Google Pixel 9: Anticipating Advancements

News Google Pixel 9 Anticipating Advancements

After the Pixel 8 and Pixel 8 Pro debuts, smartphone fans are eager to see what Google has in store for the Pixel 9. While the current Pixel lineup has great features, rumors and leaks about the Pixel 9 series are gaining steam, offering a sneak peak at an exciting new Pixel. Let’s discuss Google Pixel 9 news, leaks, prices, and release dates.

Design: Maintaining Pixel’s Iconic Look

Early rumors claim that the Pixel 9 will keep Google’s camera bar design, despite no leaks. Like it or not, the Pixel series’ striking design sets it apart from the competition. Despite the lack of design specifics, Google’s signature style is expected to remain.

A leaked roadmap from December 2022 revealed Google’s handset range till 2025, including the Pixel 9 series. The source said the Pixel 9 series would feature a Pixel 9, a Pixel 9 Pro dubbed “komodo,” and a smaller “caiman.” This smaller model, with a 6.3″ display, follows the iPhone 14 Pro and Pro Max in offering the same functionality in a smaller size.

The smaller Pro model’s 2024 arrival is questionable, but its absence may make it more accessible to those who want a smaller tablet without sacrificing capabilities. As Google keeps some features exclusive to its more costly devices, a smaller Pixel 9 Pro may be appealing.

The Pixel 9 and Pixel 9 Pro will have larger screens than their predecessors, according to display industry expert Ross Young. However, Pixel 8 fans who liked its tiny appearance may be concerned. The dimensions and whether Google can balance screen size and device ergonomics will be revealed later.

Hardware: Tensor G4 and Performance Seeking

The Pixel 9 series may be powered by the Tensor G4. Recent rumors say the Pixel 10 will delay Google’s first proprietary chipset until 2025. The “Zuma Pro” Tensor G4 is intended to improve on the G3. In place of TSMC’s 3nm node, the G4 will purportedly use Samsung’s foundry to modify its Exynos chipset.

The Tensor G4 offers improved performance, but Pixel 10 and its rumored totally custom, in-house CPU may be the breakthrough. Google has typically lagged behind Apple and Samsung in raw performance, and the projected timeline predicts major changes around 2025.

Wireless charging will be upgraded to Qi2 in 2024 with MagSafe-style pucks. This technology may be adopted early by the Pixel 9, offering a new and efficient charging experience.

Android 15 and AI-Powered Innovation

Pixel 9 and Pixel 9 Pro are slated to be the first smartphones to ship with Android 15, following the Pixel 8 series. Although Android 15 details are still under wraps, Google may keep some of its best features for its hardware, improving user experience.

Google is expected to advance AI in 2024, following the Pixel 8 Pro. The Pixel 9 series may add Pixie, a Gemini-powered helper to complement helper. Pixie may run offline on Gemini Nano, demonstrating Google’s AI innovation.

Pixel 9 series may receive OS updates till 2031, like the Pixel 8. Software support extends gadget longevity, giving users great value for their money.

AI-powered cameras

The Pixel 9 series may prioritize AI-powered processing and software over hardware advances for cameras. The Pixel 8 series’ main camera may use the Samsung ISOCELL GNV, according to rumors. Users are eager to explore their devices’ full potential because Google has kept hardware specifications quiet.

The Pixel 9 series may have new hardware, but the software is set to shine. AI-driven photography has set Google’s smartphones apart, and the Pixel 9 series may continue this trend. With Pixel 8 features like Video Boost still pending, Pixel 9 owners should expect revolutionary camera improvements.

Future Price and Release Date Prediction

As with the Pixel 8 and 8 Pro, the Pixel 9 series is projected to retain $100 price rises for at least one more generation. Global inflation raises fears about price hikes, although the Pixel 9 is likely to cost $700 and the Pixel 9 Pro $1,000. Being open to surprises is important since market factors might affect pricing plans.

Google always releases updated Pixel hardware in the first week of October. Made By Google 2024 is expected to take place in early October, with gadgets hitting store shelves a week after the announcement. Expect the Pixel 8a earlier in the year for people who want new hardware sooner or at a lower price.


Given Google’s current smartphone portfolio, it may be hard to wait for the Pixel 9 or Pixel 9 Pro, but the anticipation is exhilarating. Pixel 9 speculations imply design, hardware, software, and camera improvements, marking another step forward for Google’s flagship handsets. Whether you’re upgrading or curious about smartphones’ future, Google’s innovation promises a fascinating ride. As Google Pixel 9 series unveiling approaches, stay tuned for updates.

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