JBL Pulse 5 – Portable Bluetooth Speaker with Light Show


Do you want a rechargeable Bluetooth speaker which is also Kids Safe and colourful and will turn your parties into entertainment centres? All things considered, the JBL Pulse 5 could just be what you are looking for. This speaker is sure to turn heads with a light show that covers the entirety of the circle, rich and powerful sound, and a chassis made to last. So, without further ado, here are all the reasons why the JBL Pulse 5 should be a portable music companion of every music enthusiast.

 Eye-catching 360-degree Light Show

Think about having a disco that you could carry with you and take anywhere with you. The JBL Pulse 5 has a breathtaking light show that will light up every party and event in the house. The lights dance with every beat of your favorite songs and the videos that you watch; in layman’s terms, it offers an audio-visual experience. Further via the JBL Portable app one is able to programme the lighting to the mood of the occasion or type of event. In other words, you can either have a regular, warm light cylinder or an intense glowing zebra that is illuminated to the maximum, depending on your mood.

Bold Sound and Deep Bass in All Directions

Clarity of sound is the essence of any speaker and in this case, the JBL Pulse 5 does not let you down. This speaker has a tweeter and an upfiring driver that produce JBL Original Pro Sound; crisp and vocals with deep bass. The passive radiator on the bottom which actually moves provides the bass impact to ensure not just hearing it, but also the feeling of it. This means that the sound is produced in 360 degrees which implies that if members of the audience get up and move around they will still be receiving the best sound possible.

 IP67 Dustproof and Waterproof

Situations change and so does the lifestyle of people; thus, the speaker should be designed to be versatile. The JBL Pulse 5 portable speaker is splash proof and waterproof with an IP67 rating. Indeed, it does not matter whether you are by the beach or in the pool or even in the park, the speaker can be used with no harm to it. Throw it in the water? No problem. Covered in sand? Just rinse it off. Pulse 5 is specially designed to be weather resistant and this makes you be able to take your music to any place you want without thinking twice.

12 Hours of Play Time

Tis the season for joy, that special event or that small get together can turn out disastrous by the dead battery. Thankfully, the JBL Pulse 5 comes with up to a 12-hour battery life per charge. This is perhaps enhanced by the fact that you can listen to your music all day or into the night without having to charge the device. From barbeque parties that may take an entire day to a chic cocktail party on the evening, Pulse 5 is able to sustain the music play.

 Wireless Bluetooth Streaming

Music sharing has never been easier. Regarding the connectivity of this JBL Pulse 5, users are free to connect two smartphones or tablets to the speaker wirelessly. This feature which makes it possible to cross play with a friend can cause the two of you to be taking turn playing the favorite songs. The Bluetooth communication works nicely, and strengthens all sorts of streaming experiences for all kinds of tunes.

 Design and Build Quality

The JBL Pulse 5 is not only practical but also, sleek and can blend with any environment. Its outer casing with being transparent gives light-drum view and gives a sleek look with the modern touch. The concept of the designs is both sturdy and stylish and as such, the speaker can function as the focal point of events. The build quality is sturdy to be able to provide protection to the speaker against probable damages caused by movements and blunders.

 User Experience

Working with the JBL Pulse 5 is rather easy. The various controls are quite easy to adjust, mainly due to their simplicity, even in a dynamic environment. The JBL Portable app provides the extra, which means that all the settings, the light show, and music controls can be done from the smartphone. On the whole, it has the nice and smooth look and feel, and it was fun to work with the Pulse 5, in general.

 JBL Portable App Customization

The JBL Portable app is the key to laid back customization of the Pulse 5. You can control many of the aspects of the light show – its colors, the pattern it forms, the of intensity and so on. The app also has the ability of connecting several JBL speakers to play and light in harmony across your compound. Such a high level of customization makes your speaker always in a position to know your favorite tunes.

Compatibility and Connectivity

The JBL Pulse 5 can be actively expected to connect with a multitude of others devices in an optimal manner. Regardless of the device the Android phone, iPhone, or a tablet, it is possible to connect and begin playing content. As for the Bluetooth connection, it is powerful and steady in order for one not to be irritating interrupted with music. Also, the Pulse 5 is capable of voice assistants, which means you can control the speaker and also other smart home products via voice commands.

 Portability and Convenience

JBL Pulse 5 is relatively lighter portable Bluetooth speaker weighing slightly over 3 pounds to be carried around. The small, durable shape is very suitable for traveling. The speaker also has a built-in handle for portability and the company has included a protective cover which doubles up as a stand. Going for a picnic, to the beach, or just at a friend’s place, the Pulse 5 is never far behind.

 Value for Money

Summing up all these options, the reader can conclude that JBL Pulse 5 is worth the price. The product features excellent sound quality, intense and colourful illumination, sturdiness and practicality in one unit. In summary, Pulse 5 is a great buy for those who hold music dear and/or for anyone who wants a speaker that is unique from all others.


Therefore, I would like to summarize that JBL Pulse 5 is one of the best portable Bluetooth speakers that can attract listeners with various colorful patterns and provide high-quality sound. It is rigidly built and has a long battery longevity making it suitable for any occasion and the customizable light show and convenience of connectivity to music makes it suitable for any environment. What can I say about this JBL Pulse 5, it is a speaker fit for enhancing your music tastes or give that touch of flavor in events.

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