God of War Ragnarök Prepares to Decimate PCs in September


Kratos the great Spartan warrior and slayer of gods is coming to absolutely unleash his rage on PC. Sony Santa Monica Studios launched Ragnarök back in 2022 which took over the gaming community like a storm. This critically acclaimed game was the sequel for God of War which was also high received by the gamers. Sony has announced that on September 19th Ragnarök will make its debut to the new audience which is the realm of PC.

This won’t be a simple PC port it promises to be a powerhouse experience. The PC port will leverage the capabilities of modern gaming rigs and provide gamers with stunning visuals. Of course, they also promise smooth performance for gamers to absolutely indulge themselves into Ragnarök.

A Second Coming for the God of War

Ragnarok picks up after 2018 God of War. The story takes place 3 years after the events of 208 games. The story revolves around Fimbulwinter which is a period unending frost. The stubborn frost can take over the while Kratos and his son Atreus was facing the impact of their actions. They prophecies of Ragnarök was becoming more evident and the duo must embark on a journey to stop it. So, Kratos and Atreus tries to go on a journey across the Nine Realms to seek the answers.

The narrative focuses on extending the foundations laid back in 2018 title. New players can definitely expect a deeply personal story that further explores the dynamics of Kratos and Atreus. You will see intense character developments and new characters.

PC Power Unleashed

The PC port of Ragnarök boasts a number of features and enhancements. Due to its technical enhancements players can expect to see the Norse world at its full potential. The high-resolution textures, proper lighting effects and draw distance really makes you feel like you are fully immersed in the game.

One of the most significant and appropriate features is uncapped frame rate. You can play Ragnarök with powerful gaming rig to enjoy the silky-smooth frame rate and enhance the responsiveness of the combat. We can all agree that a wonky combat can really kill the mood for gaming.

With higher end graphics cards NVIDIA DLSS and AMD’s FSR is available for the games. These are some cutting-edge technologies that helps to upscale the frame rates of the games without sacrificing the performance. You can also have smooth gameplay even if your rig is not that powerful.

Also, if you have an ultrawide monitor make sure to use with while playing Ragnarök. The detailed environment of the game needs an ultrawide monitor to fully shine in its potential.

Tailored for the Master Race

You can fully expect mouse and keyboard support which will allow gamers for a precise and personalized control scheme, The also offers wide range of settings for graphics which allows players to fine-tune the visuals according to their preference.

Moreover, there are also adjustable field of view which can be useful for PC enthusiasts. This can allow players to customize in-game perspective to their liking which may potentially improve immersion.

More Than Just a Port

The PC port also brings the additional content like the Valhalla DLC which served as a free launch when it first came to PlayStation. The rouge like mode gives players a challenging and rewarding experience which offers a unique twist on the core gameplay.

A New Dawn for God of War on PC

The arrival of Ragnarök on PC will mark a significant shift for PlayStation exclusives. Traditionally Sony was known for its immense focus on PlayStation with a lot of exclusives. In the recent times Sony has been letting go of their power and showed willingness to bring most of its popular titles to the PC platform.

For PC gamer it is a great chance to finally enjoy the sequel to one of the greatest games God of War 2018. It has captivating story, intense combat and breath-taking visuals. So, don’t forget to keep your eyes out for Ragnarök on September 2024.

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