Experience High-Resolution Audio with the C 700 V2 BluOS Streaming Amplifier


The best bet when it comes to home audio upgrade is the C 700 V2 BluOS Streaming Amplifier. While this slim and potent creation is capable of delivering unbelievably clear sound, it’s not just about acquiring the perfect speakers; it is about upgrading the entire boom. Audiophiles and good music lovers will be happy to know that the C 700 V2 is all that they have been waiting for in terms of a listening device.


The C 700 V2 BluOS Streaming Amplifier is more than just an amplifier to the company, it is the revolution of home audio. Think of having all your favourite songs, albums and playlists and having them played to you in high definition and all of this with the touch of a button. Of great interest in this amplifier is what makes it indispensable to any audiophile.

 What Makes the C 700 V2 Special?

This is where the C 700 V2 stands out and has several features that are aimed at the audiophile as well as the average user. Analogous to the high definition of its amplification technology, all the components of the machine embraces the feeling of the good audio.

 Powerful HybridDigital UcD Amplifier

The HybridDigital UcD Amplifier propels the C 700 V2 with an 80 W per channel RMS into 8/4 ohms and instantaneous power 120 W per channel. Its essence implies that you achieve high, clean, and high fidelity sound, especially at high power levels. That is like having a live concert in your living room.

 HD Display for Mesmerizing Graphics

The high definition colour touch-screen with a 5 inch diagonal size is not just a gimmick. Some features include displaying the album art, the track’s progress, and system setting; this way, the user can easily manage the system by quickly looking at the interface. People have been trying to have a personal DJ booth right on the amplifier and this was made possible by the introduction of this fantastic brand.

 Premium Build Quality

It is a beautifully designed, professionally constructed enclosure made of a solid aluminum with the glass front panel, so it not only is robust but chic as well. The design guarantees its compatibility with the interior of any house and at the same time serves as both a functional and an ornamental item.

Intuitive BluOS Controller App

It is all about control and to be able to do that, BluOS comes equipped with the BluOS Controller for Android, iOS, Mac OS X, as well as Windows operating systems to mention but a few. It is user-friendly and helps locate and play desired tracks easily.

 Multi-Room Streaming Capabilities

Why must one contain the music to only one room? As for streaming, one can stream up to 63 zones with the C 700 V2. From partying to ensuring that every corner of your home features music, it can be done via this feature.

 High-Resolution Audio Performance

By design, the C 700 V2 has support for high resolution audio playback up to 24/192k and is MQA certified decoder and renderer. Playing is very clean with every note and every beat very well defined.

 Comprehensive Streaming Support

The C 700 V2 works with over forty streaming services among which are Amazon Music Ultra HD, Deezer, Idagio, Qobuz, Tidal. Indeed, you can be assured that no matter the genre of music you prefer, this amplifier is for you.

 Seamless Integration with Devices

Compatibility is key. This speaker has Apple AirPlay 2, Spotify Connect, and Tidal Connect to enable easy streaming from your preferred apps. Also, the easy control of the device by the voice command base on Amazon Alexa and Apple Siri makes it impressive.

 Extensive Connectivity Options

For bit perfect output, the C 700 V2 has optical and coaxial digital inputs along with HDMI-eARC input, and USB Type A port for external storage. It even comes with two pairs of analog line level inputs and a subwoofer output that has filter options that are set on the BluOS application.

 Integration with Home Automation

That is why, at first, the C 700 V2 responds to popular home automation systems used to manage a smart home, including Control4, Crestron, Elan, and RTI. It also makes it very easy to fit into your existing environment, and therefore highly suitable.


All in all, the C 700 V2 BluOS Streaming Amplifier is a titan that sets high-tech capabilities with ease of use. It has good sound, multiple connections, and easy operation inside one stylish design. C 700 V2 is undoubtedly an audiophile headphone but it is a perfect fit for anyone craving for a rich, immersive and powerful soundscape.

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C 700 V2 BluOS Streaming Amplifier
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