Experience True Wireless Sound: AK UW100MKII


Are you tired of wires tripping and giving you stress whenever you enjoy music? Ditch wires and indulge in the freedom that the AK UW100MKII brings, which is a creation of the Astell&Kern to give the true wireless experience. Pop into a domain in which every note resolves with unsurpassed keenness, where noise is a remote possibility and your music dominates the scene. Come along with us in this article where we will outline the primary attributes and the innovations of the AK UW100MKII that take you out of this world while listening to music.


Just imagine a world where all you need for music is just your iPhone speaker and wherever you go, so does the music. Listening to your favorite music has never been so exhilarating with the esteemed AK UW100MKII earphones that let you tap into a realm of pure audio bliss. By integrating advanced technology alongside its sleek, yet precise, designs, these earbuds set a new standard of what it is to enjoy wireless true audio.

Key futures

  • By adopting AKM High Performance 32bit DAC.
  • The outstanding characteristic of PNI (Passive Noise Isolation) Never let the noise intrude into your personal listening zone.
  • The Knowles BA in Driver is an illustration of the fact.
  • aptX for adaptive high quality wireless Audio.
  • The Ambient Mode to: personalize the experience.
  • Premium Tier QCC5141 & true/fast 5.2 Bluetooth.
  • Supports Multipoint.
  • Total 29hrs playback.
  • The device with network without a wire (wireless) & the speed that puts battery together (fast charge).

Unprecedented Wireless Hi-Fi Sound Quality

Escape and into music, in its purest form, through the UW100MKII AK, which is the best sounding Hifi audiophile. Equipped with a 32-bit DAC and a balanced armature driver, which has full resolution, these earbuds reproduce each melody note precisely and clearly at the top end. Say farewell to external noise with aptx™ Adaptive and best-in-class Passive Noise Isolation, which will both help you concentrate on your songs and that provide you with the immersion you want.

Design and Functionality

Embrace smooth seamless connectivity with Bluetooth 5.2 and aptX Adaptive codec, this will assure of clear connection and reliable audio transmission. With touch controls on your ear, you can easily aspire music and attend calls as well, while the comfortable wear ensures convenient listening. Your playlist runs for 29 hours in total and even if you forget to recharge, fast charging can put the music back on again whenever inspiration strikes.

Sound Impressions

An audio canvas, created from tight bass, radiant mids, and crystal-clear highs, will envelop you in its soundscape. An eye for sound engineering and a wide stereo field with fine detail results from the company’s research experience. Whether you’re a subwoofer fanatic or a professional of clear highs, AK UW100MKII brings an audio quality individually personalized for you.

Altered Concept for Superior Impeccability

Coming to the end of the journey, Astell&Kern embodies all this with the AK UW100MKII; an improved internal design, and a refined acoustic chamber. See the art of blending form and function as the headphones become discerning part of your listening. Due to efficiently noise cancellation tech and boosted battery run time, this will make auditory experience more pleasant and entertaining.

Premium Bluetooth Connectivity

Featuring the Full Premium Tier QCC5141 chip and top-tier Qualcomm’s aptX™ Adaptive codec technology, the AK UW100MKII blazes the trail for the wireless signal transmission. Experience minimum latency and pack maximum details, or even every single note is depicted with unquestionable precision. Delve deeper into a universe of wireless connectivity without giving any quarter, whatsoever, to the quality of sound that Astell&Kern so uniquely offers.

Multi-Point and Multi-Pairing Support

A true multi-point and multi-pairing support will be your way for high-level of versatility, giving you an opportunity to connect your earbuds to multiple devices at once. Smoothly transitioning between devices and whilst listening to your music seamlessly, remains connected to the digital realm and life. This gadget stands up to whatever device you put it on, whether it is your smart phone, your tablet, or your respective laptop.

Google Fast Pair

Make pairing easier through Google Fast Pair, which lets you connect the headphones right away with any Android device that supports it. Now forget all complicated pairing process and only remember connecting simply and easily. With the Bluetooth Low Energy technology, wireless pairing your buds have no room for stumbling or inconvenience.

Easy, Full-Touch Control

Let yourself be in control of your music with full-touch controls that let you adjust the volume, make calls, operate in ambient mode, all at the same time, with just a touch. Revel in the ease of navigation and natural flow of interaction, control both your music and your device with the palm of your hand.

Voice Assistant Support

Put your voice to work and play with the built-in voice command support. Through voice activation by the triple tap, a smartphone voice assistant will be up and running, and will allow hands-free music playback, phone calls, and more. Get tongue-in-cheek of your voice control customizable to your needs.

Clear Call Quality

Get in touch with crystal-clear phone call experience that is powered by Qualcomm’s new generation 8.0 CVC technology. Reduce background noise and make voice audio are clear, clear even in the noisy environment. The AK UW100 MKII device will make every call memorable and worth attending.

Ease of Configuration with an In-House App

Experience evolving features and unique capability with the exclusive AK TWS app. Individualize your audio experience by getting into the details with a custom equalizer settings, touch-key arrangements, and ambient stage controls. Smoothly incorporate your true wireless earbuds into your digital atmosphere, making your audio enjoyment infinitely upgraded with every touch.

Design Philosophy

Feel the magic of form and function with the AK UW100MKII which is a perfect mixture of design and sound excellence. Being motivated by the Astell&Kern’s core character, these earbuds share the aesthetic appeal of music and complexity of sound. Impeccable attention to detail embodies the aesthetic of Astell&Kern while signifying their commitment to sonic excellence.

Final Verdict

Strikingly, in a modern world of wireless earbuds, AK UW100MKII represents the height of quality. It won’t be everyone’s number one but surely it’s unbeatable sound quality and unique design will make it an excellent choice for audiophiles. Thanks to the technological excellence and craftsmanship Astell&Kern has always been known for, the AK UW100MKII becomes a new standard for the true wireless audio quality.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Can I use the AK UW100MKII earphones underwater?

No, AK UW100MKII earpieces are not with water proofing. They give you features such as the function of everyday use, waterproofness, and resistivity. However, they are not to be submersed.

Is the AK UW100MKII earbuds a good option for sports and fitness activities?

The both AK UW100MKII earbuds and earphones have made them secure and comfortable to use however, they aren’t physically designed perfectly for sport and exercise. Make sure that you practice proper use and care of them in case you are using them during physical activities; otherwise, you may cause damage to them.

How to make the EQ settings on the AK UW100 MK II earbuds to be tailored?

AK UW100MKII earbuds can have its EQ tuned using only the AK TWS app which is inbuilt. Much easier is the way; just download the free app from the App Store or Google Play Store, plug in your earbuds and use the Equalizer menu settings. Now that you have an idea, you can go ahead and tweak the equalizer according to your requirements, whether you wish to have more bass, treble, or a neutral sound profile.

Will the AKUW100MKII earbuds support the connection with my iPhone and Android devices?

As for yourself, the AK UW100MKII earbuds are designed not only for iPhones and Androids. No matter what kind of smartphone or tablet you have currently, be it an iPhone, Samsung Galaxy or Google Pixel, you can take advantage of smooth connection and incredible sound quality using the AK UW100MKII earbuds.



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