Ember Mug 2: The Ultimate Temperature Control Mug for Coffee Enthusiasts


Are you tired of your coffee becoming too cold really fast or being burnt by overheated temperature?Look no further! Enter the Ember Mug 2 and explore a whole new world of coffee drinking. Using its patented technology and precise temperature control this smart mug will make sure your coffee is always at the perfect temperature. With the Ember Mug 2 this article will tackle its features, pros, and tech.

The Perfect Temperature, All the Time

The Ember Mug 2 is not the usual coffee mug. It exceeds just keeping your coffee hot but let you set the exact drinking temperature so that your coffee is neither too hot not too cold. Using the Ember app you can conveniently set a temperature ranging from 120°F to 145°F (50°C – 62.5°C) with Ember’s advanced technology. Bye bye burnt tongues and cold coffee!

Precision Temperature Control

Ember’s technology breakthroughs and four sensors of precision guarantee accurate temperature control and liquid level detection. At the molecular level, convection current circulates your hot drink from top to bottom making each sip uniform. No more shocks with each sip!

Extended Temperature Maintenance

One of the greatest characteristics of the Ember Mug 2 is the fact it keeps your selected temperature for a long time. With the 10 oz Ember Mug 2 your hot beverage remains perfect for up to 1.5 hours, while the 14 oz Ember Mug 2 keeping it at the desired temperature for up to 80 minutes. Be it you are sipping your morning coffee or relaxing with an afternoon tea, Ember keeps your beverage at its desired warmth at all times.

Contemporary Design & Premium Materials

Besides, the Ember Mug 2 stands out both in functionality and in the beautiful design which was awarded. Made of premium materials, the smart mug provides a modern and sleek aesthetics. The stainless steel core and improved scratch-resistant coating support durability and longevity. Engineered to be ergonomically hand fitting the Ember Mug 2 is characterized by a contoured curve and a high-quality soft-touch feel surface that ensures a confident grip.

Smart LED Indicator

The Ember Mug 2 has a smart LED light which displays important data about your beverage. The LED light shows up when your drink has reached the ideal temperature thus saving you from guesswork. No more burnt fingers nor unwanted scorches. Led light is covertly incorporated with the mug’s design such that the subtlety of the Ember Mug 2 isn’t lost.

Charging is convenient with golden rings

Ember has added signature gold rings under every mug. These double for a ring so, not only being stylish but also allowing for a quick charge when placed on the charging coaster. Ember Mug 2 with its highly-evolved lithium-ion battery technology, gives you an impressive battery life of striving through the day without for a sip of your perfect temperature or formula.

Touch Display for Easy Operation

The Ember Mug 2 takes convenience a step further with its touch screen. Just by simply tapping onto the Ember logo, one has the access to explore different features such as battery life, temperature, and mug name. The touch display also enables you to set the desired water temperature with just a tap on the + or – sign. Say farewell to the complex configuration and effortlessly regulate your coffee’s temperature.

Intelligent Sleep Mode

Ember realizes that you don’t want to keep running a battery process when the mug is not being used. Therefore, the Ember Mug 2 has a smart sleep mode. It wakes up automatically once hot liquid is poured in and goes to sleep when the mug is empty or not in use. This smart feature ensures that your battery lasts longer thus you can always be sure of Ember’s perfect temperature when you need it.

Seamless Integration with Smartphone

Connecting your Ember Mug 2 to the Ember app is a gateway to endless functionalities. You can track your coffee intake or set the temperature of your coffee to an exact degree with the application. It gives you an ability to control all aspects of your Ember Mug 2. Besides that, firmware and software updates make your mug smarter than ever, that is why you always have the newest features and improvements.

Ember Mug 2: Great for Home use and Travel

The Ember Mug 2 is applicable for both home and office use. Short in size and slick shape make it a great asset for your daily commute or a road trip. At 200mm in height and 12 fluid ounces / 350mL (capacity), the Ember Mug 2 is a perfect combination of portability and functionality. It is also safe to hand wash and it can be submerge 1 meter in water, so it is easy to clean and maintain.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What is an Ember temperature control travel mug?
A: The Ember Mug 2 allows you to set an exact drinking temperature for your coffee which means , it will never be too hot or too cold. The cutting edge technology embedded in the product retains your desired temperature for long, allowing you to enjoy the best sip every single time.
Q: Can the Ember mug keep the temperature?
A: Yes, yes, using the Ember app you can easily tweak the temperature of your Ember Mug 2. You can simply choose the desired temperature, up to 145 degrees Fahrenheit, on the app and your mug will continue to provide that temperature until you finish your drink.
Q: What is the temperature limitation on the Ember?
A: The Ember Mug 2 can be set to a temperature range between 120°F and 145°F which is 50°C – 62.5°C. Your coffee you will be kept warmer but not overly hot.
Q: Can you put boiling water into the Ember cup?
A: Indeed the Ember Mug 2 is capable of handling boiling or almost-boiling water. The water is going to naturally cool down to your wanted temperature range, so you can drink your hot beverage without any concern of burning yourself.
Q: What distinguishes the Ember Mug 1 from the Ember Mug 2?
A: Both versions of Ember Mug are with precise temperature control but Ember Mug 2 version comes with 90 and 80 minutes of the battery life for 10 and 14 ounce mugs respectively. Additionally, the Ember Mug 2 has a touch screen allowing for convenient control and information access.


The Ember Mug 2 is the ultimate temperature control mug for anyone who loves coffee. Having a precision of temperature control, a temperature hold function and a great look, this smart mug will always keep your coffee at the right temperature. Bid farewell to lukewarm or hellishly hot coffee and welcome to a new coffee drinking experience with the Ember Mug 2. Grab now and see how the future of coffee should be drunk!



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