Garmin Forerunner 165: Ultimate Running Smartwatch


A Field Tested Review of Garmin Forerunner 165: This is probably one of the best running smartwatches out there; it’s your trainer. Whether it is your first time exercising by running or it is a routine that is done every day, this small device is very easy to use though it has a lot of power as it comes along with the preinstalled GPS, wrist HRM, and training tips. It is time to expose why Garmin Forerunner 165 is perfect kind of watch for active individuals.

 Lightweight and User-Friendly Design

Perhaps, the most crucial aspect about the Forerunner 165 is the craftsmanship that has been put into the making of the device; this watch keeps its user comfortable and it is easy to use. I would need to compliment this smartwatch by saying that it is light in weight to an extent that you hardly feel it around your wrist but not so light that you would easily note that it is missing if you decided to leave it at home. It measures 43 mm in diameter and it is quite flexible, versatile enough to fit the wrist of a man as well as a woman.

 Brilliant AMOLED Display

The Forerunner 165 is designed with a back-lit AMOLED touch screen relief making visibility very easy even in sun light. Working hand in hand with simplification of multi-button layout and the ability to be in sync with the directional pad’s mobility so that, no matter where you are – in a gym exercising or walking in the sun, you will be able to reach any feature.

 Extended Battery Life

The battery life of the Forerunner 165 is long, and this is among the longest battery durations of any GPS powered fitness tracker. The battery life of this device depends with the usage of the device; it has up to eleven days battery life depending on the battery recharging level when in smartwatch mode and up to nineteen hours in GPS mode. This means battery durability where for example there is no need to be concerned much with battery and indeed the remaining capacity when involved in exercises.

Personalized Workouts and Garmin Coach

Personalized workouts and Garmin Coach are very effective tools, personalized workouts are the specific exercises planned designed for certain individual user or group of user to achieve targets or goals that have been set in a specific time frame while Garmin coach on the other hand is an electronic training companion that offers customized training schedules based on their user’s ability, goals, and preferences as well as other parameters in this case these entities were effective in achieving the end goals of this application.

The Garmin Forerunner 165 is a perfect companion that guides you towards your goal of a perfect health by offering daily recommendation depending on the behavior has been observed on you. Get Garmin Coach for cues and customized race-adaptive training plans so that you can get the best out of your workouts.

 Diverse Activity Profiles

This is not a smartwatch for running only. The features are over 25 fitted activity types, like cycling, HIIT, potentiation, strength training, etc. Regardless of your activity of choice, the Forerunner 165 has everything you need to understand how your workout is going.

Morning Report

First thing in the morning, you receive a performance summary that provides information about the quality of your night’s sleep, and your recovery & training predictions for the day ahead. Besides receiving information about the weather or the status of your HRV, this function is useful for organizing your day.

 Training Effect Insights

Forerunner 165 has training effect reports that will let you comprehend the effects of your workouts. You will be able to establish how your exercise programs affect your fitness status and the main objectives fulfilled from every exercise program. Moreover, the recovery time and time to recovery indicates to the user how many minutes he/she would require for the recovery of strength before the next HIIT session.

 Safety and Tracking Features

This Forerunner 165 has given the aspect of safety a very high consideration. It has Incidents and Assistance features where, in case of trouble during some of the outlined outdoor activities, a message with your live position will be sent to your contacts. This feature depends with the kind of smartphone one is using and also the available network.

 Smart Notifications

If you want to be in touch while not have your phone by your side, read on to discover some ways how. This Forerunner model can connect with your Android or an Apple phone to provide you with notifications about a call, text, or any other alert while you are on the run.

 Garmin Pay

Pay at places you travel with the convenience of Garmin Pay by leaving your actual wallet behind. This non-tangible means of payment is widely accepted in several countries and by different payment systems, which makes it possible to avoid direct contact during the payment for purchases during your runs.

 Garmin Connect

This is the Health & Fitness data app for Garmin Connect that is designed to assist you in health and fitness matters. Hang out with other people, play some games, and level up with badges to keep you in check. It also enables tracking of more details and hence, one is in a position to track progress and even set other targets.


Its Garmin Forerunner 165 is described as a watch that holds a lot of features for a very lightweight product. Hear this a device with efficient fitness tracking features, custom training schedules, and intelligent connectivity options thus recommended for anyone who is serious on their training. As you jog, cycle, train at the gym or complete any other activity, this Forerunner 165 is meant to assist you in getting the best results.

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Garmin Forerunner 165
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