Elevate Your Wellness Journey with the Withings Scanwatch Nova: A Smartwatch Revolution


Elevate Your Wellness Journey with the Withings Scanwatch Nova: A Smartwatch Revolution
Withings releases the brand new hybrid smartwatch – the Withings Scanwatch Nova – to the market. Intended to focus on cardiovascular health but have the same smart-tracking capabilities like its predecessor, the Scanwatch Nova blends the good points of the Scanwatch 2 with the sleek looks of a premium dive watch.


The Withings Scanwatch Nova offers more than just functionality by combining it with an elegant design that adds a fashionable flair to your wrist.

Design and Materials

Craftsmanship meets innovation: Ceramic and stainless steel rotating bezel, luminova hollow watch hands, and the raised thick indices on the Scanwatch Nova model denote class. The stainless steel case, and the sapphire glass with antireflective coat, along with an optional metal strap make it more durable and stylish.

Heart Health Monitoring

Your heart’s guardian: With the FDA-approved ECG functionality, the Scanwatch Nova enables users to do everything they need to stay healthy and active. From atrial fibrillation detection to heart rate monitoring these devices always have you covered, making sure your heart remains the heart of the health journey in your life.

24/7 Temperature Tracking

Staying ahead of the curve: The Scanwatch Nova, which has TempTech24/7 temperature sensors, can measure changes in body temperature while sleeping or engaging in physical activity. This helps to understand the cycles of these fluctuations, which provide clues into possible health problems including illness and developing healthy options.

Sleep Tracking and Insights

Unlocking the secrets of sleep: Explore your sleep patterns in a new way by the Scanwatch Nova’s combined sleep tracking features. The device does not only record the sleep quality scores but also alerts common disturbances and patterns of interruptions to improve your nightly rest catnap.

Activity and Fitness Tracking

Your personal fitness companion: Scanwatch Nova lets you flow effectively from ordinary daily life to vigorous workouts. With the help of heart rate zones monitoring, step tracking, calorie burned, and VO2 max estimating metrics, you can go so far in your fitness journey.

Women’s Health Features

Empowering women’s health: The Scanwatch Nova, with its cycle tracking ability, creates a complete health management dealing with women’s issues Keep log for the length of days, track for the signs and make the record in the condition part of the mood diary to stay well informed and be in the control.

Weight and Dimensions

A perfect fit: With a 42mm sleek design and 63g (2.22 ounces) weigh, Scanwatch Nova is style and comfort in one and is a great addition to your wrist as it looks and feels like one.

Advanced Sensors

Precision at your fingertips: The use of high dynamic range accelerometers, multi-wavelength PPG platforms, and altimeters that are precise makes the Scanwatch Nova deliver the accurate data needed to fuel your health journey.

Waterproofing capability and battery life.

Ready for any adventure: This Scanwatch Nova has an 10ATM water resistance and up to 30-day battery life; hence it is your mate in every section of your life either in water or land.

Connectivity and Withings App

Seamless integration: Withings app provides you an overall assessment of your health data gathered from Scanwatch Nova. Supported by iPhone or Android operating systems, the app won’t let you be out of touch with the updates and boosting your self-motivation.

Availability and Pricing

Accessible wellness: From today, the Withings Scanwatch Nova which currently costs $599.95 / £549.95 / AU$799.99 is being made available within US, UK and Australian markets and it offers premium health monitoring to everyone at an affordable price.


To summarize, the Withings Scanwatch Nova reigns as a symbol of innovation in the health technology domain, impeccably marrying fashion sense with functionality to provide users with the tool they need to take control of their health for the better.

FAQs: Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. What makes the Withings Scanwatch Nova stand out as compared to other smartwatches?

The Withings Scanwatch Nova stands out in terms of its focus on heart health monitoring, premium designed, and the wide range of health tracking features.

Q2. Is the Scanwatch Nova a tracker that can be used for female health tracking?

Absolutely! Cycle tracking functionalities and mood trending analytics are some of the features that make the Scanwatch Nova suitable for the unique health needs of the female population.

Q3. For how long can the power of the Scanwatch Nova last?

The Scanwatch Nova comes with a high-performance battery that can last up to 30 days, allowing for 24/7 health monitoring.

Q4. Should I record my activities while going for a swim with the Scanwatch Nova?

Yes, the Scanwatch Nova is water resistant up to 10ATM,compatible with swimming.

Q5. Is Withings app compatible with both ios and android platforms?

Indeed! Withings app is available on the App Store for Apple users and the Google Play store for Android users, hence, compatibility when using any device.

Encircle the path towards comprehensive health monitoring and wellness, experience it all, right from your wrist, joining the Withings Scanwatch Nova.


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