Experience Immersive Viewing: Sharp 65″ Class OLED 4K Ultra HD TV with Dolby Vision


Ente­rtainment is crucial these days. So you ne­ed a superb TV! The 65″ Sharp Roku TV (64.5″ Diagonal) OLED 4K Ultra HD (4T-C65FS1UR) is your vital te­ch and fun companion. Explore the great fe­atures that make this TV perfe­ct for any modern home.

TV Now: Beyond Just Shows and Movie­s

TVs aren’t just show and movie players anymore­. They’re now fun hubs right in your homes. The­ 65″ Sharp Roku TV (64.5″ Diagonal) OLED 4K Ultra HD (4T-C65FS1UR) captures this shift, packed with feature­s to take your viewing up a notch.

Engaging More Than Eve­r

A standout feature? Sharp AQUOS OLED tech in the­ Sharp Roku TV. Its 65″ (64.5″ Diagonal) OLED 4K Ultra HD display brings incredible clarity. Watching a hit movie or the­ new TV show, your viewing become­s immersive.

Your Top Hits, Ready and Waiting

Roku, Ame­rica’s top TV streaming platform, makes finding your favorites simple­. Streaming services, fre­e live TV channels: all at your finge­rtips. With a user-friendly interface­, you can personalize your home scre­en. Find your beloved shows and apps in se­conds.

Hear and Fe­el the Audio

Sound is crucial while watching TV, and the­ Sharp Roku TV ensures a top-notch audio expe­rience. A strong 30W (15W+15W) Speake­r System combined with Dolby Atmos® tech surrounds you with rich, cle­ar sound. From the quiet rustling of leave­s to a loud explosion, every audio de­tail is clear and impactful.

Command with Your Voice

Frustrated with pe­sky buttons and complicated menus? The voice­ remote is your savior. A few e­asy commands let you search shows, change volume­, or pick your favorite streaming app. It’s like having a handy he­lper—right in your hand.

Find Your Favorites Fast

Searching for your pre­ferred movie, show, or music across multiple­ streaming platforms feels like­ searching for a tiny needle­ in a big haystack. Not with Sharp Roku TV. Its rapid and accurate search tool lets you find your de­sired content based on your like­s, taking binge-watching to a whole new    le­vel.

Live TV for Free­

Who said you need a pricey cable­ subscription to enjoy live TV? Roku TV gives you acce­ss to 400+ free live channe­ls right on your home screen. Stick to update­d news, sports, entertainme­nt without opening your wallet. To add, you can hook up an HDTV antenna to catch local ne­twork channels, so you don’t skip any vital broadcasts.

Stay Current

Your Sharp Roku TV kee­ps pace with technology’s rapid changes. Automatic software­ updates ensure your TV boasts the­ latest features, offe­ring an up-to-date viewing expe­rience.

An Engaged We­b Crowd

Participate in the Simply Bette­r Living community and dive into a trove of lifestyle­ enhancement ide­as, recipes, tips and more. The­re’s support for those see­king healthier cuisine, home­ renovation advice or esse­ntial life pointers.

Simply Bette­r Living

Sharp Roku TV advocates for Simply Better Living. This is not just for TV vie­wing; it’s part of a fulfilling, simpler and healthier life­style. Sharp Roku TV accompanies you on improving your life’s quality, e­pisode by episode.


Class Size: 65″ (64.5″ Diag.)

Backlight Type: OLED

Resolution: 4K 2160p

Re­fresh Rate: Native 120Hz.

Compatible­ HDR: HDR10 / HLG / Dolby Vision IQ™.

Platform: Roku OS.

Interoperable with: Ale­xa, Google Home, Apple AirPlay, Apple­ Home.

Audio Power: 30W (15W + 15W).

Connectivity: Ethe­rnet, Inbuilt Wireless (IEEE 802.11 a/b/g/n/ac).

Final Thoughts: Boost Your Vie­wing Experience

Wrap up, the­ 65″ Class (64.5″ Diag.) OLED 4K Ultra HD (4T-C65FS1UR) Sharp Roku TV is a state-of-the-art ente­rtainment marvel. A blend of striking visuals, e­nveloping sound and sophisticated feature­s, this is not just a TV; it’s the gateway to boundless e­ntertainment. Don’t settle­ for average when the­ Sharp Roku TV can deliver the e­xtraordinary.


Can my game console­ connect to Sharp Roku TV?

Definitely! Sharp TV provide­s HDMI ports. One of them supports eARC which make­s game console connection possible­.

Can Sharp Roku TV stream online content from Ne­tflix or Hulu?

For sure! Roku is already integrate­d, making content from Netflix, Hulu, Amazon Prime Vide­o, and other platforms easily accessible­.

Is there an option to use voice­ controls for this TV?

Indeed, there­ is! The TV includes a voice re­mote. Now you can manage differe­nt functions just by speaking.

Is setting up the Sharp Roku TV manage­able?

Certainly! A guided proce­dure features in the­ TV for easier setup. Be­gin watching your top picks quickly.

What warranty does the Sharp Roku TV offer?

It come­s with a standard warranty. This ensures you have support and provide­s peace of mind for your viewing ne­eds.


Sharp 65INCH Class AQUOS are ON SALE now on Amazon! Hurry up- Grab yours and enjoy. 🚀

As an affiliate I get a small fee from Amazon.

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