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Let me introduce you to UE EPICBOOM, our very own wireless, bluetooth-enabled portable speaker designed to make every adventure complete. Waistcoat of technology and functionality, the speaker is dedicated to enhance your audio experience when you are away from home.

Introducing the EPICBOOM Speaker

Visualize having a sound to match your system’s level of power everywhere with you. Exactly it is the UE EPICBOOM that we will provide. This speaker comes with compact size and packed with powerful features, which makes it the travel companion that you can’t do without, being able to deliver previously unrivaled sound quality.

Cans with subwoofer, adaptive EQ and deep vibrant sound.

EpicBrum isn’t simply another Bluetooth Speaker; it’s an amplifier of power! Its 360-degree boosting bass gives this product quite bold impact, as well as its adaptive EQ which guarantees that each beat is felt and the sound of each note is crystal clear. You can fully immerse yourself in the music experience with the outdoor equipment too. Now the whole open air is your private concert hall.

Customizable EQ

Personalize sound quality and preferences with the EQ option of the EPICBOOM earphone. Whether you’re looking for some deep relaxation by unwinding with music or want to dive into podcasts, or if you’re up for some immersive gaming, the BOOM app lets you tweak your settings with a variety of options.

17 Hours of BOOM

Music never stops! No, it doesn’t! Ipso facto the epicboom’s unique 17-hour battery life will never allow your party to come to an end. They can start their party in the afternoon and afterwards go on till the wee hours of the morning. In other words forget about having to do the “charging dance” to an unending tunes.

Floatable Waterproof Speaker

Go through the floating sound without bother. When it comes down to dust as well as water being sprayed, EPICBOOM is IP67 rated which lets you rest assured of never letting any accident or water stop the experience. Whether it’s the beach, pool or shower down, the Bluetooth speaker will follow you and blow your mind with your top hits.

Let’s Go and Dance Our Hearts Out We Cheer

Why settle for small thing while you can magnify the thrill? Flaunt your EPICBOOM breed of UE speaker and use PartyUp on the BOOM app to be able to connect and feel surround experience like no other. Each BOOM to the MEGABOOM and the HYPERBOOM is the next level aligning at the connection points.

Take It, Drop It, Bang It

However, life can bring unpredictable challenges, but you don’t have to worry because EPICBOOM has got you covered. Extremely portable with over 180 ft. range, dirt resistant, waterproof, and built to drop, no matter where your adventure takes you, bring your music along. Overall, the loop secures the connection between you and your favorite soundtrack.

Easy Connect and Play

From here no more sticky connections. The BOOM app and Magic Button provide a simple way to turn your iPhone into a wireless speaker so you can enjoy music easily. Even when you turn it off, the mere presence of the Android phone near the ‘N’ signature is already generating the music you will hear.

Made with Recycled Plastic

Take part in the movement towards gravity. The EPICBOOM were designed with the use of a minimum of 59% recycled plastic, to create an environmentally friendly product that still offers high quality features.

Pros and Cons


• Sounds in all directions can be heard nicely.
• UE look and feel that has become recognizable.
• These things are really tough to break and they actually float!
• Environment-friendly design.


• $350 is a sizable outlay for a lot of people for a lightweight and portable Bluetooth speaker the size of this.

Questions and Answers on EPICBOOM

Q1. Is the EPICBOOM Speaker speckled with outdoor activity?

Yes, absolutely! The EPICBOOM not only has a tough design but also is made to be waterproof, which makes it the right Bluetooth speaker for outdoor activities.
Q2. Is it possible teo link multiple EPICBOOM speakers?

ABOUT IT, you can use the PartyUp feature on the BOOM app to link the multiple EPICBOOM speakers for having a more enriched and involving sound.

Q3. How long is the battery for the EPICBOOM only? 

EPICBOOM is very competitive providing end users a play time of up to 17 hours accompanied by uninterrupted entertainment.

Q4. Could I individualize the setting of sound on the EPICBOOM Speaker?

Certainly! The BOOM app delivers a brand new experience of audio with its innovative features and technical improvement, especially the adjustable EQ settings.

Q5. Does the EPICBOOM speaker contribute to environmental problems? 

Yes, EPICBOOM which is made of a minimum of 59% of post-consumer recycled plastic is indeed an ecologically oriented decision to make.


UE EPICBOOM Wireless Portable Bluetooth Speaker is more than just a tool—it is an entry point to an exhilarating audio encounter. The EPICBOOM with its pioneering character, robust construction and strong environmentally sustainability record defines a new threshold in the class of portable sound systems. Move into music like you’ve never experienced before and then let the Epicboom take your music around the globe where life can take you.



Ears Boom 3 Portable Waterproof Bluetooth Speaker are ON SALE now on Amazon! Hurry up- Grab yours and enjoy. 🚀

As an affiliate I get a small fee from Amazon.

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