Experience Immersive Gaming with Razer Blade 18 2024: 18” 4K 400Hz Display Gaming Laptop


Travis Furst, Razer’s Head of Notebook & Accessories Division, says the Blade 18’s first-ever innovations demonstrate Razer’s dedication to pushing gaming laptops farther. We are excited to unveil the Blade 18, which ushers in a new era of Razer products with Thunderbolt 5, including cutting-edge accessories. The Blade 18’s improvements integrate desktop and mobile performance, giving users the best tools for gaming and creativity.

Jason Ziller, VP and General Manager of Intel’s Client Connectivity Division, says “Thunderbolt 5 enables a game-changing level of performance, and it is exciting to see leading brands like Razer bring innovative solutions that incorporate it to market.” “Thunderbolt 5 gives creators and gamers outstanding performance for video and data at 120Gbps via capacity Boost, three times more than previous gen Thunderbolt, and double the data transfer capacity.”

Setting New Records with First-World Innovations

The largest is the recently released Razer Blade 18. BADDEST. BLADE., launching a string of gaming laptop firsts:

The First 18″ 4K 200Hz Display in the World for Unmatched Visual Fidelity


With an unprecedented 18-inch 4K 200Hz display that can achieve UHD+ (3840×2400) resolution, a 3.0 millisecond reaction time, and a DCI-P3 100% color gamut, Calman This Blade 18 delivers creators and gamers ultra-high definition images at fast refresh rates for an unrivaled viewing experience. It is verified and factory calibrated.

The First Thunderbolt 5 Laptop in the World for Next-Generation Connectivity
By significantly increasing bandwidth and connection speed, the Blade 18 is bringing the future of connectivity into the present, enabling creators and gamers to enjoy the best possible images and immersive experiences. With Thunderbolt 5 technology, customers can connect up to three times the bandwidth of the most popular connection protocol—120 Gbps—through Bandwidth Boost to connect multiple high-resolution gaming monitors, fast storage, and all-in-one docks.

Intel Core i9 HX Desktop Processor

Intel® CoreTM 14th Gen i9-14900HX, the world’s fastest mobile processor, powers the Blade 18. Professional content creation and AAA gaming benefit from its 24 Cores’ unrivaled processing capability. Unlock overclocking with Razer Synapse.

The thinnest 18″ Intel HX-Class system in the world

The Blade 18 strikes a balance between high performance and a sleek, compact design, packing the power of Intel’s Core 14th Gen i9-14900HX processor into the thinnest form factor for an 18″ Intel HX-class system in the market at just 21.99mm (~0.86 in) thin.

Made for High-Level Creators and Gamers


Form and function come together flawlessly in the Blade 18’s design, which incorporates premium gear into a finely tuned chassis:

18″ Alternate Mini-LED Display with QHD+ 300Hz

This all-new display choice offers a gorgeous alternative that retains sharpness in gameplay, creative work, or play, wherever one may be, for even greater refresh-rate gaming and up to 1K nits peak brightness. With QHD+ (2560 x 1600) resolution, 2K dimming zones featuring a new toggle on/off feature, and factory-calibrated DCI-P3 100% color gamut, this display possesses all the color accuracy features that are characteristic of the newest Blades.

Superior Cooling Mechanism

With the tiniest exhaust fins in its class, the Blade 18’s cutting-edge cooling technology optimizes graphics power and keeps desktop-class performance in a slim package. With three fans and the largest chamber that Razer has ever made, the vapor chamber technology effectively dissipates heat to maintain peak performance even during prolonged gaming or 3D rendering sessions.

Features of Desktops, Convenience of Laptops

With features like a 5MP webcam, a 6-speaker THX spatial audio array, upgradeable parts, a wide range of ports, and the newest Wi-Fi 7 connectivity, the Blade 18 guarantees a steady connection and immersive experience whether it’s for gaming, streaming, or making online chats. Compared to similar silicon-based alternatives, it is up to 60% smaller and comes with a GaN charger (up to 330W).

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The Benefit of Razer

The Razer Blade chassis, which has been improved over the years, pushes the limits of performance and design. It has an anodized coating for greater resistance and an aluminum unibody design for durability. This generation offers gamers and creators more options for how they want to work and play: the Blade 14, Blade 16, and now the Blade 18 are all available at launch in the iconic black and mercury finishes.

Every new Razer Blade in the series has Calman Verified displays, which ensure that every panel is perfectly calibrated and offers a professional-grade experience right out of the box, further enhancing the gaming and professional creation experience. With Windows 11 now supporting Dynamic Lighting, the immersive color experience goes beyond the screen, and the Razer Chroma ecosystem grows even further. With the Razer Chroma app, users can manage both their Razer Chroma TM RGB devices and compatible third-party devices from a single location for a more seamless RGB experience.

Razer Blades now come with full THX integration via Razer Synapse for enhanced audio immersion, matching the immersive colors. Users may customize their own EQ profiles or select from a range of optimum EQ settings for gaming, movies, or music. Additionally, a month of Xbox Game Pass Ultimate is included with these laptops, providing users with access to hundreds of top-notch PC, console, and cloud games.

The Razer Blades continue to provide an industry-leading battery guarantee of up to two years in addition to a plethora of additional software capabilities, giving users peace of mind that their Blades are supported throughout by friendly Razer service and support. For an extra three years of coverage, RazerCare is available in some locations for those who want even more peace of mind.

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Experience Immersive Gaming with Razer Blade 18 2024: 18'' 4K 400Hz Display Gaming Laptop
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