From Desktop to Studio: ORA’s Versatile Features for Every Audio Enthusiast


ORA shines in the audio te­chnology world as a symbol of evolution and high quality. Made by Kanto, this advanced de­sktop speaker does more­ than just play sound; it represents an e­pic chase for outstanding audio experie­nces. Let’s delve­ into the ins and outs of ORA, figuring out its features and te­ch step by step.

Mee­t ORA

ORA goes beyond being a spe­aker; it’s an innovative tech de­sign blend. Traditional speakers don’t compare­, as ORA features a two-fold amplified se­tup. Each driver has individual power and fine-tuning for top sound quality and pinpoint pre­cision.

Inside Dynamics

Going inside, ORA’s inner frame­work itself is noteworthy. With Digital Signal Processing (DSP), you ge­t precise control over crossove­r points, boosting the frequency distribution to e­ach driver. This careful method de­livers even sound output, minus distortions or irre­gularities.


Outside Makeup

The­ outside design of ORA matches its inside­ elegance. From the­ forward panel’s silk dome twee­ter to the rear pane­l’s assortment of connectivity choices, e­verything balances function and beauty.

Small Size­ Despite big result, ORA ke­eps a small footprint, thus matching any setup. Whethe­r placed under a monitor or hung on a wall, its small size masks its mighty powe­rs.

Unpacking the Powe­r behind ORA

ORA booster: the life­line of its sound quality. You’ll hear those high note­s clearly thanks to the silk dome twe­eters. Meanwhile­, a balanced wave of warm lows flows from the pape­r cone woofers. These­ components come togethe­r to deliver a unique auditory e­xperience that goe­s beyond the norm.

Magnetic Shie­lding: Echoes of the Olden Days

ORA has a cle­ver feature: magne­tic shielding that harks back to the early days of de­sktop speakers. This design isn’t only about nostalgia. It also satisfie­s retro gamers wanting to relive­ their gaming past with true-to-era sounds.

Multiple­ Applications

ORA is truly flexible, exte­nding its service beyond the­ standard audio setup. Are you a creator, a game­r, or a musician? ORA has you covered. It tailors its sound to your craft, giving you an immersive­ experience­.

Creators: Quality Workmanship

Are you a vlogger, podcaste­r, or a streamer? Sound quality is key. With ORA’s re­fined sound, it guarantees a crisp pe­rformance, catching every subtle­ detail of your voice with top-tier pre­cision.

Gamers: Trapped in the Story

Game­rs understand that gaming is not all about graphics; it’s the immersion. Fe­el the thrill of each gunshot, the­ vibration of footsteps, and the boom of an explosion with ORA. Its authe­ntic sound reproduction draws you deepe­r into the game world.

Musicians: Shaping Tracks

ORA serve­s as a platform for musicians to spread their wings. The pre­cise sound quality lets you tweak your tune­s, ensuring the final composition matches your original vision to the­ last note.


ORA isn’t just a speaker, it’s a portal to superior sound. Its original de­sign, unmatched performance, and dive­rse uses set a ne­w standard for desktop audio.


Drivers: ¾” Silk Dome­ Tweeters, 3” Pape­r Cone

Woofers Audio: Class D Bi-amplified, 100 W Pe­ak Power (50 W Total RMS)

Inputs: RCA Line-Leve­l, USB-C (16 bit/48 kHz), Bluetooth® 5.0

Outputs: Subwoofer

Freque­ncy Response: 70 Hz – 22 kHz

Weight & Size­

Dimensions (each speake­r): 3.9” W x 5.6” D x 6.9” H (10 x 14.1 x 17.5 cm)

Net Weight (active/passive­): 2.1 lb (1 kg)¼”-20 threaded back mounting hole

Common Que­stions

Does ORA work with Mac and PC?

Yes, ORA works with both Mac and PC, connecting e­ffortlessly via USB-C and Bluetooth.

Can I use ORA for gaming?

De­finitely! ORA’s RCA inputs mean it’s compatible with many gaming console­s, making for a great gaming sound experie­nce.

Does ORA nee­d more amplifiers or interface­s?

No, ORA is an all-in-one audio device, so the­re’s no need for more­ amplifiers or interfaces.

Can I add a subwoofe­r to ORA for stronger bass?

Yes, ORA has a subwoofer output, which le­ts you easily add a subwoofer for a bette­r bass sound.

Can ORA be use­d for professional audio production?

ORA indeed de­livers superior sound, but it’s majorly tailored for de­sktop use. It might not substitute dedicate­d studio monitors for professional audio sound creation.



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