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In context to the audio technology world FiiO has cemented its place as a company associated with the best of sounds. The FiiO BTR7 Headphone Amp Bluetooth Receiver is no different as it comes with the following features meant to improve your music listening experience. Whether you are a passive one constantly listening to music or an active one who gives more attention to the quality of the speakers, this device is guaranteed to give off quality sound. Now, it is time to learn about Primarily, the FiiO BTR7 cherish the moments that have to must-have accessory for your audio arsenal.

Support for Hi-Res Bluetooth Formats

The FiiO BTR7 is equipped with the following Bluetooth codecs compatibility: LDAC, aptX Adaptive, aptX LL, aptX HD, aptX, AAC, SBC. What it implies is that anytime you have a Bluetooth headset with you; you can listen to your favorite music in the best quality. Getting a concert-like experience in the comfort of one’s home seems to be the ultimate goal when using this format.

 3. 5mm as well as 4. 4mm dual output

As for the most significant advantages of the BTR7, it is worth noting that this model has two options for connection. Featuring a 3. 5mm single-ended connection and a 4. 4mm balanced connection you are able to use almost any headphones you wish to. The most distinctive is the balanced output which is available at 4. 4mm, and thanks to which, the audio is received twice as detailed and immersive. Imagine going to a movie theater and watching a movie on a normal projector, then compared to watching that same movie on an IMAX theater; there’s just so much more to enjoy in the latter.

Lossless Sound and MQA Support

For audiophiles who enjoy crystal clear sound, this cannot be a disappointment to anyone who will listen to the BTR7. With the help of XMOS XUF208, it can input and demultiplex the audio data streams up to PCM 384 kHz and native DSD256. Besides, in USB DAC mode, when connected to an MQA player it unveiled up to 8x MQA rendering. This guarantees that rather than just listening to your music, it is felt, in its rawest sense.

Aftermarket cVc 8. 0 and integrated Microphone

Nowadays it can hardly be regarded as a mere aspiration to possess a precise understanding of how things are to be done and how information is to be conveyed. From the hardware part, the FiiO BTR7 supports active cVc 8. 0, and this guarantees your voice calls without any external interference. Moreover, it includes Bluetooth voice calls and earphones with CTIA controls in-line which makes the two-in-one device very useful for both music and calls.

 High-Performance DAC

In the core of the BTR7 there are two ES9219C for stereo DAC. Combined with the low pass filter as well as the amplifier, this arrangement ensures that every aspect and dynamics of a song that one wants to record is replicated in the original form. Consequently, its listening is clear, punchy and as close an interpretation of the master recording as it is possible to get.

 User-Friendly Design

Said model of BTR7 speaks volumes of the booming franchise owing to its user-friendly features. Its portability is impressive because of its size and weight and the operational interface is user-friendly meaning that if you are new to the hi-tech sound systems, you can easily know how to operate it. For instant, it may sound like; wow, one has a portable concert hall in his pocket.

 Compatibility and Connectivity

Interchangeability is one thing that is vital in audio and the BTR7 has this aspect nailed. It integrates excellently well with a variety of devices ranging from handheld devices such as smartphones or tablets to the standard computing devices such as laptops or PCs. Regardless whether you are at home, at your workplace and even on the move, with the help of the BTR7 an excellent audio quality is guaranteed.

 Battery Life and Portability

In the case of the iPod particularly, no one would wish to be faced with a break in their favorite music due to a dead battery. Many users have noticed that the BTR7 has some superior battery life and let you listen to your music for quite some time before recharging. This is possible since it is portable, and you can take it with you anywhere you are going to guarantee you the best audio.

Below are the guidelines on how to properly setup your FiiO BTR7.

As for learning how to use, this is easy; the BTR7; has been developed to be easily understandable even to a layman. All that is required is that you connect the pill to your Bluetooth compatible devise, now plug in your headphones, and you are all set. For the audiophiles that might need cables, the BTR7 is a USB DAC making it even more versatile and functional regarding sound.


For anyone who is serious with his or her music or anytime listening, FiiO BTR7 Headphone Amp Bluetooth Receiver should be the gadget to own. Boasting of compatibility with Bluetooth, HI-RES formats, two outputs and lossless audio, cVc 8. It is because of features like great sound quality, versatile and whereby it has internal specifications such as communication, analog to digital, and digital to analog converters. Using BTR7 for adding a sound in your audio system, it is a perfect addition for an audiophile or a simple listener of music.

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FiiO BTR7 Headphone Amp Bluetooth Receiver
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