Hades Finally Descends to iPhone but with a Twist!


The critically acclaimed roguelike dungeon crawler that made a huge impression in 2020 is finally coming to iOS. You might be expecting that it will easy download from the app store but hold your thoughts there. You need to have an active Netflix subscription to play the game on your iPhone. I know it sounds crazy! But that is only way you will be able to play Hades on your smartphone now.

A Netflix Exclusive with a Price

Although the idea is Hades will be a free-to-play game from Netflix but of course you cannot access that without a subscription. This might raise eyebrows for some payers specifically those gamers who prefers one-time purchase model. You can pre-order the game right now on App Store but of course without the subscription there is no use. As Supergiant said:

“On top of that, your standard subscription also includes a variety of excellent games you can download and play right now on compatible devices, at no additional charge! We were drawn to the opportunity to introduce Netflix’s audience to our game, and look forward to hearing from our players there.”

Within few easy steps you can download and find Netflix games

  • Firstly, you need to download the Netflix App and Hades from App Store
  • On Netflix scroll down to the “Mobile Games” section
  • Then tap the game and then click “Play Game”
  • Then tap “Open” to get the game running

But of course, the access is solely restricted to those with an active Netflix subscription. Most players who will take advantage of this offers are gamers who may not have access to PC to play Hades. At the same time many gamers who might want to enjoy Hades’ while being away from their devices may also download it on their phone.

An Epic Escape from the Underworld

If you are still not aware of this epic thrilling immersive game then you should definitely check out Hades. Hades starts of with you being in the shoes of Zagreus the son of furious Hades. Zagreus main goal is to escape the Underworld and go to Mount Olympus.

During your journey you will come across many gods and goddess of Greek Mythology. You will get glimpse of Greek mythology which makes the games more thrilling.

Each escape will present you great challenges. Dungeons are filled with various mythical foes, deadly traps and powerful boons from Olympian gods. The boons enhance your combat your abilities and help you to survive the trials. At the end of each dungeon, you will come across the final boss.

Death is Just the Beginning

The roguelike genre has one common trend which is death is inevitable. Each escape attempt ends with Zagreus returning to the House of Hades. However, it is not failure it is just the beginning.

Each run will allow you to accumulate valuable key items that will allow you to upgrade your attributes and build better relationships with key characters. Moreover, you can also make the House of Hades look less gloomy by decorating it.

Mobile-Optimized for Underworld Exploration

The game will feature a fully customizable touch controls designed for players to enjoy a seamless play on their iPhone. Whether you prefer swipes or on-screen buttons you can personalize it according to your preference.

“Hades on iOS features fully customizable touch controls designed for this version of the game. You can also wirelessly connect a Bluetooth controller to your device for more of a console-style experience!”

If you want to have a complete experience you can also connect your Bluetooth controller to your iPhone and be on your way to escape the Underworld.


This move by Supergiant will allow many players to enjoy the game. Bringing this gem of game on iPhone will allow Supergiant to convert wider group of people into fans. Moreover, the mobile adaption also boasts personalized controls so gamers can customize it according to their preference.


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