Hisense 110UX ULED Review – A New Benchmark in TV Technology


Hisense company is in the manufacturing of consumer electronics and is based in China, and at CES® held in Las Vegas, 2024, they launched its newest innovation, the 110UX. This new kind of the LED industry shaking ULED X technology classifies a new level in LED display development and becomes a new standard in all possible categories.

 Introduction to Hisense 110UX

Ponder for a moment about enjoying a great film on a screen so detailed and sharp it is as if you are watching through a peephole in the wall. That’s the kind of experience Hisense wants to provide with the newest 110UX, flagship TV. Since the early adoption of ULED X technology Hisense has dedicated 10 years of research and development into refining this particularly mind-blowing tech.

 Unprecedented Brightness and Contrast

However, the Hisense 110UX has nothing to envy from more expensive models due to its excellent brightness and contrast. Powered by a 24V mini-LED high output, it can attain an illuminance of up to 10000 nits. This means that the white is even shinier, while the blacks are intense and rich, which adds to the contrast. In a way that could be compared to a flashlight and a headlamp; while both convey light, one does it with greater potency and definition.

 Advanced Backlight Control

Last but not least, other features of the 110UX, they are targeted at an incredible level of backlighting control with more than forty thousand zones spread up to the vast diagonal of the device that is 110 inches. It reduces backlighting and enhances on contrast ratio so every single scene from the black one to the bright one is going to look perfect on it. It is like having thousands of miniscule bulbs which co-ordinate to give the correct hue on the canvas of life.

 Color Accuracy and Palette

Another aspect which can be noted about Hisense 110UX is color accuracy. Setting the standard for color coverage, virtually attaining an impressive 95% of the BT. 2020 color gamut against the 80% that most rivals’ leading LCD monitors can deliver. This is find due to the formats of the new panel materials and the technological development of the quantum dot. Intuitively, one would prefer an artist with a larger number of colors in his assortment, in order to paint works closer to life, with brighter colors. That is the role which is played by the 110UX in viewing or watching experience.

Ultra-Low Reflectance

Is there a situation that can spoil the TV’s excellent picture quality? It is reflections on the screen. The Hisense 110UX squarely addresses this problem with ultra-low anti-glare films combined with perfect internal panel design that produces the ultra-low 1. 28% reflectance rate. This eliminates interference from surrounding light, and gives a highly clear picture regardless the level of light in the room.

 Innovative Wide-Angle Film Technology

STW2. 0 width angle film technology is another feature on the 110UX; it is a wide –angle film. It reduces the problems such as the backlighting problems, halos and color shift and gives an excellent view from all angles. No matter whether seated right in front of the screen or slightly to the side, the picture does not deteriorate the slightest.

 Powerful X-Chipset

In the drafting of 110UX, Hisense has incorporated its newly designed X-Chipset. This amazing chipset has some of the following smart elements: AI Contrast and AI Depth. It identifies scenes and content and constantly adapts their settings to meet viewers’ expectation for each frame to be sharp and engaging. It is similar to having a genius that arranges the programs on the television for an individual.

 AI-Powered Picture Quality

It is hard to compete in terms of picture quality features powered by the AI of the 110UX. The AI chip embedded in the TV learns the contrast and depth of the image and makes real-time adjustments for what you are watching. This means that every scene has the best quality possible, be it an action packed film or a natural scenery documentary.

 Redefining Picture Quality

The Hisense 110UX indeed showcases through its full LED display innovation in collective merging of such advanced hardware and software. It symbolizes a sector of innovation and consumer-oriented engineering, positioning it as the benchmark for picture quality. The model boasts enhanced brightness, contrast ratio, colour reproduction, and low reflectivity providing the viewer with the absolute best viewing experience.

Awards and Recognition

The Hisense 110UX is honored as a 2024 CES® Innovation Award in Audio/Video Components & Accessories as a result of the newest and ground-breaking technology utilized in the creation of the projector in addition to the exceptional performance of the projector. This laud comes to confirm the place of the TV in extending the frontiers of the actualizable possibilities in home entertainment.


Unfortunately the Hisense 110UX is not only a television but a glimpse to the future of home entertainment. It has much better back-light control, enhanced colour differentiation, Artificial Intelligence integrated features, enhanced brightness and therefore, the best LED displays on the market. Regardless of the kind of program you love to watch whether it is movies, sports or Television programs, this 110UX will be your perfect companion.

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Hisense 110UX ULED
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