Get Ready for PlayStation’s Next Big Thing: Portal Remote Player


Have you wanted to go on a rollercoaster ride, but are afraid of heights? Play Station comes up with a stunning classification of innovation by introducing the all-new PlayStation Portal remote player that serves as a gateway of the gamers to their favorite virtual world. But that’s no joke; stand up, please, for the Pulse Explore wireless earbuds and the Pulse Elite wireless headset boasting high-end technology in order to take your gaming audio box to a new level.


Immerse Yourself with Pulse Explore

Conceptualize a situation where the whole PS5 experience would be only at your fingertips without any misinterpretation but rather literally so. This completely fulfills what the PlayStation Portal remote player genuinely does for online gaming.

You could say it is as if from the hand it held a small version of PS5. The device is adapted from the DualSense wireless controller and has features, including haptic feedback and adaptive triggers, to make gamers feel the gaming is so real as they really play it.

Audio Experience is our Key to Success!-Pulse Elite

Get geared up for the experience of a lifetime with our top-notch Pulse Elite wireless headset. Carrying lossless sound quality and AI-enhanced noise rejection facility, this headset can well become your ally in gaming, as it helps you stay distracted. This waterproof speaker boasts an extendable mic boom and a dock for charging. Ideal for premium sound on the go.

Immerse Yourself with Pulse Explore

If you intend getting tiny portable wireless earphones, Pulse Explore ones are exactly what you need. These are no ordinary earbuds. Professionally made with dual microphones using AI-enhanced technology exceptional noise rejection is a guarantee.

Further, these earbuds deliver lossless audio. Also, they come with a charging case that takes care of the charging problem for you.

Meet PlayStation Link

PlayStation Link  the principle that underpins the entire project. The adoption of the wireless audio technology is a success due to its ability to provide almost a zero latency and lossless audio transmission if it’s PlayStation 5, a computer, or a Mac or if it’s PlayStation portal. From the famed uttering ‘bye bye slow audio’ to the much more pleasing ‘hello smooth audio connection’.

Seamless Connectivity

Rest in peace the era of tangled wires and bad connections. Pulse Elite and Pulse Explore have PlayStation Link supports multiple sets at the same time. Whether it’s your PlayStation 5 you’re gaming on or it’s someone calling you on your phone, these devices have got your six.

Enhancing Immersion

Through the fusion of PlayStation Portal, Pulse Elite, Pulse Explore, and the PlayStation link we can create an exclusive gaming experience like no other. Enjoy an interactive immersive gaming like nothing else with sharp transmissions and smooth streaming.


Are you confused about whether these devices are made for your system? Feel at ease, PlayStation Portal, Pulse Elite, and Pulse Explore are programmed to run together with your present PlayStation environment. Whether it’s for a professional gamer or someone who just likes to have fun, these gadgets are going to bring your gaming to the next level.


Pricing Details

Prices should not be the reason for not using states-of-the-art audio gear for the gaming. PlayStation Portal, Pulse Elite, and Pulse Explore have been set at competitive prices, so they are more affordable for various gamers. The pricing in your area for this product. You are all ready for an upgraded gaming experience, aren’t you?

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

1. Will I be able to play PlayStation games in Remote Play mode through the PS5 console?

Yes, PlayStation Portal technically enables you to play the supported PS5 games through remote streaming with all the features it would have if you were playing the games on your PS5 physically.

2. How are the Pulse Elite and Pulse Explore platforms compatible with other console platforms?

The fact that these devices are custom built for the PlayStation gaming experience doesn’t mean they cannot be used with other devices too, be it PC’s, mobile phones and so on, handling all your gaming audio needs.

3. Can i use pulse elite and puls e xplore both at the same time with ps5 as well as my phone?

Absolutely! Besides that, these tools can work with many devices that work simultaneously meaning that you can choose between gaming and calls whenever you want and you will not miss anything.

4. Does the PS Link work with some older PlayStation models?

At this point, PlayStation Link is exclusively developed for PS5 and PlayStation Portal in mind, with new audio features that can only be achieved using the latest playing hardware.

5. What about PlyStation Portal, Pulse Elite, and Pulse Explore can I pre-order? and official stores in mentioned markets accept pre-orders for these devices. Be aware of the pre-order dates and check the available stock in your region for your device beforehand.


Gear up to meet the latest PlayStation innovations and try to feel the difference. Whatever your gaming style is: professional or occasional, the PlayStation remote player Pulse Elite wireless headset and Pulse Explore wireless earbuds are set to revolutionize audio during your games. Do not allow this chance of being a part of the forefront of esports, don’t be among those who could only witness it from a distance.



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