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Virtual reality has changed the way we consume digital content and Meta’s Oculus Quest product line is one of those that brought this change in our lives. The Quest series, characterized by the self-contained virtual reality headset is a clear favourite among avid gamers and technophiles alike. After the success of Oculus Quest 2, Meta will launch its third version called as; “Oculus Quest 3” in the year 2024. This standalone next-generation VR headset is poised to deliver major upgrades, ensuring the most immersive and comfortable virtual reality yet.

Announcing the Meta Quest 3.

On June 1st, the Meta corporation officially presented Quest 3 which excited virtual reality fans all over the world. The headset was introduced during the Meta Connect 2023 event held on September 17, where meta provided details about its specifications and what it offers. Through the online broadcast, Meta announced that Quest 3 will begin to deliver on October 10th of this year and pre-orders are available right after establishment.

A Powerful Hardware Stack

The Meta Quest 3 is the first headset to showcase an advanced hardware stack, which features a Snapdragon XR2 Gen 2 processor. The upgrade provides approximately two times more GPU processing power compared to its predecessor, Quest 2 generating faster loading speeds and better gameplay. This higher power enables the Quest 3 to run heavy applications, ranging from fast-action gaming and high resolution passthrough experiences.

Expanded Storage Options

To accommodate the ever-growing library of virtual reality titles, the Meta Quest 3 offers two storage options: 128GB and 512GB. Users can opt for an option that suits their need, including sufficient room to enjoy the wide range of immersive experiences offered.

Enhanced Mixed Reality

Mixed reality is one of the prominent features that are available in Meta Quest 3. With two RGB cameras at 18 PPD (pixels per degree), the Quest 3 gives you ten times more resolution than what is available on the Quest 2 and three times higher when in passthrough mode as compared to that of a Meta Pro. This leads to full-color, high fidelity views of the user’s immediate environment are seamlessly integrated with virtual objects and real world elements. Using depth projection with no one-position error and room mapping, users’ move normally in the real space and interact with virtual characters or objects physically.

Immersive Audio Experience

The integration of stereo speakers with 3D spatial audio in Meta Quest 3 is a new level for the immersive experience. This technology puts users into their virtual play area, 40% louder audio range with improved base and superior left/right matching capabilities. Furthermore, the headset comes with a 3.5mm audio jack that can be used to connect external devices such as earphones or other Audio equipment.
Optimal Performance with Plenty of Memory.

With 8GB of DRAM the Meta Quest 3, there is a total memory increase of about 30 percent more than its predecessor’s storage to achieve superior performance running heavy resource-oriented applications. Users can use their favorite VR apps without concerns of lag or slowing down.

Comfortable and Ergonomic Design

The design of the Quest 3 has focused on user comfort. It has a strap that can be adjusted for various head sizes and hairstyles. Another optional accessory is a hard strap for those in need of improved fit security. Furthermore, users may tune the face interface to enhance comfort and FOV enabling extended immersive gameplay sessions without discomfort.

Lightweight and Portable

Lightweight and portable, the Meta Quest 3 weighs only 515 grams. Thanks to the pancake optics, an optic profile of 40 % slimmer than Quest has been provided that is much comfortable as well as enjoyable.

Clear LCD display and Optics

The Meta Quest 3 has a resolution of about 2064×2158 pixels per eye, making it more clear and providing realistic graphics. A whopping 30% higher than the Quest2, users can expect next-level clarity and immersion. The 4K+ Infinite Display has the highest resolution in all Quest series, with a number of pixels per degree (PPD) that is equal to twenty-five and an impressive PPI rating for eighteen hundred two.

Multi-setting refresh rate and display field of view.

Users with the Quest 3 have options for refresh rate changes, including various rates such as 72Hz,80Hz ,90 Hz and finally having a max of120hZ. This offers a tailored feeling that is controlled between the perfect balance of fluidity and speed. The field of view is 110 degrees horizontal and 96 degrees vertical, thus offering the users a wider peripheral vision they can fully be involved in virtual worlds.

Advanced optics for sensory immersion.

Having pancake lenses, the Quest 3 achieves a slimmer optic profile while preserving its depth and visual immersion. The peripheral field of view sharpness is increased up to 70%, while the center one by only 25% which provides reduction in stray light artifacts for immersive experience. Adjusting the lens spacing allows users to maintain maximum visual sharpness within this range.

Intuitive Control through Meta Quest Touch Plus Controllers.

The Meta Quest 3 includes the redesigned Meta Quest Plus plus Touch controllers that bring with them a simplistic, ring-free design. These controllers enable more natural motion and accurate input which creates the feeling that their hands are a part of an extension in virtual reality. The TruTouch variable haptics available in the controllers provide tactile feedback, which allows for various sensations within experience and it makes virtual reality more realistic.

Extensive Content Library and backward compatibility

The Meta Quest 3 has more than 500 titles available, combined with a large selection of virtual reality experiences. Whether you’re an action enthusiast, a storyteller who loves to immerse or someone looking for learning challenges; there is something available. The Quest 3 also offers unrestricted access to the full range of Meta Quest metamap aps, games, and experiences that ensure backward compatibility while allowing for improved viewing quality with optimized performance.

PC Support for Better Gameplay.

For users who want to experience a powerful virtual reality, the Meta Quest 3 has PC compatibility. With the Meta Quest Link Cable or Air Link for a single purchase, you can link your headset to a PC and enjoy unlimited entertainment. This feature provides access to more VR experiences and utilizes the PC’s processing power for improved visual quality & performance.

The long-life battery and easy charging.

On average, the Meta Quest 3 lasts up to 2. Whether you are gaming, socializing or doing something productive the Quest 3 has sufficient battery capacity to enjoy VR experiences. It is quite easy to charge the headset with its built-in USB -C port and an 18W power adapter makes sure a fast, efficient charging process. Moreover, the Quest 3 has contact pads on its under surface which eases charging with the external dock accessory (available separately).

Improved privacy and data protection.

Meta makes user privacy and data protection a priority. With its advanced encryption and customizable settings, Quest 3 allows opting in or out to data sharing. The headset also has electronic microphone and camera disconnect features that guarantee privacy when necessary. Furthermore, users can create passwords or PIN codes that restrict their device from unauthorized use.


The Meta Quest 3 is about to revolutionize the world of virtual reality with a powerful hardware, life-like features and user friendly design. With enhancements in processing speed, graphics and comfort the Quest 3 will provide to date VR standalone headset. Whether you are a veteran VR enthusiast or still discovering the fascinating world of virtual reality, Meta Quest 3 has an overwhelming content database; unparalleled immersion and truly unique experience. Prepare yourself to experience virtual reality like you have never before with the Meta Quest 3.



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