Illuminate Your Life with Motli Light: A Sustainable Lighting Solution


Are you tired of disposable lighters cluttering up the environment? Do you need to make a difference even as brightening up your environment? Look no further than the Motli Light, a groundbreaking biodegradable innovation selected by way of Oprah’s Favorite Things in 2022. Let’s delve into the features and blessings of this eco-friendly lighting answer.

Introducing Motli Light

The Motli Light isn’t always just your average lighter—it is a beacon of sustainability. Handpicked by using Oprah herself, this progressive product guarantees to revolutionize the way you remove darkness from your existence. Say good-bye to single-use plastic lighters and hiya to a greener, brighter destiny.

Sustainable Design

Crafted with the planet in thoughts, the Motli Light is crafted from biodegradable substances. Unlike conventional lighters that contribute to pollutants and landfill waste, our eco-friendly design ensures that even at the stop of its lifecycle, it might not damage the surroundings.

The Motli Light is devoted to reducing its carbon footprint by the use of biodegradable substances. These substances smash down naturally over the years, decreasing the effect on the environment and helping to protect our planet for destiny generations.

Versatile Illumination

Whether you’re putting the temper for a romantic dinner or attempting to find lost treasures under the couch, the Motli Light has you covered. With its integrated LED flashlight, you’ll enjoy clear visibility in any lighting fixtures situations, making it the best companion for indoor and out of doors adventures alike.

The incorporated LED flashlight on the Motli Light ensures which you always have clear visibility, even inside the darkest of environments. Whether you are camping inside the woods or attempting to find something in your attic, the Motli Light has got you covered.

Convenient Features

Equipped with a range of handy functions, the Motli Light makes lighting fixtures up a breeze. The battery indicator lets you recognize while it’s time to recharge, making sure you are in no way left inside the dark. Plus, the kid protection switch gives peace of thoughts, particularly in families with curious little ones.

The Motli Light also functions a baby protection transfer, ensuring that it can not be accidentally activated by means of little fingers. This offers you peace of mind knowing that your children are secure around the Motli Light.

Easy-to-Follow User Guide

Don’t fear approximately fumbling with complex instructions—the Motli Light comes with a easy consumer guide to get you started. Just comply with the steps to charge your lighter, and you will be ready to illuminate your world right away.

The Motli Light comes with a person-friendly guide that walks you via the setup method step by step. Whether you’re a seasoned seasoned or new to using lighters, you’ll discover the commands smooth to comply with.

Environmental Commitment

By deciding on the Motli Light, you are not just making a buy; you’re making a declaration. Join the motion towards sustainability and display your dedication to keeping our planet for future generations.

The Motli Light is devoted to reducing its environmental effect by means of the usage of biodegradable materials and minimizing waste. With each purchase of a Motli Light, you are assisting to support a greener, extra sustainable future for our planet.


  • Unit Dimension: 9.1″ x 1.18″ x .75″
  • Materials: ABS
  • Weight: .18lbs
  • 2 hundred,000 lighting in step with lighter
  • Lights in step with rate = one thousand
  • Rechargeable 1-2 hr quick charge Lithium-Ion Battery

The Motli Light features a compact and lightweight layout, making it easy to hold with you anywhere you cross. Whether you’re camping, hiking, or simply enjoyable at domestic, the Motli Light is the proper companion for all of your lighting fixtures wishes.

Biodegradable Collection

All lighters in our Biodegradable Collection use plastic additives treated with Pristine®, an natural additive that enhances biodegradability. Tested the usage of identified ASTM methods, Pristine® guarantees our merchandise spoil down effectively, leaving in the back of no harmful residues.

The Motli Light is a part of our Biodegradable Collection, which capabilities merchandise crafted from environmentally friendly materials. By choosing a product from our Biodegradable Collection, you’re assisting to reduce your carbon footprint and guard the planet.

How to Use Motli Light

Step1:-Open your Motli Light and make certain it is absolutely charged.

Step2:-Press and maintain the power button for 2 seconds to show it on/off.

Step3:-Slide the ignition button forward to activate the arc recommendations.

Step4:-Hold the lighter 1 inch faraway from the target and circulate the arcs closer to it to mild.

Step5:-For the flashlight, press and maintain the button for 2 seconds to toggle on/off.

The Motli Light is simple to use, with simple commands that all of us can follow. Whether you’re a seasoned pro or new to the usage of lighters, you will discover the Motli Light intuitive and easy to perform.

Pristine®: Enhancing Biodegradability

Pristine® has been examined rigorously to growth the price of biodegradation in long lasting plastics. With certifications like ASTM-D5511 and D5338, you can trust that our products aren’t most effective environmentally pleasant but additionally powerful in decreasing plastic waste.

Pristine® is an organic additive that enhances the biodegradability of plastics, ensuring that they ruin down extra fast and effectively in the surroundings. By the use of Pristine® in our merchandise, we are able to lessen our carbon footprint and assist defend the planet for destiny generations.


In a world wherein sustainability subjects more than ever, the Motli Light shines vivid as a beacon of hope. With its innovative layout, convenient features, and dedication to the environment, it is no longer just a lighting solution—it’s a assertion of our dedication to a greener, brighter future. Join us in illuminating the sector one light at a time with Motli Light!

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

1.Is Motli Light smooth to use?

Absolutely! With simple instructions and intuitive design, anybody can function the Motli Light without problems.

2.How long does the battery ultimate on a unmarried rate?

You can enjoy up to one thousand lighting fixtures in step with price, ensuring lengthy-lasting illumination anyplace you go.

3.Can I use Motli Light outside?

Yes, the Motli Light is ideal for outdoor use, whether or not you’re camping, hiking, or truly taking part in your patio.

4.Is the Motli Light environmentally pleasant?

Absolutely! Our biodegradable substances and dedication to sustainability make the Motli Light an eco-conscious desire.

5.What makes Pristine® one-of-a-kind from other additives?

Pristine® has been substantially tested and established to decorate biodegradability in plastics, ensuring a cleaner, greener future for our planet.

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