Introducing ODYSSEY PRO: Your Ultimate Portable Telescope


Science fiction has always been fascinated with astrology, the thought of being able to discover the universe from a safe distance in our own backyard has been liberating. Think of observing the universe with sight and particularly observing galaxies, nebulae or even other planets with an incredibly magnified vision at night. That is where the ODYSSEY PRO comes in to help and bring that dream to life. This high quality, portable, reflector telescopes would be suitable for those observers who want convenience in observing both planets and deep-sky objects without having to faff about with various modifications on the telescope. Therefore, its usability aspect is highly significant as it allows you to start exploring the universe without an effort due to the automatic characteristic of the given constructor.

 Why Choose ODYSSEY PRO?

The key strength of the ODYSSEY PRO is that it combines basic functionality with compactness and many beneficial characteristics. It is a telescope for all the lovers of gazing at stars irrespective of the level of experience that one possesses. This is a phenomenal tool, which could be compared to having an inclined observatory in your backpack.

Ease of Use and Portability

Another major selling factor associated with the ODYSSEY PRO is that of its convenience to use. It is just 4kg (8. 8 lbs) in weight therefore you can easily transport it to your favorite stargazing locations. Mounting and pointing with an Alt-Az motorized mount mean no more gear-crunching and other manual and often time-consuming operations. Everything is organized to where you just plug in or plug into it and the universe is your playground.

 Eyepiece Observation Experience

Highlighted under the ODYSSEY brand manufactured by Unistellar, the ODYSSEY PRO is designed to provide the best eyepiece observation. This means that like the conventional method you look directly through the telescope and get a crisp and clear view which is very hard to achieve.

 Observing via Mobile Devices

Living in the twenty first century one cannot but think about how one can advance technology into stargazing. The ODYSSEY PRO lets the user view various objects in the sky through the mobile device or tablet. This feature is especially suitable in persons with a contemporary perspective to this ageless activity since it offers a comfortable means of observing the night sky.

Unistellar App Features

The multifunctional ODYSSEY PRO can be used with an additional free iOS and Android application. It enriches your gazing by providing you with options that will help you make the most of your observations.

 Accessing the Sky Catalog

Should you decide to use the Unistellar app, you are granted the ability to observe not only the current sky but sky catalog containing much more than 5,000 objects. For example, if you want to observe something as simple as planets, galaxies, nebulae, the Moon, with just a click you can observe these amazing objects.

 Being able to see special colors and details

This amplifier brings the universe to your living room with bright colors and beautiful details as seen in the ODYSSEY PRO. This telescope does not display objects in monochrome as is the case with ordinary telescopes, rather it enables you to observe the world in colors; nebulae are colorfully lit, galaxies are of various colors, and so are planets. Just as if the world of the night and its darkness were painted with a whole range of colors of the rainbow.

 Video Analysis and Social Broadcasting

Get the stunning observation of live image processing schemes. The ODYSSEY PRO has the capability of sharpening images in real-time making it easier for you to have a good look at celestial objects. Besides, one can quickly share such gorgeous pictures with friends and other loved ones on the social media platforms.

 Premium High Tripod

Part of the package of the ODYSSEY PRO is the one premium high tripod. This strongly built and immovable tripod helps to keep your telescope still while observing the starry sky, without any interruptions.

 Technical Specifications

Let’s dive into the technical details that make the ODYSSEY PRO a standout choice:

  • Planets & Deep Sky: As is as good for observing planets as it is for observing deep-sky objects.
  • Celestial Database: More than 5000 pieces.
  • Star Database: There are as many stars in the 37 million households as can be illustrated on the sample page.
  • Mirror Diameter: 85mm.
  • Focal Length: 320mm.
  • Focal Ratio: f/3. 9.
  • Field of View: of 33. 6 arcmin x 45 arcmin.
  • Limiting Magnitude: 17. 2.
  • Mount: Motorized Alt-Az.
  • Telescope Weight: This is a 4kg (8. 8 lbs) revolution moisturizer.
  • Tripod Weight: Weighs 2. 5 kg (5. 5 lbs)

Battery and Storage

It features a battery with an autonomy of up to 5h of use so you can observe without worrying about the battery for a longer time. Further, it is complete with 64 GB of storage capacity sufficient for storing your observation or the images you capture from the experiment.


The ODYSSEY PRO is truly a very special telescope in that it is easy to transport, easy to use and is feature rich to provide the viewer with an incredible experience when gazing at the stars. No matter you are a professional stargazer or an amateur one, this telescope will help to dive into outer space in details. Experience the beauty of the night sky differently by using the ODYSSEY PRO and bring out the best in stargazing.

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