FiiO R9: Desktop Audio Powerhouse Unveiled at CES 2024


Nevada’s Las Vegas The CES 2024 lineup of FiiO, a well-known maker of audio equipment, includes the much awaited flagship R9 desktop streamer and headphone amp/DAC, among three other innovative devices. With its strong design and plenty of cutting-edge capabilities, the FiiO R9 is set to completely transform your desktop audio experience.

R9: A Quantum Leap in Audio Technology

Establishing a new benchmark for desktop audio equipment, the FiiO R9 builds on the success of its predecessor, the R7. The bigger 6-inch Full-HD touchscreen display, which offers consumers a more engaging and user-friendly interface, is one of the most noticeable improvements. With its twin 8-channel ESS Sabre ES9038PRO DACs and 8-channel THX AAA-788+ amplifier, the R9’s internal components provide unmatched power and musical quality.

The R9 has an amazing 7300mW of power, which guarantees flawless performance even with demanding headphones, in contrast to the R7’s 3000mW output. A multitude of connection choices, including as HDMI ARC, SD, USB, optical, coaxial, and ethernet inputs, as well as 64GB of internal storage allow the device to accommodate a variety of audio settings.

Wireless Freedom and Versatility

The FiiO R9 is exceptional in wireless capabilities, with Bluetooth 5.0 and 2.4GHz/5GHz Wi-Fi compatibility, in addition to its wired connections. High-quality audio streaming and flawless connection are available to users using codecs including AAC, SBC, aptX, aptX HD, and LDAC. With native DSD512 audio, MQA decoding, and compatibility for high-resolution PCM files up to 32-bit/768kHz, the R9 is a real audio powerhouse. Because of its unique Android-based technology, it also easily interacts with well-known streaming services like Tidal, Spotify, Apple Music, Qobuz, Amazon Music, and Deezer.

Elevating the Listening Experience

The FiiO R9 offers a comprehensive audio solution, not simply a streamer. DLNA streaming, Roon readiness, and AirPlay compatibility allow users to have a smooth, customized listening experience on a variety of devices. K9 Pro ESS Skylight Edition: Unveiling Hi-Res Excellence In addition, the R9 circumvents Android’s SRC limitation internationally, guaranteeing that audio is transmitted in its natural quality without downsampling—a feature reminiscent of premium music streamers like the Eversolo DMP-A6.

K9 Pro ESS Skylight Edition: Unveiling Hi-Res Excellence

FiiO further expanded its range of high-performance audio equipment with the introduction of the KA17 USB DAC and the K9 Pro ESS Skylight Edition desktop headphone amp alongside the R9. A balanced hi-res desktop headphone amplifier, the K9 Pro ESS Skylight Edition is designed to improve your listening pleasure. With its twin THX AAA788+ amp technology and dual ES9038 Pro DACs, the K9 Pro produces very powerful and clear sounds. Users may tailor their audio configuration to suit their tastes, since the device supports headphones with impedances ranging from 16 to 600 ohms and has three gain levels.

To accommodate different audio sources, the K9 Pro has a wide range of inputs, such as balanced 4.4mm, USB-B, USB-C, optical, coaxial, and RCA. Its aptX HD and LDAC compatibility, together with Bluetooth 5.0 capabilities, guarantee flawless wireless communication. The K9 Pro is a flexible and high-performing complement to any audio system since it supports MQA and can natively play high-res audio files up to 32-bit/384kHz PCM and DSD256.

KA17 USB DAC: Compact Powerhouse for Enhanced Audio

The KA17 USB DAC rounds off the three. It’s a small-sized yet powerful gadget meant to improve your computer-based music experience. The KA17 offers outstanding audio quality and compatibility with high-resolution audio files up to 32-bit/768kHz PCM, MQA, and native DSD512 thanks to its two ESS ES9069Q DACs and strong amplification. Because of its flexibility, which includes compatibility for PCs, iOS devices, Android devices, and more, it’s a great option for audiophiles looking for a reasonably priced update. The FiiO operate app makes it easy to operate the KA17 and gives customers a range of customization choices and versatility, including the ability to set a digital filter.

Availability and Pricing

At £1399 / $1499, the FiiO R9 is expected to launch in mid-January, presenting itself as a high-end but reasonably priced option for both music lovers and audiophiles. Pricing information for the FiiO K9 Pro ESS Skylight Edition and KA17 USB DAC will be released soon. These products are expected to hit the market soon. FiiO’s most recent products at CES 2024 demonstrate their dedication to quality and innovation in the field of audio technology. FiiO’s product range claims to give an unmatched audio experience, revolutionizing how we enjoy music in the digital era, whether you’re an avid listener or a picky one. As FiiO pushes the limits of audio quality, stay tuned for additional information on the availability and cost of the K9 Pro ESS Skylight Edition and KA17 USB DAC.

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