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Motorola unveiled the Rizr, a groundbreaking smartphone. As a pioneering rollable concept phone, the Rizr aims to change consumer phone flexibility and utility. In the wake of its popular folding models like the Razr Plus and Razr 2023, Motorola showed its next rollable technology prototype at Mobile World Congress, capturing the imagination with its unusual form factor and imaginative features. This article discusses the Rizr prototype’s design, functioning, problems, and possible influence on smartphone technology.

The Rizr’s unveiling at Mobile World Congress

Motorola unveiled the Rizr at the February Mobile World Congress, the first operational rollable phone prototype. As it improves its foldable phone lineup, the business shows its commitment to smartphone innovation. Rizr is a tiny phone with a half circular back display that resembles a clamshell folding phone.

Using the Rizr Prototype in Practice

A few people, including CNET reporter Andrew Lanxon, had the chance to have a hands-on look at the Rizr prototype in April during a briefing in Chicago. The gadget has an unusual form factor and was dubbed after a line of phones with “rising” faceplates that were popular in the mid-2000s. Its front screen measures 5.1 inches when it is folded up. But with only a double-tap of the lock button, the display expands to a flat 6.5 inches, the size of a standard phone screen, as it unrolls smoothly from the rear.

As she led users through the complexities of the Rizr prototype, Motorola’s design researcher Lexi Valasek emphasized the company’s dedication to understanding customer demands and perceptions. Valasek emphasized that every stage of the creation of this innovative form factor has been a learning process, and he acknowledged that customer trust is greatly dependent on durability issues.

Challenges with Durability and Usability

Regarding durability, Valasek confirmed that throughout the hands-on experience, there were no problems with the rolling display. In contrast to the notable delays Samsung’s first foldable had because of durability problems, the Rizr unrolled and rerolled flawlessly. When completely unrolled, the display extends beyond the body of the gadget, raising concerns about its drop resistance.

Valasek and her colleagues improved usability by 3D printing cases that encircle the rollable’s frame and make it easier to handle. A minor downside mentioned by a few writers was the rolling screen’s low hum, which was probably covered by the novelty of the device itself.

Unique Qualities of the Rizr

Among the many cutting-edge features of the Rizr is a selfie camera that “peeks” out from the top of the phone. Users may preview images on the portion of the device’s rolled-up screen that is on the back while using the rear-facing camera thanks to a special feature. Furthermore, the screen unrolls automatically in certain scenarios, such when you switch to landscape mode for films or expose the earpiece during a phone conversation.

Taking Note of Past Foldable Designs

The Motorola Razr foldable phone served as a model for the Rizr, which incorporates functionality even when coiled up into a smaller size. This guarantees that customers may take use of all features with only 5.5 inches of screen real estate, demonstrating the company’s attentiveness to customer input.

Testing and Upcoming Difficulties

Valasek acknowledged the need of thorough testing and said that early prototypes were sent to testers who drove them every day for a weekend in order to get insightful input. Realizing how crucial it is to make sure the Rizr can survive regular use’s wear and tear, Motorola has tested the device using impact and cycle methods.

Resolving Dust and Screen Integrity Issues

The Rizr’s design, in which the plastic screen rotates around the exterior, reduces worries about dust and screen integrity in contrast to rollables that coil screens into spools. When the prototype was unrolled flat, there was a little space between the plastic screen and the frame, albeit dust is still a possible concern. Valasek ensures that such worries may be resolved in plenty of time via design revisions.

Measuring the Interest of Consumers

As Motorola investigates the possibility of putting the Rizr into production, customer interest starts to matter. Valasek highlighted the enthusiasm around this ground-breaking invention while emphasizing that the firm is now gauging demand and potential.

Seeing Past Conventional Phones

Valasek vehemently defends the Rizr, claiming that conventional phones don’t have the flexibility and extendability that this rollable prototype has. The focus is on the distinctive user experience rather than competing with standard flat phones on camera quality or specs, even if the hardware details are yet unknown.


To sum up, the introduction of Motorola’s Rizr prototype is a big step in the direction of a new wave of smartphone design. The Rizr is proof of Motorola’s dedication to pushing the envelope of innovation in the cutthroat world of smartphones, even as the firm navigates the difficulties of usability, durability, and user interest. If customers are prepared to accept this revolutionary form factor and bring in a new age of mobility in mobile technology, only time will tell.

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