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The return of smart rings was a startling trend that both techies and fitness fanatics noticed at the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) 2024. In a market where smartwatches predominate, smart rings’ small size and stealth appeal appear to be gaining popularity. The Evie Ring by Movano stood out among the many options on display and offered a competitive alternative to the long-reigning Oura Ring.

The Evolution of Smart Rings

The industry standard smart ring for monitoring health has long been the Oura Ring. But according to CES 2024, things will be very different. Notwithstanding its potential, the smart ring has always had trouble striking a balance between cost, functionality, and design. However, there was a surge of functional prototypes and devices unveiled at this year’s CES, upending the paradigm.

Movano’s Evie Ring: A Game-Changer?

Movano’s Evie Ring is among the most promising competitors in the smart ring market. It was initially unveiled as a concept at CES in 2022, and since then, it has developed into a real product that will go on sale later this month for a competitive $269. The Evie Ring, aimed mostly at women, has an elegant appearance, a flexible construction that fits swollen fingers, and an easy-to-use app that contextualizes health data.

The Evie Ring by Movano stands out among smart rings with several essential characteristics. This women-first wearable costs $269 and has a sleek, flexible design for comfort even with swelling fingers. Blood oxygen levels, heart rate, activities, and menstrual periods are contextualized in its simple app. The company’s dedication to accuracy and FDA sensor approval sets it distinct. The Evie Ring may compete the Oura Ring in the smart ring market with promises to add AI-powered insights.

Amazfit Helio Ring: Tailored for Athletes

Not to be outdone, Amazfit debuted a Helio Ring prototype at CES 2024. The Oura Ring’s recovery-tracking concept is supported by the Helio Ring, which is designed for athletes looking for improved recovery insights. With features including an Electrodermal Activity (EDA) sensor for stress tracking, sleep tracking capabilities, daily readiness score, and connectivity with Amazfit smartwatches, the Helio Ring seeks to make a name for itself in the crowded smart ring industry.

Amazfit’s reputation for producing feature-rich wearables at affordable costs adds to the excitement surrounding the Helio Ring’s impending release. The Helio Ring, which is anticipated to launch in the spring, should be reasonably priced if historical performance is any guide.

Diverse Offerings: Zikr Ring and RingConn

Other smart rings that target distinct markets were on display at CES 2024 in addition to the Evie and Helio rings. With its digital tasbih counter and daily prayer reminders, the Zikr Ring was created especially for Muslims. While functionally similar to the Oura Ring, RingConn offers a marginally more cost alternative from a lesser-known manufacturer.

Smart rings at CES 2024 are more than meets the eye. Beyond popular brands, we found rings for individual needs and hobbies. The Zikr Ring, developed for Muslims, reminds them to pray daily and has a digital tasbih counter. RingConn, from a lesser-known business, is cheaper and has similar characteristics as the Oura Ring.

The Quiet Pioneers: Ultrahuman, Circular, and Samsung’s Galaxy Ring

Although more well-known competitors like Oura and up-and-coming brands like Evie and Helio Ring garner most of the attention, smaller businesses have been subtly advancing the smart ring market. Though they haven’t taken the stage, Circular and Ultrahuman have quietly advanced smart ring technology.

Meanwhile, smart ring pioneers like Oura, Movano, and Amazfit are making waves, but some unsung heroes are also helping. Despite their anonymity, Ultrahuman and Circular have been improving smart rings. These inventors are hidden treasures with new ideas and breakthroughs. Samsung’s Galaxy Ring rumor demonstrates that even tech giants recognize smart rings’ potential.

Looking Ahead: The Need for Competition

A image of the smart ring market gaining traction following a relatively calm era is presented by the CES 2024 display. Despite obstacles, the Motiv Ring is changing as evidenced by the appearance of Evie, Helio, and numerous others.

Competition in the smart ring sector may benefit users. As companies compete, we might expect speedier and more innovative developments. Price competition may make smart rings more affordable for more people. As companies compete, we might expect various features for different users. Consumer competition may lead to improvements that benefit everyone, making smart rings more appealing and useful in daily life.


The wearables industry is changing significantly with the return of smart rings at CES 2024. The Evie Ring from Movano and the Helio Ring from Amazfit, among many other possibilities, indicate that the smart ring period is not only returning but also ready to upend the existing quo. It’s evident that the smart ring market is about to enter a dynamic and competitive phase that promises cutting-edge solutions for health tracking aficionados everywhere, as the sector welcomes both new and existing firms.

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