Front Row Sound with Active Noise Cancellation: Motif II A.N.C.


In contemporary bustling international, finding moments of peace to enjoy your favourite song can be a venture. But worry now not, due to the fact Motif II A.N.C. Is right here to revolutionize your listening revel in. These compact yet powerful in-ear headphones are engineered to deliver immersive sound at the same time as blocking out distractions with their active noise cancellation technology. Let’s dive into what makes Motif II A.N.C. The ultimate preference for music fanatics on the move.


Welcome to the arena of Motif II A.N.C., wherein superb sound meets unheard of consolation. These contemporary headphones are designed to transport you to a realm of natural musical bliss, no matter your environment. Say goodbye to noisy commutes and crowded environments, and immerse your self within the crystal-clean audio brought via Motif II A.N.C.

Motif II A.N.C.: Big Sound, Small Package

Motif II A.N.C. Defies expectations via turning in gigantic sound in a compact, pocket-sized package. The sleek charging case no longer only affords ample electricity in your headphones but also ensures that you could enjoy as much as 30 hours of wi-fi playtime. Whether you are on a crowded teach or navigating a bustling metropolis avenue, Motif II A.N.C. Allows you to escape into your track without distraction.

Marshall Signature Sound

Experience the mythical Marshall signature sound wherever you go together with Motif II A.N.C. These headphones are meticulously engineered to reproduce each word and nuance with unprecedented readability and balance.

Crank up the volume and bask in concert-nice audio so that it will delivery you to the the front row of your favored overall performance.

Cancel the Noise, Amplify the Sound

Say goodbye to undesirable distractions and hello to uninterrupted track amusement with Motif II A.N.C.’s lively noise cancellation generation.



Block out the chaos of the outdoor world and immerse your self in your favorite tracks like by no means earlier than. Additionally, use the associate app to amplify your playlist and tailor your listening enjoy to fit your options.

Reliable Playtime

With Motif II A.N.C., you will in no way must fear approximately strolling out of battery once more. These headphones boast 10 extra hours of playtime than their predecessor, making sure that your tune accompanies you at some stage in the day. Plus, with the charging case offering an additional boost, you could revel in a total of 30 hours of listening time at the move.

Enhanced Connectivity with Bluetooth LE

Stay seamlessly linked on your music with Motif II A.N.C.’s Bluetooth LE compatibility. This destiny-evidence generation guarantees a stable connection and higher satisfactory audio, permitting you to revel in your favorite tracks without interruption.

Whether you are streaming music or watching videos, Motif II A.N.C. Delivers a ideal audio experience on every occasion.

A More Sustainable Approach

Motif II A.N.C. Is not only a powerhouse in terms of overall performance however additionally in sustainability.

With a dedication to reducing environmental effect, these headphones are crafted from 70% post-customer recycled plastic, including substances together with used electronics and water bottles. Feel top approximately your buy understanding which you’re creating a effective contribution to the planet.

On-the-Go Charging

Never leave out a beat with Motif II A.N.C.’s on-the-go charging talents. With 6 hours of wireless playtime and the choice to brief fee for an extra hour in only 15 mins, these headphones are the correct associate in your busiest days.

Simply pop them returned in the charging case for an immediately enhance whenever you need it.

Technical Specifications

Delve into the technical prowess of Motif II A.N.C. with these detailed specifications:

Audio Specification

  • Driver Sensitivity: 108 dB
  • Driver Type: Dynamic
  • Driver Impedance: 16 Ω
  • Frequency Range: 20–20,000 Hz
  • Drivers: 6 mm


  • Play Time: 6 hours in earbuds with A.N.C. (9 hours without)
  • Total Play Time with Case: 30 hours with A.N.C. (43 hours without)
  • Quick Charging: 15 minutes gives 1 hour of playtime
  • Charging Time: 1.5 hours to recharge earbuds, 1.5 hours to recharge case

Controls and Connectivity

  • Microphone & Remote: Yes
  • Connectivity: Bluetooth
  • Transparency Mode: Yes
  • Active Noise Cancellation: Yes
  • Bluetooth Range: 10 m (30 ft)
  • Touch Response Functions: Control your music, activate A.N.C., receive and end calls, activate Transparency mode, Spotify TAP, volume control

How to Connect Motif II A.N.C.

Connecting your Motif II A.N.C. On your tool is a breeze:

1.       Open the charging case and press and preserve the button till a blue mild pulses.

2.       Select Motif II A.N.C. From your tool’s Bluetooth list.

3.       Download the Marshall Bluetooth app for your tool and comply with the in-app instructions to finish the setup.

Key Differences from Previous Model

The Motif II A.N.C. Offers prolonged playtime and stepped forward call pleasant in comparison to its predecessor. Additionally, it introduces capabilities consisting of Spotify faucet and enhanced volume controls on the contact interface. Plus, with Bluetooth LE Audio readiness, it ensures compatibility with destiny technologies.

Need for App

While Motif II A.N.C. Can feature independently, connecting to the app unlocks additional functions which includes control over A.N.C., activation of Transparency mode, customization of EQ settings, and get entry to to software program updates to preserve your headphones updated.

Multi-Device Pairing

Motif II A.N.C. Allows you to seamlessly switch among  related devices, making sure that you by no means leave out a call or skip a beat.

Understanding Active Noise Cancellation

Active Noise Cancellation (A.N.C.) is a contemporary technology that removes unwanted ambient noise, allowing you to revel in your tune with crystal readability. By constantly studying your surroundings and adjusting noise cancellation stages, Motif II A.N.C. Ensures which you stay targeted on what subjects maximum—your tune.


In end, Motif II A.N.C. Redefines the listening enjoy with its mixture of effective sound, superior generation, and sustainable design. Whether you’re a tune enthusiast or a informal listener, these headphones are positive to affect with their extraordinary overall performance and flexibility.


How lengthy does the battery of Motif II A.N.C. Last on a unmarried charge?

The battery of Motif II A.N.C. Can last as long as 30 hours on a unmarried fee, ensuring uninterrupted listening amusement.

Can I use Motif II A.N.C. With my telephone?

Yes, Motif II A.N.C. Is well suited with smartphones, tablets, and different Bluetooth-enabled devices, permitting you to experience wi-fi connectivity wherever you move.

Does Motif II A.N.C. Come with a guarantee?

Yes, Motif II A.N.C. Comes with a guarantee to shield in opposition to any production defects. Be positive to test the warranty phrases and situations for greater information.

How powerful is the lively noise cancellation of Motif II A.N.C.?

Motif II A.N.C. Functions superior lively noise cancellation generation, which efficaciously blocks out external noise for a actually immersive audio revel in.

Is Motif II A.N.C. Suitable for long hours of use?

Yes, Motif II A.N.C. Is designed for extended put on, with plush ear cushions and an adjustable headband for maximum comfort during long listening sessions.

What Is Transparency  Mode?

Transparency mode permits you to be extra privy to the out of doors world, which means if you’re having a verbal exchange or are strolling along busy roads, you’ll be able to preserve music.

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