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Garmin has revealed the Garmin Lily 2, the newest wristwatch in its collection, at CES 2024. This updated version of Lily, a sequel to the original, has several improved features that make it a desirable option for wearables enthusiasts who appreciate both design and functionality. The Lily 2, which is priced at $250 and comes in a premium Classic edition that costs $280, offers significant enhancements in its activity and sleep tracking modes, making it a desirable option for anyone looking for a stylish yet practical wristwatch.

Sleep Score: A New Dimension to Rest Tracking

The integration of Garmin’s sleep score is one of the most notable aspects of the Lily 2. This feature assesses the length of your sleep, the degree of restlessness you had, and the amount of time you spent in each stage of sleep when determining the quality of your sleep. Although sleep score is a feature seen on many wearables, its addition to the Lily series represents a major advancement for anyone who value both stylish sleepwear and thorough sleep tracking.

Dance into Fitness: Expanded Exercise Modes

Compared to the first Lily, which only offered 13 exercises, the Lily 2 distinguishes itself by supporting 18 sports apps. Dance fans will especially appreciate the inclusion of a dance fitness mode that supports Afrobeat, Bollywood, EDM, hip-hop, and Zumba. By offering more options, the Lily 2 becomes a more adaptable partner for those who enjoy a variety of physical pursuits.

Safety First: Incident Detection and Emergency Contacts
By implementing event detection during particular activities, Garmin has gone above and beyond in emphasizing user safety. The watch can instantly alert your emergency contacts in the event of a potential catastrophe, adding extra protection. The Lily 2 has a feature that was not present in the first Lily, but it is nonetheless a noteworthy improvement that broadens the smartwatch’s safety features.

Health and Wellness Tracking

The Garmin Lily 2 keeps a number of health and wellness functions from its predecessor and other Garmin watches in addition to tracking sleep and exercise. One useful tool for deciding on rest and exercise is the Body Battery feature, which evaluates your energy levels depending on sleep and activity. Even after all these years, consumers can still gain important information into their own health via the Morning Report, a summary that presents the weather, sleep score, and Body Battery just after waking up.

The Lily 2’s extensive health tracking features are further enhanced by stress tracking, blood oxygen level readings, menstrual cycle monitoring, and monitoring of particular sleep stages. These functions, which are increasingly commonplace in contemporary smartwatches, improve user experience overall and provide a more all-encompassing approach to wellbeing.

GPS Connectivity: A Distinctive Element

Garmin Lily 2 lacks GPS, unlike an expensive Venu 3. Unlike high-end models, the GPS feature on the Lily 2 requires pairing with a smartphone. While this may limit outdoor phone independence, the Lily 2’s tradeoff results in a more balanced design and a five-day battery life, a significant advantage over competitors. This unique style matches the Lily 2’s elegance and functionality, appealing to consumers who value a streamlined appearance without sacrificing critical features.

Connectivity and Convenience

Essential smartwatch features provide smooth connectivity and ease in the Garmin Lily 2. Phone and calendar alerts keep users informed quickly. Android users may answer texts from their wrists, simplifying communication. Note that Garmin Pay allows secure contactless payments and is only available in the more expensive Classic model. Its connectivity and convenience make the Lily 2 a flexible smartwatch for individuals seeking flair and utility.


The Garmin Lily 2 is a small but significant update that bridges Garmin’s feature-rich smartwatches with the three-year-old Lily. The Lily 2 is a stylish and practical fitness tracker for those who prefer not to wear sports watches. The Garmin Lily 2 has improved sleep tracking, increased activity modes, and health and wellness capabilities in the ever-changing smartwatch market. Garmin leads the way in technology, always improving its products to satisfy consumer needs. Garmin’s Lily 2, with its elegant and practical design, demonstrates its dedication to providing creative solutions for people who want to seamlessly integrate style and smart functionality into their daily lives.

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