FUJIFILM X100VI Digital Camera (Silver): Timeless Design & Advanced Tech


Again, Fujifilm has served us a new flavor in the X100VI Digital Camera (Silver) . This style camera, which has classic look of it and gadget-like design the hands, is the latest one with the newest technologies. Here’s the list of attributes that will help you understand why the X100VI is perfect for people who want to capture the mundane and make it extraordinary.

 New and optimized 40MP X-Trans CMOS 5 HR Sensor

Mounting the core of the X100VI is the X-Trans CMOS 5 HR sensor that boasts of a 40. 2MP. This sensor is a better implemented pixel structure in an improved method to gather light hence offers superior quality to the images. Aiding with the X-Processor 5, which has 64-bit processing for improved speed, this camera guarantees that any taken photo will be of the highest quality.

 Powerful Video Capabilities

For the videography It is a good camera; the X100VI won’t let you down. This is capable of recording internally at 6. 2K with 30fps in 10-bit color. Also, the 4K HQ mode takes 6. 2K source material and upscales to 4K for greater 4K performance. 4K 60P or FHD 240P frame rates are also possible with this camera, thus this equipment can be a good fit for photographers and videographers alike.

In-Body Image Stabilization and Improved Autofocus

The X100VI is the first X100 in the series to bear in-body image stabilization (IBIS). This five-axis sensor-shift IBIS reduces the movement of the camera by up to six stops making it easier to take clear and sharp pictures in low light conditions. New phase detection autofocus system has been enhanced and works with 425 points which are faster and more precise. An advanced Integrated AI adaptive algorithm enables the camera to easily identify and follow subjects to ensure the perfect times are not missed.

Built for Speed, Built for the Street

Jubba has synthesised it well for street photographers would definitely fall in love with the speed that is offered in the X100VI. 102,400 The fast electronic shutter speed of 1/180000 sec and mechanical shutter speed of 1/4000 sec to freeze fast action. The continuous shooting mode ranges up to 20 frames per second with an electronic shutter and 11 frames per second using the mechanical shutter that is favorable when shooting action on the streets.

Fujinon 23mm f/2 Lens

One of the most significant modifications that are the fifth generation of Fujinon 23mm f/2 lens has been received is the redesigned optics. It is a 35mm equivalent lens, which is perfect because of the ability to shoot in low light, and a low f/2 aperture means that the given depth of field is also very shallow. The 4-stop Neutral Density filter is integrated into the camera for better shot exposure in high light conditions.

 Advanced Hybrid Viewfinder

The Advanced Hybrid Viewfinder is both optical viewfinder and electronic viewfinder with the pros of the two systems. The OVF gives a correct and realistic picture which is more natural to the eye while the EVF is more flexible because it is digital in nature. Electronic Rangefinder function compels the display information of the EVF onto the OVF and is convenient for precise manual focusing.

 Film Simulation Modes

The Film Simulation modes are a favorite among the users and the latest recipe that has been incorporated into the X100VI is REALA ACE apart from the twenty others. These modes simulate the appearance of the traditional FUJIFILM film stocks ranging from Provia, Velvia and the Classic Chrome etc. The Grain Effect mode gives that grunge, natural look of the old film photos and it is found in the Android version of the app.

 Frame. io Camera-to-Cloud Integration

The X100VI also provides Wi-fi built in or Ethernet LAN connectivity these include; The X100VI can integrate seamlessly with Frame. io Camera to Cloud. One of the enhancements in this feature is the possibility to share photos or videos quickly using the cloud as the main storage; this is helpful for working professionals.

 Body Design and Usability

The X100VI maintains the same compact dimensions as its predecessor but includes several enhancements:As to the X100VI, it also has the same dimensions as the previous model; however, there are some improvements.

  • Tilting 3. 0″ 1. 62m-dot LCD: As primary from the touchscreen concept, this unit can be easily manipulated and controlled in addition to the action of the compact discs.
  •  Weather Resistance: The durability can be upgraded with protective accessories to also make the dresses water proof.
  •  Locking Dials and Levers: Easy and speedy manipulability of the exposure controllable parameters.
  • Front and Rear Command Dials: Consolidated push function to supply the provision of the settings better.
  • Rear Joystick: To make it easy to select the focus points and the subsequent menus conveniently.

 Connectivity and Battery Life

However, the X100VI comes with in-built Bluetooth and Wi-Fi to enable transfer of images and/or control. It can also accommodate one SD memory card with compatibility of up to UHS-I only. The included NP-W126S battery yields about 310 on the LVF or 450 frames on the OVF.


FUJIFILM X100VI Digital Camera (Silver) is sleek in design and at the same time combines the modern features that you need when shooting. If you are a street photographer, a videographer or a simple admirer of life’s beauty in amazing details, the Fujifilm X100VI turns even ordinary life into the art.

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FUJIFILM X100VI Digital Camera
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