Game Streaming Apps Are Now Available on Apple App Store



Previously, apps like Xbox Cloud streaming and GeForce Now weren’t accessible in the Apple App Store. According to Apple’s policy, developers must submit every game individually for review. So, streaming platforms that offer hundreds of games in one place was out of the question.

At last, this decision was changed after announcing it on January 25th, 2024. According to Apple’s new policy, developers can now submit an app that contains the ability to stream multiple games. Apple’s accountment started with “Developers can now submit a single app with the capability to stream all of the games offered in their catalog” (via Apple)

Why did Apple make this shift?

According to The Verge, around 2020, Apple was thinking of allowing cloud gaming services. Still, it was not the case, as their policy requires games to be submitted as a standalone app.

The main push behind this shift was the developer community. According to Apple, they reflected upon all the feedback they received from the developer community regarding cloud streaming services.

How will this benefit the users?

Before this update, users had to navigate through web browsers. It can be frustrating to browse through websites to stream your games every time you want to play. So, this new update makes the entire process less time-consuming and more accessible for the users. The users will have more freedom in their gaming experience on their iPhones.

Moreover, this allows Apple and Nvidia to stitch back their relationship after the significant fall in 2015. Nvidia can now make an Apple-specific version of their GeForce Now streaming platform. However, there isn’t any official announcement from Nvidia yet. Still, it will not be surprising if they plan to roll out streaming services for Apple.

Also, it could push Microsoft to release Xbox Game Pass on the Apple App Store in the near future. So, users will get a massive catalog of renewed games on their iPhones.

Other Additional Updates

Along with this huge update, Apple also elevates the discovery opportunities for streaming games, mini-games, and chatbots found within the app.

Additionally, mini-games, mini-apps, and chatbots will be able to incorporate Apple’s in-app purchase feature. This will allow them to offer the users paid digital content for the first time. So, users can now buy subscriptions for an individual chatbot.

Apple also made huge updates for developers by providing a robust dashboard with almost 50 new analytics. The new analytics will give developers a deeper insight into their application’s performance. Moreover, analytics like engagement, commerce, and app usage will allow developers to review their apps in depth. As a result, more room for improvement is available.

User Experience and Safety

Apple also ensured that applications providing streaming services are responsible for meeting Apple’s high standards and maintaining user safety.

“Each experience made available in an app on the App Store will be required to adhere to all App Store Review Guidelines, and its host app will need to maintain an age rating of the highest age-rated content included in the app.”

Flexibility for Sign-in

Initially, Apple required users to sign in with their Apple ID as it is easier to sign in to various apps and websites. Apple’s new announcement will also allow developers who offer third-party or social logins to offer privacy-focused login services instead.

“Starting today, developers that offer third-party or social login services within their app will have the option to offer Sign in with Apple, or they will now be able to offer an equivalent privacy-focused login service instead” (via Apple)

We have yet to see how well this new feature will perform. However, this is a getaway for iPhone users to get some experience in PC gaming. If it works perfectly, it is a good alternative for spending around $600 on Steam Deck or other handheld gaming consoles.

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