Grotesque Beauty of Ultros: A Descent into a Psychedelic Odyssey


Imagine waking up inside a giant fleshy womb pulsating with otherworldly light. That sounds like the first step on your descent into the gloriously bizarre world of Ultros.

Ultros is a 2024 Metroidvania video game developed by Hadoque and published by Kepler Interactives. This is different from your usual Metroidvania. This psychedelic sci-fi odyssey throws you headfirst into a cosmic horror show.

If you think the name Ultros sounds cool, guess what it is? Well, it is a demon who is slumbering in a colossal cosmic womb. This new Metroidvania game will leave a strong impression among gamers.

Trapped in a Cosmic Loop

The game’s main plot revolves around being trapped in a cosmic loop. The cosmic womb is known as the Sarcophagus, which you now awaken. As a result, you must immerse yourself in a narrative that heavily emphasizes the time loop. Every time you die in Ultros, it is a reset button, not a defeat.

Every new run allows you to choose different paths and gather knowledge for subsequent loops. The protagonist has no memory. So, you are stuck in a cosmic loop with a character that has no memory, a very deadly combination. Each loop offers a fragmented glimpse into your forgotten identity and motivations and fuels your desire to break free.

A Haunting Tapestry of Art and Sound

Ultros immediately throws you into its unsettling tapestry of aesthetics. The game looks like someone took a paintbrush into a vat of neon sludge and exploded onto a canvas in a symphony of bizarreness.

The grotesque aesthetic isn’t just for the shock value. It is also a mirror reflecting the unsettling nature of the game’s theme. The fleshy landscapes represent the womb-like prison you are trapped in. The twisted, eerie creatures symbolize the inner demons you battle. The visual leaves you both fascinated and disturbed.

The biomes are filled with multi-colored neon trees, vines, and fungi. It looks like those psychedelic posters with a twist of darkness to it. At some point, the entire world of Ultros feels like a fever dream.

The eeriness of the game extends to the soundscape, which is composed and performed by Ratvader. Pulsating beats perfectly accentuate the game’s unsettling atmosphere.

The visuals in Ultros aren’t just mere aesthetics but an integral part of the gameplay. The bizarre creatures you encounter tell a story through their eccentric neon design. The visuals of Ultros will always linger in your mind even after you finish the game.

Dance of Violence

Combat in Ultros is a brutal ballet. Enemies ranging from fleshy monstrosities to ethereal energy beings will be an obstacle. The combat demands quick reflexes and precise timing. It is a fast-paced and unforgiving game. You will need to dodge, weave, and parry their attacks.

You will unlock a diverse arsenal of weapons and abilities throughout your journey. Swords offer swift strikes for close-quarters encounters, while guns provide ranged options for taking down flying enemies.

Moreover, you can also unleash devastating special attacks fueled by collected resources, adding strategic depth to the combat.

The combat is about keeping your rhythm. Attacks have distinct timings, so learning these rhythms is key to successful combat. It might sound challenging, but it is also deeply rewarding. Mastering the combat will create a sense of satisfaction unlike any other. Each victory feels earned, and overcoming each challenge fuels your progression.

More Than Just a Metroidvania

Ultros is so much more than interconnected worlds with hidden secrets. It is a philosophical exploration of life and death. Each loop forces you to confront the consequences of your choices. It also allows you to interact with other entities trapped within the Sarcophagus, uncovering their stories and piecing together the fragmented narrative. It’s not just a game; it’s an existential crisis wrapped in a neon nightmare.

So, Should You Take the Plunge?

Sure, it is challenging, unsettling, and might leave you questioning your sanity. Yet, Ultros made a strong first impression and offered an unforgettable experience. It’s a game that will stay with you long after the credits roll.

So, if you are looking for something different, step into the Sarcophagus and prepare for a glorious descent into Ultros.

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