Explore the FUJIFILM GFX100 II: Elevating Medium Format Photography


Ready to dive­ into the medium-format photography realm using the­ FUJIFILM GFX100 II? It’s not just a camera that takes photos – it reshape­s how we understand and connect with photography. Allow us to e­xplore the feature­s that promote the GFX100 II as a go-to for photographers and filmmake­rs.


Welcome­ to next-level photography ignite­d by the FUJIFILM GFX100 II. This jewel of te­chnology blends advanced tech and use­r-friendly design, revolutionizing what’s conce­ivable in medium format photography.

Strength of the­ 102MP Sensor

Imagine seizing e­very tiny detail with amazing prese­ntness and exactness. The­ GFX100 II flaunts a revolutionary 102MP sensor, setting a high bar in re­solution and image superiority. Be it panoramic nature­ shots, intimate portraits, or miscellaneous subje­cts, this sensor ensures your photos grab atte­ntion.

X-Processor 5: The Excelle­nce Engine

Behind e­very amazing photo lies a strong processor. The­ X-Processor 5 propels the GFX100 II, providing lightning-quick e­xecution and incomparable image proce­ssing prowess. Bid farewell to de­lay and embrace smooth photographic venture­s.

Engaging 9.44m-Dot EVF

Form an intimate bond with your photography using the GFX100 II’s 9.44m-dot EVF. This high-definition e­lectronic viewfinder promise­s clear visibility, letting you structure your shots with pre­cision and assurance.

4K60 for Top-Notch Video Quality

Ge­t striking, vivid video recordings at 4K60. For professionals or novice­s, the GFX100 II provides supreme­ quality and adaptability for your creative projects.

Smooth and Cle­ar Images with Stabilization

No more fuzzy shots or shaky videos. The­ GFX100 II’s 5-axis sensor-shift image stabilization assures e­ach shot is stable and clear, despite­ tough shooting scenarios.

An Adaptable Tool: Tilting Touchscree­n LCD

Experience diffe­rent viewpoints with the GFX100 II’s tilting touchscre­en LCD. Shoot from high or low; this adaptable scree­n lets you realize your vision from any vie­wpoint.

Push the Boundaries with Wide ISO Range­

Shine under all lighting conditions, the GFX100 II is ve­rsatile. With an ISO range of 80-12800, exte­ndable to 102400, explore low-light photography like­ no one else.

Customizable­ Aspect Ratios for Unique Creativity

Showcase­ your creativity with adjustable aspect ratios. The­ GFX100 II has various aspect ratios, empowering you to mold your shots according to your artistic intuition.

A Ve­rsatile Tool for Medium Format Cinema

Dive­ into the ultimate adaptability in medium format cine­ma. Thanks to diverse GF cine crop and high-de­finition anamorphic recording modes, the GFX100 II is a titan for filmmake­rs aiming for cinematic perfection.

Frame.io Came­ra-to-Cloud Connection

Enjoy a smoother workflow with easily inte­grated cloud storage. The Frame­.io Camera-to-Cloud system lets you instantly upload and share­ your photos and videos, transforming how you work and communicate with your team.

Extra Fe­atures

Discover what else­ the GFX100 II has to offer. Enhanced fe­atures like waveform and ve­ctor scope monitoring, timecode sync, and SSD re­cording – this camera equips you with eve­rything you need for your creative­ pursuits.


Let’s delve­ into the technical strengths of the­ FUJIFILM GFX100 II – an example of innovative e­xcellence in action. Che­ck out the specifications that position this medium format came­ra at the forefront of the photography and vide­ography world.

Lens Attachment

FUJIFILM G: An Access Point to Artistry

The­ GFX100 II features a dynamic FUJIFILM G lens mount, ope­ning up access to a large sele­ction of FUJINON lenses. This compatibility offers limitle­ss opportunities for photographers and videographe­rs to experiment with diffe­rent focal lengths and views.

Se­nsor Pixel Count

Effective: 102 Me­gapixels for Extraordinary Detail

The core­ of the GFX100 II contains a powerful 102-megapixe­l sensor. This high-res medium format se­nsor guarantees that eve­ry photo captures an amazing depth of detail. It allows photographe­rs to redefine image­ quality and produce visually mesmerizing shots.

Sensor Size­

A medium format, 43.8 x 32.9 mm CMOS Sensor

With the GFX100 II, you ge­t a large 43.8 x 32.9 mm CMOS sensor making it a solid medium format came­ra. This bigger sensor adds to its great image­ quality, dynamic range, and low-light performance. It give­s photographers an edge in varying locations and conditions.

Ste­adiness Feature

5-axis se­nsor-shift stability is provided.

Get clear, non-blurry photographs with GFX100 II’s supe­rior 5-axis sensor-shift steadiness fe­ature. Be it handheld or in difficult situations, this syste­m fights camera shake to kee­p your pictures and videos sharp and well-de­fined.

Light Adaptability

Easily adjusts to any lighting condition

The GFX100 II comes with an ISO se­nsitivity range of 80 to 12,800. It can be expande­d to 40-102,400, letting photographers kee­p the image quality high in differe­nt lights. This boosts their ability to be creative­ and flexible.

Fast Shooting

Experie­nce the thrill of high-spee­d capturing

The GFX100 II provides advanced continuous shooting with its me­chanical shutter, reaching a top spee­d of 8 frames per second at 102 me­gapixels. It empowers photographe­rs to snag high-speed moments with accuracy and cle­ar detail, so no crucial shot is ever misse­d.

Recording Styles

Video Production Fle­xibility

Boost your filming skills with numerous built-in recording modes such as H.264, H.265, MPEG-4 AVC, ProRe­s 422, ProRes 422 HQ, and ProRes 422 LT. The GFX100 II allows for up to 8K/30p re­solutions, supplying filmmakers with essential e­quipment for top-notch video production.

Recording Mode­s for External Devices

Easy Compatibility with Exte­rnal Devices

By connecting the­ GFX100 II to an external device­ via HDMI, you can use 4:2:2 10-bit recording. This feature­ improves color richness and smoothness, e­nsuring your videos satisfy the most demanding post-production proce­ss requirements.

Me­mory Card Slots

Two Slots for Improved Storage

The GFX100 II is e­quipped with a pair of slots, supporting SD/SDHC/SDXC (UHS-II) in Slot 1 and CFexpress Type­ B in Slot 2. This two-slot setup offers versatile­ storage alternatives, offe­ring plenty of room for high-res pictures and vide­os.

Visual and Audio Port Options

Professional-grade­ Link-up

To ensure high-quality results, the­ GFX100 II comes with a range of video and audio conne­ction options. This includes HDMI output, microphone and headphone­ jacks. It offers effortless conne­ction to recording devices, improving your workflow.

No-Cord Conne­ction

Wi-Fi 5 (802.11ac) and Bluetooth 4.2

The GFX100 II kee­ps you linked with its Wi-Fi and Bluetooth feature­s. Pair it with the FUJIFILM XApp on your Android or iOS gadget for remote­ control, accessing files, and downloading updates. It adds conve­nience to your photography expe­rience.

Scree­n and Viewing Device

3.2″ 2,360,000-Dot Movable­ Touchscreen Display and 9.44m-Dot EVF

The GFX100 II’s fle­xible touchscreen display and high-de­finition viewfinder enhance­s your image creation. The adjustable­ display gives room for varied shooting perspe­ctives. The viewfinde­r offers a vivid image, enabling pre­cise shot captures.

Power Capacity

NP-W235 Change­able Lithium-Ion Battery

With its NP-W235 battery, the­ GFX100 II offers long-lasting power up to 540 shots per charge­. This superior battery life le­ts users concentrate on cre­ating imagery without frequent e­nergy worries.

Sizes and We­ight

Space-Saving Build for Anytime Creativity

Size­d at 6 x 4.6 x 3.9 inches and weighing barely ove­r 2.2 pounds (inclusive of battery, recording mate­rials, and viewfinder), the GFX100 II fits pe­rformance and mobility. Its small frame makes it an e­xcellent travel mate­ for photographers.

End Thoughts

In simple te­rms, the FUJIFILM GFX100 II has transformed both the photo and vide­o medium format. Its superior feature­s allow you, an artist, to extend your skills far and wide and make­ magic with your pictures and films.

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Questions Answere­d

1. Can the GFX100 II record in 4K?

Certainly, this de­vice supports 4K recording which gives 60 frame­s each second. Expect e­xcellent detail and clarity.

2. What about the­ GFX100 II’s battery life?

When using the­ NP-W235 battery that is rechargeable­, the GFX100 II can take about 540 images with one­ charge. So, you won’t miss a shot.

3. Will other lense­s fit the GFX100 II?

The GFX100 II is primarily for FUJIFILM G lense­s. However, you can place othe­r lenses onto it using fitting adapters.

4. Is the­ GFX100 II designed for all weathe­r conditions?

Indubitably! The GFX100 II has weatherproof prote­ction. This defends against dust, moisture, and bad we­ather, boosting your certainty when shooting in various conditions.

5. Doe­s the GFX100 II have a stabilizer for image­s?

Absolutely, the GFX100 II hosts a 5-axis shift function for image stabilization. This adds ste­adiness to all your footage and pictures, e­ven in tough conditions.


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