Ford Puma EV 2024: Electrifying the Best-Selling SUV


Ford plans to increase the popularity of its well-received compact SUV by launching an all-electric version, the Ford Puma EV, in an effort to build on the success of the model, which was named the best-selling vehicle in the UK in 2023. With an electric SUV option that maintains the distinctive features that set its predecessor apart in the automobile industry, this electrified version seeks to blend in smoothly with the popular Puma series.

Puma’s Journey to Dominance

Prior to exploring the electrified future, it is worthwhile to reexamine the success of the Ford Puma. In 2023, the Puma became the best-selling vehicle in the United Kingdom, a distinction that highlighted the brand’s broad appeal and confirmed its place as a public favorite. Ford was able to broaden its product line and meet the increasing demand for electric cars (EVs) because to the Puma’s popularity.

In contrast to Ford’s Explorer and Capri, which have custom electric designs, the Puma EV takes a more practical approach by making use of the B2E architecture. This platform serves as the technical foundation for the switch to electric vehicles and is also shared by the most recent Ford Transit Courier van and the gasoline-powered Puma. Using an already-existing architecture suggests that electric power will be seamlessly integrated while maintaining the recognizable features that make the Puma unique.

With the most recent Ford Transit Courier van, which will soon be offered in an all-electric version called the E-Transit Courier, the B2E design has already shown its adaptability. This common base raises the possibility that the Puma EV’s powertrains will be comparable as well, offering a well-balanced combination of economy and performance.

Power and Performance

While Ford has not disclosed certain information, like as exact range estimates and battery capacities, some specifics on the powertrain have been made public. Using the same base, the E-Transit Courier’s front wheels are powered by a solitary 134bhp electric motor. This electric engine guarantees a dynamic driving experience that is consistent with the Puma’s feisty attitude, in addition to being in line with the current trend of front-wheel-drive electric cars.

A characteristic that is essential for reducing charging times and increasing practicality is the E-Transit Courier’s 100kW maximum charging speed, which Ford has verified. Furthermore, it is anticipated that the Puma EV will include one-pedal driving capabilities, which is becoming more and more popular among EV aficionados. This function streamlines city driving, improves energy regeneration, and makes driving easier by allowing acceleration and deceleration with only one pedal.

The Puma EV Experience

The Puma EV’s range and battery capacity are yet unknown, the vehicle’s similar technical foundation with the E-Transit Courier offers important clues about the electric Puma’s possibilities. The 134bhp electric motor of the E-Transit Courier provides a baseline for the anticipated performance of the Puma EV.

When using fast-charging infrastructure, the 100kW maximum charging speed demonstrates a dedication to efficient charging and enables consumers to swiftly recharge their battery. This is a critical component for the widespread use of electric cars since it addresses issues with accessibility to charging stations and reduces downtime on lengthy trips.

The Puma EV is positioned to be a competitor in a sector that includes competitors like the Volvo EX30, Jeep Avenger, Peugeot E-2008, and Smart #1 as the industry goes toward more electrification. Given that the average price of these electric SUVs on the market is around £35,000, it is fair to anticipate that the Puma EV will have a similar pricing approach. This will make it a compelling option for buyers looking for an affordable electric SUV.

Competing in the Electric Arena

The Puma EV joins a competitive market with competitors that have impressive qualities when it comes to electric SUVs. A strong rival is the Volvo EX30, which is renowned for its sophisticated safety features and Scandinavian style. Jeep Avenger appeals to fans looking for adventure with an electric twist by bringing its off-road history and unique style to the table.

The Peugeot E-2008, which is renowned for its stylish appearance and functionality, gives the market a hint of Europe. The Mercedes-Benz electric division’s debutant, Smart #1, bills itself as a small, city-friendly electric sport utility vehicle. The Puma EV has the benefit of capitalizing on the existing reputation and success of its gasoline-powered predecessor as it places itself amid these competitors, perhaps influencing buyer choices in the electric arena.

Balancing Affordability and Innovation

Pricing is one of the most important factors for people considering an electric car. Given that competitors in the aforementioned market start at around £35,000, the Puma EV’s cost becomes crucial to its success. Ford’s capacity to combine innovation, performance, and affordability will be crucial in making the Puma EV an attractive option for a wide range of customers.

The Puma EV is consistent with the larger automobile industry’s dedication to environmental sustainability, even when it comes to performance measures and market dynamics. With the Puma EV, Ford is demonstrating its commitment to a cleaner and greener future as electric cars become more important in the fight against climate change and carbon emissions. Ford displays its commitment to satisfying changing customer demands and addressing environmental issues by launching an all-electric version of its best-selling vehicle.

The Roadmap for Puma EV and Ford’s Electric Future

The Ford Puma EV is a key character in this developing story as the automobile industry experiences a revolutionary transition toward electrification. The successful SUV platform’s use of electric power is a testament to Ford’s flexibility and response to shifting consumer expectations. A sneak peek at the technology that will shape the driving experience of the Puma EV may be found in the architecture that has similarities with the E-Transit Courier.

Ford will be making significant announcements regarding the Puma EV in the coming months, including specifics about its range, battery parameters, and other features. The industry’s enthusiasm for the prospects of electric mobility is reflected in the buzz around the upcoming electric Puma. The Ford Puma EV is a calculated decision by Ford to embrace the electric future while preserving the character of a cherished SUV, rather than just a continuation of a popular vehicle.

The Puma EV, which customers are excitedly awaiting in 2024, is a monument to Ford’s dedication to sustainability, innovation, and producing automobiles that satisfy the changing needs of contemporary drivers. For the Puma EV, the road ahead is more than simply a trip; it’s an innovative voyage into the electrified future of superior automobiles.

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