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While there are a number of earbuds for those angry individuals who just want to plug their ears with some foam and block out the world/melts into an audio realm, JBL has released a new device called Soundgear Sense that is essentially owne earphones. Intended specifically for those consumers who would like to know what is going on in their surrounding even if they are all ears for the listening aspect, we have the Soundgear Sense which is accessorized with a stylish and comfortable way to wear it with formal micro listening.

Yet, high working capacity cannot be around strengths only and weaknesses too can be seen, this also can be noticed following the comparison of the work of bass response in open-ear headphones with the work of traditional ones. And now let us proceed to a general description of the appearance of such earbuds, which has been under discussion on this webpage.

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Design and Comfort

Like the majority of the JBL models, the Soundgear Sense comes with design fundamentals dictated by the company’s durability principles, which are dominated by solidity. The current design of the earbuds is fashionable and comfortable, as intended to make it as comfortable as can be possible without requiring the user to have to push the earbuds into the ear canal as most typical headphones do. Thanks to this design, this product may be more appropriate for those people who find that in-ear buds are rather uncomfortable and obtrusive.

The build quality is fairly good in factor term with high quality of material used and provides a reasonably sturdy feel like which intended for daily use. It has a headband made of flexible material which is worn around the neck when the ear buds are not in use this is helpful when you do not require the ear buds anymore but you cannot find the headband part. This is particularly useful due to the long distances that some of the clients have to travel.

Sound Quality and Performance

The JBL Soundgear Sense provides clear and clean sound quality for essentially any form of content from business podcasts and audiobooks to completely different genres in music. Vocals, are well balanced, clear, and well defined throughout the middle frequencies making it a particularly good midrange. The highs are also well defined and are not at all too piercing or sibilant, and this makes it quite comfortable to listen to the music for long with the headphones.

However, in terms of Bass response the Soundgear Sense doesn’t seem to outperform the open ear headphones. As usually the bass is there but not as massive or authoritative as some people might actually expect it to be. This is true partly because it comes with the open-ear design, which unavoidably does not perform as well in the bass department as closed-back models would because it lacks the seal that is otherwise immensely useful in augmenting the low-frequency range.

Open-Ear Experience

Another significant strength of the JBL Soundgear Sense is its open-ear audio capability: users of the wearable speaker can remain aware of their environments even when enjoying music or other audio content. Of particular aid to these users are sounds that need to be filtered out for instance outdoor runners, cyclists and commuters who need to be alert of sounds in their environment.

Also, since it covers less of the ear canal, this design should alleviate one of the most prevalent complaints about traditional headphones: ear fatigue. Another advantage of the Soundgear Sense is that, since the sound comes from behind and above us, it is not only much more comfortable and less tiring for the ears than conventional headphones or earphones, but it also eliminates the problem of feeling that one’s ears are full, or ‘stuffy,’ which often accompanies the use of other hearing devices.

Connectivity and Battery Life

I would rate the JBL Soundgear Sense as 0, the product has a stable and reliable wireless connection. There is no problem with pairing – and once connected, the buds have a stable connection few drops-out. This relatively stable connection is desirable for those who wear their earphone in different settings, especially those that are a source of possible AFC interference.

charge and battery life The Soundgear Sense maintains a rather decent battery life that can last for up to 8 hours of non-stop play-back. This capacity should be enough for a regular user and for those long distance travelers who often find their selves in need of the internet. It is also possible to charge the earbuds quickly as the product offers an hour battery life after only 10 minutes of the charging time which is very convenient for those moments when you need audio output quickly before leaving or attending to any other activity.

Pricing and Overall Value

Regarding the price policy, the JBL Soundgear Sense can be considered a mid-range set of open-ear earbuds in the market. But it is easily more affordable than some of the high end versions while coming with a package deal of features that can be expected of its price range. In summary, for those people who advocate the open-ear design and the advantages of this wearing style the Soundgear Sense offers really reasonable value propositions.


JBL Soundgear Sense is one of the finest portable speakers out there that provide the true open-ear wearing experience with comfort for longer hours of navigation and significantly superior development in audio quality. It will not be as effective in delivering bass that can actually make you feel the ground beneath your feet but gives a theatrical sense of sound that will always remind you of your surroundings.

The earbuds are ideal for those who wish to remain aware of their surroundings or can’t afford to feel isolated, such as hikers, joggers, cyclists, and anyone who needs to attend to other tasks concurrently while exercising. In conclusion, should someone need a comfortable, efficient, and accessible pair of open-ear earbuds capable of performing well in everyday use, the JBL Soundgear Sense is a viable choice.

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