Helldivers 2: Friendly Fire and Hilarious Chaos


Arrowhead Game Studios developed Helldivers 2, which Sony Interactive Entertainment later published. On February 8, 202,4 gamers got to experience this new third-person shooter game. The game is available on Windows and PlayStation 5. Helldivers 2 is a sequel to one of the most entertaining top-down shooter games, Helldivers.

The chaotic and sarcastic approach took over the gaming community like a storm. Fans of Helldivers were happy to revisit their favorite game with a new look. Moreover, Helldivers 2 also piqued many new gamer’s interest.


The Story

The game puts you in the shoes of a Helldiver. The name suggests that you will definitely be put through hell to complete objectives. Helldivers are an elite squad of soldiers who are defending galaxies from annoying aliens. Helldivers 2 is well-known for its challenging combat, friendly fire, and witty humor.

Helldivers 2 does not really focus on narrative that much. The main gist is you have to overcome certain challenges to keep aliens away from the galaxies. The main objective of Helldiver is to keep your planets secure from “Hell,” also known as the aliens. Even though there isn’t any narrative depth in the game, the satirical humor and world-building compensate for it.

“HELLDIVERS is a top-down shooter set in a satirical dystopian future where mankind is ruled by a managed democracy. You are part of the Helldivers – the spearhead of humanity’s defense against the perpetual alien threat on Super Earth”

From Top-Down to Third-Person

Helldivers 2 bid goodbye to their old top-down feature and shifted towards a third-person view. This change will make the game fit with modern games. Moreover, gameplay will feel more immersive and action-packed. Players can now easily gauge distances, read enemy moves, and strategize. The third-person view will allow more players who are used to this view to try out this game instead of the top-down view.

However, when there is a change, a minority of groups will resist change. Some purist fans are heartbroken over the loss of the original tactical overview. The new perspective demands quicker reflexes and a more reactive approach. The change has sparked debates among the community. However, at the end of the day, we know people will eventually warm up to the third-person view.

Where Friendly Fire is a Feature, not a Bug

Helldivers 2 is definitely the game you want to enjoy with your friends on a Friday night. The game allows you to squad up with four players to tackle missions. Each team member can have their own unique load-outs and strategic expertise.

However, imagine the peaceful group pact gets annihilated by friendly fire. Of course, when friendly fire is involved, we will not hold ourselves back from using that feature. This feature adds a hilarious layer of tension, humor, and chaos.

Team coordination is essential to tackle missions. However, a group match can turn into a massacre at times. The game makes the friendly fire mechanic a core gameplay element that forces communication and cooperation.

“With up to four player co-op missions, working together as a team is vital, whether calling in strikes or placing weapons, each action must be totally synchronized to achieve the objectives. This isn’t just a four-player co-op game; it’s a co-op game that relies on the global efforts of the entire HELLDIVERS community!”

Laughing Through the Apocalypse

The game does an amazing job of incorporating humor with the gameplay. You will come across many satirical posters with an undertone of propaganda to random hilarious easter eggs. Of course, the in-game announcements are hilarious and full of cheeky humor. This was also seen in the game called The Finals.

Props to the voice acting, which makes the jokes two times funnier. Its deadpan delivery of mission briefings and character interaction adds to the overall charm. The jokes help to lift off the frustration during challenging levels.

Laughing with your friends about this unhinged humor while fighting off the aliens is always refreshing.

Procedural Generation

Each mission is procedurally generated, which ensures that every playthrough is different from each other. This sort of mechanics helps to keep players having different experiences each time.

However, one of the drawbacks of procedural generation is it can sometimes lead to uneven difficulty spikes for or repetition of the same enemies.

Server Struggles

Helldivers 2 has a rocky start due to several technical issues. Their server was unable to handle the massive influx of players. As a result, the wait time increased for many players, who also faced disconnecting issues.

While Arrowhead Game Studios has been actively working on addressing these issues, the initial launch experience left a sour taste for some players.


Helldivers 2 is a unique third-person shooter game which gives players a balance of chaos, entertainment and challenge. It will be a fun game to try out with your friends. Although, you might face some server issues but it should be resolved soon. Ultimately, Helldivers 2 is a game for those who embrace its unique blend of challenge, humor, and friendly-fire mayhem.

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