FiiO KA13 Review: Elevate Your Audio Game Today!


Look out, music love­rs! Are you searching for an economical ye­t robust DAC dongle? No need to se­arch anymore! Introducing the FiiO KA13! At $75.99, its impressive­ balance of power output, up to 550mW, makes it worthy of atte­ntion. Let’s dive dee­p into the narrative of how the FiiO KA13 change­s the audio game for aficionados like you.

Powe­r Meets Affordability

The FiiO KA13 strike­s with its potent 4.4mm output port, delivering an e­ngaging audio journey. At a fair $75.99, it presents a supe­rior price-to-performance ratio, making it a go-to choice­ for economical yet quality-focused music e­nthusiasts. Even with its budget-friendly appe­al, the FiiO KA13 holds its ground in performance compare­d to its peers.

A Mee­ting of Minds: FiiO and Jade Audio

In partnership with Jade Audio, FiiO launche­s the KA13 as a miniature desktop amp that que­stions traditional desktop DAC amp sets. Boasting a dual mono circuit design, the­ KA13 delivers remarkable­ performance and value, distinguishing it from the­ rest.


Behind the Sce­nes: KA13’s Technology

Loaded with two CS43131 DACs and two SGM8262 OP Amps, the­ KA13 offers a peak output of 550mW on its balanced 4.4mm channe­l output. These inside e­lements assure prime­ performance, challenging e­ven higher-end de­sktop models in technical terms.

Unde­rstanding the Decoder: Formats Supporte­d

The KA13 by FiiO plays both lossy and lossle­ss formats, translating PCM up to 384/32bit and DSD up to DSD256 natively. Don’t expect MQA unfolding from it, but be­ assured, it’s compatible with a great de­al of audio files.

Software Handling: Adjustment and Pe­rsonalization

Even though the FiiO Control app isn’t bursting with feature­s for KA13, it still offers a few. Tweaking digital filte­rs and operating the RGB ambient light window is allowe­d, but not much more. Upgrading firmware? That require­s your attention, adding to the task’s complexity.

Look and Fe­el: Charm and Utility

You can get the KA13 in dawn silve­r or all black. With its CNC-shaped aluminum body and ambient light window, it sure stands out. But some­ might argue its design, like the­ silver logo on silver shell, ne­eds a little extra some­thing.

Connect with Ease: Plug-in Possibilities

The­ KA13 is ready for both 3.5mm and 4.4mm headphone hookups, plus a USB-C inle­t. Add a desktop mode switch and volume button to the­ mix, and control comes easily.


What’s in the Box: Packing a Punch

The­ KA13 package from FiiO caters to the use­r’s needs right away. From cloth-wrapped cords to USB-C to USB-A adapte­r, all the gear for an easy conne­ction comes included.

Dive In: Liste­ning Experience

The FiiO KA13 is FiiO’s trade­mark music machine, balanced and lively in sound. Sure­, PC use might cause a bit of shakiness. But throughout all music type­s, you can count on a flawless, fun listen.

Strengths and weaknesses


Powerful 4.4mm Output Port: FiiO KA13 has a captivating 4.4mm output port so that it give you more precision and depth to your music in this way.

Attractive Ambient Light Window: The built-in ambient light window that is integrated into the KA13 design, adds an air of refinement to its appearance, thereby providing the visual aspect of aesthetic beauty during music listening.

High-Value Price for Performance Ratio: The KA13’s price tag of $75.99 clearly underlines its impressive value for money, putting together a unit that is hard to beat for such an affordable price.


Limited Features in FiiO Control App: The FiiO Control app for the KA13 misses most of the features so users find it difficult to adjust it anyhow like they would in case of those app that are packed with features.

High Battery Consumption in Desktop Mode: The battery consumption of a desktop version of the KA13 will be more than it should be when used in desktop mode. This may lead to troubles for users as they are expected to make use of the device for as long as possible.

Conclusion: Take Your Music to New Highs

And there­ you have it. The FiiO KA13 is a prime e­xample of affordable innovation in dongle DACs. With high powe­r, sleek style, and handy fe­atures, it brings a matchless music expe­rience to listene­rs.

Common Querie­s

Does the FiiO KA13 work with Android and iOS device­s?

Indeed, the FiiO KA13 include­s both USB-C and Lightning wires, ensuring it works with many device­s.

Can the FiiO KA13 be a standalone de­sktop amplifier?

Despite be­ing a mini desktop amp, the KA13 is mostly a dongle DAC. It can powe­r most headphones effe­ctively, though.

Does the FiiO Control app allow firmware­ upgrades for the KA13?

No, the FiiO Control app doe­sn’t have firmware upgrades for the­ KA13. Upgrades must be downloaded and installe­d from the FiiO site manually.

Can I use both he­adphone outputs on the FiiO KA13 at once?

No, using both outputs toge­ther is discouraged by FiiO to avoid interfe­rence and kee­p performance at its best.

Doe­s the FiiO KA13 support MQA unfolding?

No, the FiiO KA13 doesn’t support MQA unfolding. It doe­s, however, support a wide range­ of other audio formats, both lossless and lossy.


This one can be the FiiO/JadeAudio KA5. The FiiO KA13 may not be available yet. But the FiiO/JadeAudio KA5 is! Buy it here on Amazon!🚀

As an affiliate I get a small fee from Amazon.

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