Eternal Strands: Weaving a Path to Victory


Eternal Strands is a new gaming rumored to be rolling out in 2025. The game is being developed by Yellow Bricks which has renowned veteran developers from Ubisoft and Bioware. The former creative developer of Dragon Age Mike Laidlaw is weaving the game together to give gamers an unforgettable experience. The game’s style looks like a love child between Valorant and Monster Hunter.

Unveiling the Story

Most of the plot is still hidden under the covers. However, from the trailer it seems like the developer is trying to paint a picture where the world is on a brink of devastation. You will slip into the shoes of Brynn who is a young and determined weaver. Brynn is armed with powerful magical abilities and arsenal of magical weapons. Her world is facing a furious threat and she is determined to reclaim the peace for her people.

The true antagonist of the game is still not revealed. However, from the trailer it seems like Brynn will encounter many humanoid and fantastical creatures. Brynn will also need to pave her way to defeat towering beasts. According to many gamers the epic classes between the giant beasts is reminding them of Shadow of the Colossus.

“Face gigantic adversaries and defeat them through a mix of sword, spell, and mobility. Leap onto and climb their massive forms to attack from different angles.”

Combat Tailored for Titans: A Blend of Magic and Might

The combat system in Eternal Strands has a diverse range. It promises a dynamic combat system which allows the player to master various different skills. Brynn is not just good at being a robust warrior she also has mastery in magical abilities.

  • Arcane Arsenal: Brynn has the ability to manipulate the environment around her. She can turn a dragon’s fiery breath against ice-covered minions. She can also use her arcane energy to create pathways to make her journey more seamless. This environmental manipulation enhances the combat level which will allow you to utilize your surrounding while fighting humongous titans.
  • Weaponized Expertise: Brynn also has access to huge array of weaponries. The trailer showcases her wielding various blades and magical implements. It means players might customize their combat style. Players can go for close range combat or they can go with long range combat. Moreover, it is up to you if you want to play defensive or aggressively.
  • Annihilating Giants: One of the core aspects of Eternal Strands is the ability to scale with the towering enemies. You will have to read the moves and exploit weaknesses and deliver decisive blows.

The unique combination of magic and weapons is a dream come true for gamers who are into paladin playstyle. It allows the gamers to master various playstyle and prevents them from getting bored.

“Wear the Mantle, a magical cloak that channels raw magic into raging flame, chilling ice, and telekinetic force. Combine your growing array of powers with enchanted weapons and armor crafted from slain enemies to create a custom look and style. Block incoming attacks with a wall of magical ice, lash out waves of flame from a massive two-handed blade, or toss enemies off a cliff with raw force.”

A World of Wonder: Unveiling the Tapestry of Eternal Strands

The world of Eternal Strands is beaming with secrets and many opportunities for exploration. You can explore the wilds and the capital city of Dynevron. With your magic you can create magical bridge or burn barriers to access these places.

“The next-generation physics system encourages and rewards player creativity in exploration as much as combat. As the Enclave’s secrets unfold, return to base camp to consult with a rich cast of characters. Each are keen to discover the mysteries of what happened to this lost bastion of power and knowledge.”

The world is enriched with lore and mythology. The cultural significance of the place hints that players may have to dive into various lore to fully understand the world. Brynn will explore around to unravel the mysteries of the world.


The game is offering players a captivating and immersive experience. Players can have range of skills to master and manipulate the environment around them. Gamers who are into heavy combat story line Eternal Strands is a good fit for them. Since, the game is being developed by Yellow Bricks it is safe to have high expectations from them.

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