Fiio KB3 Hi-Fi Mechanical Keyboard Review: Where Headphones and Mechanical Keyboards Collide


Do you already feel bored with your previously common keyboard? Why don’t you try to imagine the combination of typing with fresh tunes played at the highest sound quality? Well, you can stop looking no more because FiiO KB3 is the Hi-Fi Mechanical Keyboard answer you were looking for!


The Fiio KB3 is not just a regular mechanical keyboard but a mix of brilliant sound and communication perception. Picture a type pad which is not only enjoyable to work with but also levels up your audio to realms scarcely heard. In this review the FiiO KB3 is going to be looked at in great details in the methlight of the fact that is excellence beyond its peers.

Fiio KB3 Specs

Let’s take a closer look at what the Fiio KB3 brings to the table:Let’s take a closer look at what the Fiio KB3 brings to the table:

• Audio Connectivity: BSR3.5mm (single ended) and BSR4.4mm (balanced).

• DAC: Cirrus Logic CS43131 (x2, только 1 нужно)

• Audio Decoding: 32/384 bit; Hi-Res audio, DSD256.

• Amplifier: OBMicro OBM100 (x2)

• Output Power: Monofilament: 170mW; In tandem: 550mW

• THD+N: <0.0005%

• Switches: Gateron Pro 3.0 G Yellow (linear).

• Lighting: Per-key RGB

• Onboard Storage: 4 profiles (accessible via{VIA}).

• Media Keys: Volumebuster, Bluetooth phone calls support,

• Connectivity: USB Type-A

• Cable: 5.3 Feet, Non-braided

• Additional Ports: In addition to this, an additional USB Type-A connector is provided.

• Materials: The top case and bottom case of the keyboard made of unknown material plastic; the keycaps were made of transparent plastic see-through.

• Software: QMK/VIA

• Dimensions (LxWxH): 13″ × 5.5″ × 1.7″

• Weight: 2.34 pounds

Panels of the Fiio KB3

The Fiio KB3 has the dimensions of a compact 10key keyboard and some accent colors here and there. Transparent keycaps of this model enables RGB illumination to get through, and allows you to have a nice gaming desktop, visually.

Typing Research of the Fiio KB3

With its amazing keys the FiiO KB3 is the typing dream. The new version of Gateron G Pro Yellow 3.0 switch can offer you a smoother and better performance while typing. The gasket mount design minimizes sounds and assures comfortable typing.

Gambling features of the KB3 Fiio.

Though it was not originally created for gaming, the Fiio KB3 can classify as a good choice for gaming. This system has a compact layout coupled with programmability, thus, it is able to provide speed and customization for moderate players.

I will be posting my impressions of the KB3 from Fiio.

The KB3 by Fiio would get your attention by its amazing sound output quality. Turning into a powerful tool with built-in DAC and amplifier, it provides rich and immersive sound allowing you to enjoy your music in a new scale of high.

Fiio KB3’s software.

The QMK/VIA environment is used for programming of the FiiO KB3. On the other hand, the keyboard has remarkable remapping capabilities which combined with customizable keymaps make it possible for you to adjust the keyboard to your preferences and working style.

Bottom Line

In the end, KB3 from Fiio is a versatile mechanical key with a superb sound quality which is paired with great typing comfort. The typewriter, game player or the music fan can use the Fiio KB3 to enjoy a special and deep experience that will provide an extra dimension to their computing environment.

FAQs about Fiio KB3

Q1. Does the FiiO KB3 suit gamers?
As for its main application, KB3 keyboard is targeted at a special group that pursues both typing speed and accurate directional buttons. At the same time, despite that, it is well-proven in gaming with its responsive switches and customizable layout.

Q2. Is it possible to change the RBGB lighting on the sound card Fiio KB3?
Indeed, the VIA software provides a lot of options when it comes to the RGB lighting effects of the Fiio KB3.

Q3. Does the Fiio KB3 allow one to directly replace the switches, without having to have it sent in for service?
Yes, the Fiio KB3 has hot-swappable switches, and this makes it possible for the user to simply change the experience of their typing without much effort.

Q4. What makes the mechanic keyboard KB3 of the Fiio other from the other?
The Fiio KB3 is remarkable for it comes with DAC and amplifier inbuilt, which improves the audio quality a lot more than the traditional mechanical keyboards.

Q5. Can the Fiio KB3 be used on Mac and Windows devices?
Yes, the Fiio KB3 works with Mac and Windows platforms, having a wide range of connectivity options for users.


To sum up, the Fiio KB3 redraws the line of mechanic keyboard as it hosts the beautiful harmonious sound sets along with the main function. Be it typing or sending mails, playing games or simply listening to your favorite tunes, the Fiio KB3 is designed to give you an unrivaled experience that will satisfy even the most choosy users.



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