Fujifilm XF23mm F2 R WR Lens Review: Sharp, Fast, and Durable



It is an inarguable fact that the lens that is used to take a picture matters quite a lot. If you want a lens that will serve a lot of purposes well and is well-made, the Fujifilm XF23mm F2 R WR could be it. Thanks to high-resolution image quality and having a relatively low weight, as well as excellent protection against different kinds of weather, this lens is a photographer’s choice. Now let us look at the aspects, which make this lens exceptional.

 Advanced Image Quality

Fujifilm XF23mm F2 R WR is built with ten elements in six groups of which two are aspherical. This elaborate construction means that the edges are sharp, giving you definite images to work on. Think of a cook cutting through the items with the efficiency of a sharp blade – that the kind of sharpness that this lens offers.

 Design and Build

This lens is not only interested in what’s going on in the interior. One has to agree with its stylish look on the external part which makes it fashionable to use. Measuring only 180 grams it is small enough to fit the palm of your hands and light enough that you would not even feel its weight after a whole day of active use. Depending on your type of shooting whether it is in the streets of a very busy city or in serene countryside, this lens in not a burden.

 Weather and Dust Resistance

It brings us to difficult terrains as can be seen from the photos on this article. The XF23mm F2 R WR lens is very much resistant to the working environment. weather and dust proof with flexibility in functioning in temperatures as low as – 10o C. This is to mean that you can shoot in snow, rain or even dusty conditions and your equipment will not be affected. It’s a companion that is always with you, dependable as a best friend.

 Lightweight and Compact

Hire XF23mm F2 R WR lensOnly 180g, it is a great travel buddy. This is small in size and portable, hence can hardly occupy much space in your camera bag as compared to other equipment. One thing is that you do not have to compromise on the quality of the photo prints since the provider is portable making it perfect for a photographer.

Angle of View

This makes this lens to have a wide ANGLE OF VIEW of 63. 4 degrees making it versatile when used. It is very fitting for almost any type of subject like landscapes, events and even portraits. It can be described as a lens that extends far but without the unwanted issue of looking more fish-eyed than necessary, giving users normal and excellent shots.

 Magnification Capabilities

The maximum magnification for the XF23mm F2 R WR lens is rated 0. 13 x. Although it is not a macro lens, you can focus the lens relatively close enough to the subject it is perfect for shooting detailed shots of small objects. They indeed act like a magnifying glass that is always a handy tool to have in your photography bag.

 Autofocus Performance

Factors such as fast and silent autofocus are among the peculiarities of this lens. When used with the phase detection AF system of the FUJIFILM X-Pro2 or X-T2, it can focus in a breathtakingly fast 0. 05 seconds. It was apt for me because I am aware that in circumstances where the action is fast and time is very wicked, this speed will enable one to cover all the moments.

 Compatibility with FUJIFILM Cameras

This lens is basically designed to compliment FUJIFILM cameras, although specifically the X series cameras. This compatibility also guarantees a perfect performance and enables one to maximize on the use of the cameras in question. It’s such a joy to have a someone who complements your every action and you complement them in equal measure.

 Practical Applications

It is most ideal for application in different kinds of photography. If we speak about in-street photography then rear display, compact size and fast autofocus are one of the main benefits. Thus, it is effective in landscape photography because of its sharpness and the angle of view offered by the lens. This lens is suitable for portrait shooting too because it provides the natural angle of view and the most stunning Bokeh.

User Experience

Great remarks of the XF23mm F2 R WR lens are usually made by the photographers, who use it for taking photos. It is rather simple to use, which is great for newcomers, as well as enthusiasts with considerable experience. This feedback is focusing on the lens’s brightness, fast focusing, and versatility of shooting.


Fujifilm XF23mm F2 R WR is a stunning gadget that contains all the features of higher image quality, solidity, and great performance. Whether it is your first time to incorporate the use of a camera to take shots or whether this has been your hobby for longer periods this lens is very useful. Though it is a rather compressed work it is a very stable tool that can be quite believable in any shooting expedition.

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Fujifilm XF23mm F2 R WR lens
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