Enotria: The Last Song – A Soulslike Serenade Under the Italian Sun


In the crowded landscape of Soulslike games, finding a title that stands out requires captivating gameplay. So, Jyamma Games took on their quest to make us an Italian folklore Soulslike. Enotria: The Last Song is scheduled to be released in June 2024. The game promises a vibrant Italian folklore setting, a unique mask system, and a narrative infused with themes of freedom and rebellion.

Stepping into Enotria is like entering a sun-drenched postcard. Rolling hills dotted with terracotta rooftops. The world is scattered with vibrant floras and ancient ruins bathed in golden light paint. However, like every Soulslike, darkness will always lurk beneath, no matter how beautiful the world is.

The land is trapped in an eternal play known as the “Canovaccio,” orchestrated by powerful entities called the “Authors.” Every inhabitant plays a predetermined role, unaware of the script governing their lives.

“The world has been gripped by the Conavaccio – a twisted eternal play that keeps the world in unnatural stasis.”

The Maskless One

The main protagonist is the “Maskless One, ” an anomaly unbounded by Canovaccio’s script.

“You, Maskless One, are the only one free from a given role and master of your destiny. Defeat the mighty Authors that created it and free the world from stagnation by harnessing the power of Ardore.”

A fiery energy fueled by your will. You are the harbinger of change. The main objective is to break free from the play’s control, confront the Authors, and liberate Enotria from their tyrannical rule.

The Masks: Tools of Rebellion

Each mask you acquire isn’t just a cosmetic change; it’s a rebellion against the preordained script. Each mask has different talents that will elevate your gameplay style. Mastering these masks isn’t just about combat effectiveness. It is also about understanding the folklore they represent and harnessing their unique power to rewrite your destiny.

“Experience a unique system that makes theorycrafting and altering playstyle for each situation easier than ever.”

You can swap the masks to tackle various situations. There are about three default custom loadouts that you can switch to. Each loadout will enable you to try a new playstyle without the burden of respec.

A Dance of Steel and Masks

Enotria: The Last Song embraces the core tenets of the Soulslike genre. Combat is demanding as usual. It requires precise timing, strategic resource management, and mastery of enemy patterns. You need to hone the skills of dodging, parrying, and counterstrikes. These three techniques will make your foundation of survival stronger.

Scattered throughout the world are masks, each imbued with the essence of a fallen enemy. Acquiring these masks not only grants new cosmetic appearances but also unlocks distinct combat styles and abilities.

Beyond Combat

While combat forms the core gameplay, Enotria rewards curiosity. Ancient puzzles inspired by Italian architecture and mythology can be found hidden throughout the world.

The game will probably push you to decipher cryptic messages or manipulate ancient waterwheels to unlock hidden pathways. Solving these puzzles offers valuable rewards, new areas to explore, and deeper insights into the lore and the Canovaccio’s oppressive grip.

“Channel the power of Ardore to dynamically alter reality. Swap strategically between environmental states to solve puzzles, reveal secrets, traverse a decaying world and gain a strategic edge in battles.”


As you wander Enotria, you encounter various characters trapped within the play. Many characters are trapped in a never-ending cycle of their roles due to the curse. You will also find fiery rebels yearning for change, becoming allies, offering cryptic clues, and aiding your fight.

Your interactions with these characters are more than just fetch quests. They are also testaments to the play’s insidious control and the power of hope and resistance.

Choices and Consequences

Your choices have a tangible impact on the world and your journey. Siding with certain characters may unlock new quests or areas. Enotria challenges you to consider the weight of your decisions and face the ramifications of your actions.

More Than Just Challenging

Beyond the visuals, Enotria’s soundtrack is a masterpiece in its own right. The score seamlessly blends traditional Italian folk melodies with modern orchestral arrangements.

It creates a melancholic tune reflecting the character’s struggles with the uplifting melodies. The music enhances the gameplay experience and leaves a lasting impression.


Enotria: The Last Song is a must-play for Soulslike fans seeking a fresh experience. Enotria’s setting isn’t simply a backdrop. It’s a vibrant tapestry woven from Italian folklore.

Its innovative mask system and thought-provoking narrative set it apart from its peers. Enotria offers a unique and rewarding adventure. Whether you’re a seasoned Souls veteran or a newcomer intrigued by the Italian folklore twist, it will be a journey regardless.

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