Ghost of Tsushima Sails for PC: Unveiling the Director’s Cut


Yes! That’s right, The Ghost of Tsushima is indeed coming to PC. The most exciting part is that the Director’s Cut is coming to PC, which includes the Iki island expansion and Legends’s co-op multiplayer mode. According to the announcement, the game should be available for PC on May 16th, 2024.

Of course, it was initially shocking when the news took over the gaming community. This move is a bit of a shift for Sony. Sony is well known for keeping their big-budget games limited to PlayStation consoles. The gaming community has been eagerly waiting for Ghost of Tsushima’s PC port for a long time. So, this is a celebratory moment for all of us.

The PC port will harness all the advantages of the platform’s strength. We can finally play Ghost of Tsushima at 60fps and above with various graphics options. Gamers are all excited to immerse themselves in the beautiful, awestruck game.

Ghost of Tsushima

If you are not familiar with this beauty, then make sure you give it a try when it debuts on PC. You take on the role of Jin Sakai, the last surviving samurai of Tsushima Island. The Mongols infiltrated the island, decimating your people. The main conflict of choice is whether to go the traditional honorable way or choose the way of ghosts to save the island. The internal moral conflict between honor and necessity revolves around the Jin’s character.

Gamers fell in love with the captivating beauty of Tsushima Island. The island is embraced with vibrant, colorful flower fields and bamboo forests. At the same time, you will encounter war-torn villages and Mongol forts. So, it is heavily encouraged to explore the entire island of Tsushima. The hidden shrines will give you unique rewards, while the guiding wins will take you to undiscovered locations.

From PlayStation Exclusive to PC Powerhouse

The intense popularity of Ghost of Tsushima and the growing market of PC encouraged Sony to make this strategic move. Allowing Ghost of Tsushima on PC will enable many players to experience the beauty and intensity of feudal Japan through Jin Sakai’s eyes.

In 2021, Sony acquired Nixxes Software, which is very well-known for porting console games to PCs. This acquisition helped Sony to have the necessary resources to ensure a smooth transition of Ghost of Tsushima.

Previously, Sony tried to keep exclusive to ensure their PlayStation market, but now they are changing their strategy. They are trying to expand their reach to a wider range. Of course, some Sony exclusives or old games might not be available for PCs. Bloodborne is one of the most awaited games to get a PC port. However, according to FormSoftware, deciding is not on their hand.

PC-Specific Features

The Ghost of Tsushima PC port will harness all the power of a modern gaming PC. We can see some features in the following:

  • Framerates: We can finally break free from the FPS limitation and play at 60 fps and above. Gamers can enjoy the breathtaking landscapes of Tsushima Island without any jitters.
  • Graphical Options: We will get several graphics options to set up according to your preference.
  • Ultrawide Monitor Support: The PC port will allow support for ultrawide monitors. You can expand your view and immerse yourself in the beauty with an ultrawide view.
  • Up-scaling and Frame Generation Technologies: Graphics card that features NVIDIA DLSS 3, AMD FSR 3, and Intel XeSS promises to elevate the game’s performance.

DualSense or Mouse and Keyboard? The Choice is Yours

The PC port will allow players to choose between a keyboard, mouse, or controller. Players comfortable using the controller can use their DualSense or Xbox controller. Moreover, players who are into precisions offer fully customizable controls.

A Complete Samurai Experience: Director’s Cut Content Included

The PC version of Ghost of Tsushima doesn’t only offer the base game; players will be able to play Director’s Cut.

  • Iki Island: This new storyline allows players to explore Iki Island. They will come across new enemies, rewards, and storylines.
  • Legend’s Mode: you can join friends online for co-op multiplayer in Legend’s mode. You can choose from four different classes and fully experience Japanese mythology.


As we can see, Sony is slowly rolling out their exclusives. So this gives us hope that maybe the trend of keeping exclusives will see its demise or maybe not. However, what matters now is that more people can enjoy Ghost of Tsushima and its immersive gameplay.

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