FiiO M23 Hi-Res MP3 Music Player – Superior Sound Quality


The FiiO M23 is the latest addition of the M series portable HiFi music player for every day music enthusiasts and audiophiles. Intended to have excellent sound reproduction capabilities, this product combines aspects that set it apart from the others. Here, we will look at what we think makes the FiiO M23 a great pick for music lovers. Table of Contents


Is music important to you and do you prefer products that have good sound quality? Well, if this might be the case, then the FiiO M23 Hi-Res MP3 Music Player could serve you right. This is not only a musical player device, though it is an inventive portable audio gadget intended to produce great sound.

 What is the FiiO M23?

The FiiO M23 is fully loaded Android HiFi music player which supports as well 3. 5mm as well as the 4. 4mm headphones. This niche headphone is designed to deliver the finest signals in sound quality to users who desire improved performances while on the move. For the average listener as well as an audio enthusiast, it holds some treat.

 Design and Build Quality

The FiiO M23 possesses a quite ergonomic and stylish appearance; it looks good and serves its purpose well. This is created using quality material that will last long and also feels luxurious. The positions of buttons are well designed, and the touchscreen means that the machine is very easy to operate.

 Audio Performance

The FiiO M23 builds up to the brand’s hype when it comes to audio performance. It offers a balanced sound, it is natural, warm and at the same time offers detail and depth. The superb audio resolution helps to record each vibration and inflexion of the voice and instruments giving the listener a feel of reality.

 Unique Desktop Mode

But one of the most prominent FiiO M23 advantages is the desktop mode in the application. This mode prolongs the battery life and the sound quality is as good as having a rig right at the desktop. It is ideal if you wear over-the-ear headphones with big ears and you requires the fullest sound.

 Flagship DAC Combination

The FiiO M23 improves upon the FiiO M11 with a new Kenko-type design, Snapdragon 660 processor, and the new flagship DAC pair of AK4191EQ+AK4499EX by AKM. It is essential for any premium products like this advanced DAC setup to come with a balanced and natural sound which instills a sense of relaxation and this unit reveals a wide and natural charm. This can be compared to having a fancy audio within your pocket.

Android 10 OS with Global SRC Bypass

Equipped with Android 10 OS, it has a global SRC bypass that enables the installation of streaming apps like Apple Music and support full lossless quality. Forget about wondering if your audio is warping and distorting; the M23 makes sure that artists’ intent is preserved.

 Additional Features

Apart from the features provided above, the FiiO M23 has other special features that increase its capability. Yes, It is Roon Ready, Pure Music mode compatible, has Bluetooth connectivity, AirPlay and also functions as a USB DAC. It also features the PEQ control for the global music, as well as ALL TO DSD which controls the sound to some extent and is a kind of charm of different formats.

 Connectivity Options

This is not a problem with FiiO M23 as connectivity is very easy. It has numerous input/output options; all the wired and most wireless connections can be easily configured to connect to the headphones and other audio accessories frequently used. From Bluetooth to AirPlay to a good old wired connection, you have all this in the M23.

 Battery Life and Portability

Nevertheless, this powerhouse is incredibly compact: the FiiO M23. It can easily be transported around and the battery life, particularly, when utilized in the desktop mode is equally commendable. Hearing can allow for many hours of purposeful quality music without the need to charge.

 User Experience and Interface

From the users’ experience with FiiO M23, it is easy to use and delivers pleasant experiences. The Android 10 on OS gives a feeling of ergonomics and fast performance when it comes to moving around the music library and the apps. Touchscreen is important and the navigation of the doors is very smooth, comfortable, and efficient.

 Price and Availability

The FiiO M23 can be considered cheap regarding its price/performance ratio and price/feature ratio. The product can be purchased from other product stores, both online and physically, hence the availability to many people. This way one is advised to look for some promotion or a discount to be offered so as to arrive at the cheapest price.

Comparison with Other Players

However, bearing in mind that FiiO M23 is a music player of its kind, it has some superior qualities compared with other music players. When compared to other high-end players, it is has better performance features and also relatively cheaper.

 Pros and Cons


  • Exceptional audio quality
  • Versatile connectivity options
  • Long battery life
  • Light weight and easy to carry along
  • User-friendly interface


  • it is slightly more expensive than some other choice cuts of meat.
  • Some users may prefer a non-Android player interface which does not have all the touch friendly features of Android.


To sum up, FiiO M23 Hi-Res MP3 Music Player is the perfect device for those who would like to feel the deep atmosphere of music. Consequently, it is a device that is suitable for both the professionals in the field of sound and common users.

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FiiO M23 Hi-Res MP3 Music Player
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