement is very much sturdy and during regular usage, the authenticity of the leather back can easily be witnessed. It is designed in a way that can stand the daily use, drops or more time in people’s hands. It is then assimilated and form a character of it’s own as would a companion of a long standing period.

 Ideal for Various Lifestyles

Regardless of whether one is a worker, a scholar, or a fasting person, Nomad Magnetic Leather Back fits the bill perfectly. It’s design and usage makes it very unique for anyone to use and creates that accent to your day.

 Comparison with Other Cases

Comparing the case to others, one can see the Nomad Magnetic Leather Back as the one that combines looks and practical usability. Most cases provide protection but even fewer do so in as technologically advanced a manner as is evident here and in addition to this; they do so in the simplest manner possible. One may compare it to a situation where one chooses to drive a more expensive car as against a normal car, both will take you to your intended destination, only that the more expensive car will be seen to do it in a more glamorous way.

 Leather Back – its Care

To maintain your leather back, there is nothing much that you have to do. To clean it, wash it with a soft and wet cloth on a daily basis and ensure it has dries before you use it. The leather should be protected from extreme conditions of either of the two; strong chemical products or very hot weather. This power arrangement then can be likened to a beauty of a leather furniture who needs only a little tendering.


The Nomad Magnetic Leather Back is truly the perfect combination of style, protection and practicality for your iPhone. It transforms your mobile phone into an advanced accent that gives it robust security and seamless functionality. Whether you’re looking for a style upgrade or practical features, this leather lower back has you covered.

Elevate your iPhone to joy with the Nomad Magnetic Leather Back and experience the blend of beauty and durability it brings to your everyday life.

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Nomad Magnetic Leather Back
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