Is GTA 6 Not Coming To PC?


Grand Theft Auto 6 was finally confirmed by Rockstar in early 2022, on February 4th via X (formally twitter) that “development was underway”. Although it is highly likely that production started way before that announcement. This was a long awaited confirmation after various leaks and rumors were circulating which had passionate players riled up for the next installment in this iconic series.

First Trailer Release!

The trailer, which was released on December 5th,2023, features two characters who supposedly we will control and play much like how we did in GTA 5 with Franklin, Trevor and Michael. It seems this time these two characters are a couple which is a new narrative play for Rockstar games to take since it wasn’t the case in the previous titles.

The various shots show the varied scenery the game will feature from highways,suburbs and cities all the way to beaches and marshlands. With a shot showing ‘Vice’ in a huge sign confirming the game will take place in Vice City, the setting from one of their previous titles of the same name of the franchise.

Various scenes from the trailer depict all the events and the general craziness which comes from Miami, Florida which is what Vice city is based on. The game shows a lot of these kinds of scenes with a foreground of social media handles and portrait mode shots. Keen eyed viewers can see that there are various clubs being featured in the trailer such as ‘ThrillBilly Mud Club’ and ‘High Rollerz Lifestyle’ among others.

Okay, So Why Won’t It Come To PC?

Now players were quick to notice that there wasn’t a date for a PC release which frustrated many in the PC community as a 12 year wait is coming to an end with this seemingly sad news.

However it is important to note that GTA 5, the previous installment, arrived on PC 2 years after the game’s initial 2013 release.

This is highly likely to be the case for GTA 6 as Rockstar has done so for its previous titles. At a recent conference the CEO of Take-two Interactive iterated that the lack of a PC announcement isn’t “..set in stone”. He further stated that “..Rockstar’s business strategy is where the consumer is..”. This response further proves that while GTA 6 might not release for PC day 1 with consoles it is surely to follow. This would be in line with what Rockstar has done before with its PC release of GTA 5 and most recently Red Dead Redemption 2.

It could also be that Rockstar might want to ensure a smooth PC release for this title as Red Dead Redemption 2 did not have a smooth release with most players having a horrible initial experience with crashes happening to the game’s launcher which if nothing did smother the experience a little for PC players initially.


The fact that there hasn’t been a PC announcement is actually par for the course for Rockstar and there is sure to be an announcement for it later down the road. This is their tried and true strategy when it comes to releasing their iconic titles.

This initial release for console strategy dictates their goals of maximizing profits due to this resurgence in console gaming(i.e the PS5) which released new features such as haptic feedback and host of massive upgrades to its hardware which Rockstar might want to utilize to enhance the experience for veteran and new players for GTA 6.

It is certain that GTA 6 will come to PC when taking Rockstar’s action with their previous titles into account such as with their last title Red Dead Redemption 2 came to PC 1 year after initial release on consoles. But since there is a fair majority in the PC gaming space Rockstar will surely release the game for PC near its initial release date for GTA 6. So PC players shouldn’t fear that it might not come to PC since that certainly isn’t the case, Moreover it is likely to come to PC just a short while later.

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