Final Fantasy XIV: Dawntrail – A Stumbling Narrative


Final Fantasy XIV: Dawntrail is the latest expansion of the game which will be available for sales on July 2nd. The Dawntrail will highlight the stage of adventure that will take place in the continent of Tural. In this land the legend of golden city originates and the rite of succession will take place. The expansion boasts a long-awaited graphical overhaul and introduces a new Pictomancer job.

“Yet fate would see them reunited for a mission unto another reflection, and now an unexpected petition has arrived beckoning them west to the faraway continent of Tural.”

A World Reborn

The most significant change is the undeniable graphical upgrade. The world of Etheirys will now have graphical overhaul. It adds visual improvements which includes enhanced texture and shadow resolution.  You will notice your surrounding to be more detailed like lush jungles of Kholusia.

Apart from graphical upgrades the expansion also adds wealth of possibilities for character customization which includes ability to dye your gears. Moreover, you can also equip your headgear and face wear at the same time.  Moreover, the level cap is increased to 100 and you can have new recipes for gear and crafting.

The expansion also added a new female Hrothgar which requires Shadowbringers expansion to acquire. The new character is a race from the Ilsabard. They are Turali people with shared ancestry. Females number relatively few among the population, but are readily identified by their lithe, muscular forms. Equally distinctive is their predisposition for leadership.

Additions of New Jobs

Dawntrail introduces two new job Pictomancer and Viper. Firstly, the Vipers are swift and agile with dual blades like fangs. They can combine their dual blades into a single weapon to annihilate the battlefield. Once an enemy is weakened, they try to empower themselves with strength of their ancestors to deliver a powerful finishing blow.

“Uses quick and decisive strikes with two one-handed blades alongside powerful flourishes from a combined two-handed weapon”

Secondly, we have the Pictomancer who uses brush to bring their imagination into the fabric of reality. They have a unique playstyle which allows players to channel their inner artist by drawing symbols.

“Yet every work of art takes time to perfect, and thus their palettes are ever prepared with a colorful arsenal of instant-cast abilities and spells.”

A Change of Pace: A Lighter Narrative

The expansion is more light hearted and less complicated than previous ones. Dawntrail focuses on back stories of Warrior of Light assisting Wuk Lamat and Hrothgar princess struggling to claim their rightful throne. The expansion explores common themes of family, leadership and self-journey. However, the narrative lacks the emotional kick and conflicts like Shadowbringers or Endwalkers.

This change in pace has created a divide among the players. Some players are okay with the less complicated plot while others are claiming that the story lacks excitements. Many veteran fans also complained that the quests are somewhat repetitive which hinders the narrative flow.

Another problem some players are finding Wuk Lamat’s personality relatable while others think its not that special. The English voice actor received several mixed reviews as some players find it jarring.

Legacy Content and Endgame

The expansion will also feature new dungeons, trials and raids that utilizes the graphical overhaul. There will be new raid series known as the Arcadion. The Arcadion is a grand spectacle unlike any other. They are one of the greatest fighters of the realm.

“Putting their lives on the line as crowds howl and clamor, each clash more visceral than the last. Step into the arena if you dare, and either rise to become champion, or fall forever in ignominy.”

You will also come across limited jobs like taming the wildest creatures and fiercest fiends. Beastmasters have unparalleled affinity with their charges.


The new expansion is visually stunning and it offers exciting new jobs. However, the narrative may lack some excitements which may not be appeal to every player. It is a good expansion but in future hopefully we will get some more mind bending expansions.

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