Experience Good Quality Sound with Audioengine N22 Gen 2


Are you searching for the best audio associate on your desk setup? Look no similarly than the Audioengine N22 Gen 2. In this article, we’ll dive deep into what makes this tool stand out, from its specs to its performance, helping making a decision if it’s the proper fit in your wishes.


The Audioengine N22 Gen 2 boasts awesome specs that set it apart in the marketplace. Let’s wreck them down:

RMS Watts Per Channel – 50

The N22 can provide 50 watts per channel, supplying ample energy on your audio wishes, whether you’re paying attention to tune, gaming, or looking films.

THD – 0.Half%

With a total harmonic distortion (THD) of 0.0.5%, the N22 ensures clean and correct sound replica without distortion, even at higher volumes.


DAC Sample Rate – 48kHz

The digital-to-analog converter (DAC) of the N22 helps a pattern charge of 48kHz, making sure high-resolution audio playback for an immersive listening experience.

Min Impedance – 4 ohms

The N22 can force audio system with a minimal impedance of 4 ohms, imparting compatibility with a extensive variety of audio gadget.

Inputs – RCA, Bluetooth, and USB

Featuring more than one enter alternatives inclusive of RCA, Bluetooth, and USB, the N22 offers flexible connectivity, permitting you to without difficulty join diverse audio assets.

Size – four.1 x 7.Three x 8.25 inches

Measuring at four.1 x 7.3 x 8.25 inches, the N22 has a compact footprint, making it best for laptop or bookshelf placement without taking up an excessive amount of space.

Weight – three Fifty five lbs.

With a weight of 355 lbs, the N22 is lightweight and portable, permitting you to without difficulty move it between specific places or setups.

Warranty – three years

Backed with the aid of a 3-year guarantee, the N22 offers peace of thoughts, ensuring dependable performance and guide for future years.

First Impressions

Upon unboxing, the N22 gives itself as a graceful and minimalistic computing device amp. Let’s delve deeper into the preliminary impressions:

Packaging and Build Quality

Desktop amps are regularly shipped in easy packaging, and the N22 is no exception. However, a few users may additionally find the MDF cupboard to experience less top rate as compared to metallic enclosures commonly determined in competition.

Design and Ergonomics

Despite its getting older looks, the stand-up design of the N22 is formidable and useful, retaining the extent knob at a handy peak for smooth get entry to. Speaking of which, the volume knob stands out for its clean operation, imparting unique manipulate over audio stages.

Highs and Lows


  • Good sound nice: The N22 gives you stunning sound first-class, with clean highs and deep lows, presenting an immersive listening enjoy.
  • Easy Bluetooth setup: Bluetooth pairing with the N22 is seamless, taking into account wi-fi audio streaming from well suited gadgets.
  • Built-in DAC and headphone amp: With a integrated DAC and headphone amp, the N22 offers delivered versatility, catering to both speaker and headphone setups.
  • Best-in-class extent knob: The extent knob of the N22 is praised for its clean operation and unique control, setting it apart from competition.


  • Cheap feeling enclosure: Some users may also find the MDF cupboard of the N22 to experience less top class compared to competition with metallic enclosures.
  • Higher fee as compared to competition: While the N22 gives astonishing capabilities, its higher fee tag may additionally deter finances-conscious buyers.
  • Bulky layout: Despite its compact footprint, the N22 may seem bulky as compared to greater streamlined alternatives on the market.

Connection and Setup

Setting up the N22 is a breeze, way to its well-organized rear connections and intuitive layout. Let’s discover in addition:

Rear Connections

The N22 functions enough area and a well-idea-out format for its rear connections, making setup trouble-loose and handy.

Bluetooth Pairing

Bluetooth pairing with the N22 is straightforward, taking into account seamless wireless audio streaming from compatible gadgets. However, the lack of a visible strength indicator can be a downside for a few customers.


While the N22 offers stepped forward aesthetics in comparison to its predecessor, its better price point may also leave some underwhelmed. Let’s study its design in detail:


The ordinary layout of the N22 is laid-lower back and minimalistic, with a focal point on functionality in preference to flashy aesthetics. However, its ageing seems may not appeal to customers in search of a greater current layout.

Build Quality

Despite its growing older appears, the N22 boasts strong build great, with interest to detail in its creation. However, a few customers may additionally find the MDF cabinet to experience less top rate as compared to competitors with steel enclosures.

Listening Experience

The N22 provides a balanced listening revel in throughout diverse genres, despite the fact that a few regions can be missing. Let’s explore its performance in element:

Sound Quality

The N22 excels in reproducing clear and correct sound, with well-defined highs and deep lows. However, some customers may locate the decrease give up to be weaker as compared to competition.

EQ Settings

One drawback of the N22 is the shortage of EQ settings, which may additionally restriction customization options for users in search of a greater tailored audio enjoy.

Value for Money

At its modern rate point, the N22 faces stiff competition from greater low priced alternatives supplying comparable performance. Let’s compare its price proposition:


While the N22 offers stable overall performance and functions, its higher fee as compared to competitors can be a deterrent for budget-conscious consumers.


In a market filled with options supplying comparable overall performance at lower charges, the N22 struggles to justify its top rate.

Final Verdict

In end, the Audioengine N22 Gen 2 is a capable desktop amp that gives you extraordinary sound quality and flexibility. While its design won’t be to everyone’s taste, its performance extra than makes up for any aesthetic shortcomings. With capabilities like Bluetooth connectivity, a integrated DAC, and headphone amp, the N22 Gen 2 gives customers a complete audio answer for their computer setup. While its higher price may additionally deter some consumers, those willing to put money into exceptional audio will find the N22 Gen 2 to be a worth addition to their audio setup.


1. Is the N22 Gen 2 worth the price?

Despite its fantastic functions, the N22 Gen 2’s better charge as compared to competitors may also deter price range-conscious customers.

2. Can the N22 Gen 2 be used with headphones?

Yes, the N22 Gen 2 comes with a integrated headphone amp, although a few customers may additionally discover it missing compared to standalone options.

3. Does the N22 Gen 2 guide EQ settings?

No, the N22 Gen 2 does no longer function EQ settings, which may be a disadvantage for users in search of customization alternatives.

4. How does the N22 Gen 2 evaluate to its predecessor?

The N22 Gen 2 gives enhancements in layout and functions compared to the authentic N22, but its higher price may also overshadow these upgrades.

5. What sets the N22 Gen 2 aside from competitors?

While the N22 Gen 2 excels in construct great and connectivity, its cost proposition turns into less compelling while compared to greater cheap alternatives with similar overall performance.

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