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The usage of lossless digital audio, noise cancellation, and highly durable materials are the most basic examples of how technology is transforming the stereo headphone industry.
Finding amazing noise-cancelling ear pods that can help you dive into a wonderful world of music while you workout may not be easy. Worry no more; in fact, the Jabra Elite 10 is here. Jabra offers yet another true wireless headphones, priced at $249, which is ready to compete with the products of the biggest players: Apple, Bose, and Sony. Let’s jump right into that to know how their uniqueness cuts the competition within such a saturated market.


The Jabra Elite 10 wireless earbuds are an innovatory device that can do more than usual. Supplying them with market beating noise cancellation, personalized sound and robustness, they are no less the pricey counterparts from foremost brands. It would be intriguing to see why they are different.

A Subtle Yet Durable Design

The Elite 10 from Jabra adds to the company’s high-standard features like its prominent, yet durable design. On the market in up to five different colors, such as Cocoa or Cream and Gloss Black, Matte Black or Titanium Black, all these listening units incorporate silicone exteriors and flat, touchable buttons for easy control.

The IP57 rating makes them rugged to the point they can handle everything your day throws at you even if you have just a sweaty workout or there is activity rain.

Key Features

  • Jabra Comfort Fit Technology: Be able to listen to music all day with Jabra’s Comfort Fit technology which provides one prolonged wearing period without any pressure in the ear.
  • 10mm Speakers with Dolby Head Tracking: Extend your listening to the world of 3D audio with Dolby Atmos mixing, emit from the 10mm dynamic drives.
  • Jabra Advanced ANC™: Get your ears treated with Athlete’s best-in-class Active Noise Cancellation™, which you will like to know that they are 2x stronger than usual ANC.
  • 6-Mic Call Technology: Always stay connected, even during windy weather and just keep talking with crystal-clear calls as you are positioned on six microphones.
  • Real Buttons: Being the physical controller is yours, the buttons let you have the air of precision and convenience outdoors.
  • Wireless and USB-C Charging: Universal charging is now an option. Additionally, there are both wireless and USB-C charging to comply.
  • Bluetooth Multipoint: Instantly switch between your two linked devices or even open the same page on different devices for the best user experience.
  • Secure Case: Powerful magnets that ensure elimination of needling out during the usage are the key feature of the case which one can carry with him or her anytime.

Jabra Elite 10 – A Complete Music and Call Control at a Finger Tap.

Jabra Sound+ app is designed to provide superb functionality and easy-to-use controls while giving you many personalization choices for a truly exceptional Elite 10 experience. Via the users being able to change ANC levels to EQ adjustments, the app allows the user to be in charge of his/her audio experience.

In addition, the sound system comes integrated with Dolby and Soundscapes attributes that ensure or bring an experience to your listening session.

Potent Noise Cancellation

The elite 10 earbuds come with an advanced built-in noise cancellation system and guarantee you get lost in your music, even when not on a quiet site. Be it among the bustling city streets or at a gym, these earbuds down unwanted noise, meaning that you can concentrate on the rhythm of your favored tracks or music.

Enjoyable, Adjustable Sound

It doesn’t matter if you’re in a bass filled environment or have a more balanced sound, Elite 10 Earbuds will get you what you want. With fully adjustable EQ settings, you can try out different frequencies while also customizing the sound to vary from your personal preferences, thus guaranteeing music experience to be a real pleasure.

Not only this, but MEMS mic directs exact dialogue during talk, making sure you feel like you are in the same room together.

Well-Rounded Earphones

In a market where companies such as Apple, Bose, and Sony conquer the place, the Jabra Elite 10 will not emerge second-best. The technology is equipped with advanced features, quality sound, and durability that is probably the best pair of wireless earphones for anyone who want to get the high-end earphones.

Even though they are not outstanding in all the aspects of a sports car, they still provide superb combination that beats many.

Pros and Cons


  • Powerful bass and bright highs
  • Competitive noise cancellation
  • Support for Dolby Atmos with head tracking, adjustable EQ
  • High-quality build
  • Case supports wireless charging


  • Easy to accidentally activate on-ear buttons
  • Slight masking hiss in noise cancellation mode


Q: Do the Jabra Elite 10 earphones contain waterproof function? 

A: IP57 rating leads to the waterproof and dustproof properties of the Elite 10 earbuds.

Q: What is the time of use per one charge of the earbuds? 

A: With ANC switched on, the earbuds are going to serve you with up to six hours of playback time, and the charging case is going to add another 21 hours to its battery life.

Q: Is it possible to tweak some of the controls on the earbuds?

A: Yes, the Jabra Sound+ app lets you change the settings of the control panels in order for it to look how you want it to.

Q: Does multitasking via Bluetooth meet the earbuds’ specifications?

A: It is possible to effortlessly link to 2 (two) devices through Bluetooth Multipoint technology.

Q: Is the design of the product earbuds comfortable for long duration of use? 

A: Yes, with the help of Jabra’s Comfort Fit technology, the Elite 10 earbuds relieve in-ear pressure, so they can be worn the whole day. This gives users comfort and freedom to enjoy their music without a break.


Finalizing, the Jabra Elite 10 earbuds can be stated to be a leading combination of performance, comfort, and endurance. Notwithstanding the fact that their overall performance may not be top in any aspects, they provide a no-less experience, which is certain to satisfy the audiophiles’ and fitness enthusiasts as well. With competitive noise cancellation, customizable sound and a user-friendly app, they are a good quality choice for those people who want premium Wi-Fi earbuds.



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