JBL Tune 770NC Review: Affordable Noise-Canceling with Heavy Bass


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In a market flooded with options, finding the right pair of noise-canceling headphones can be a daunting task, especially if you’re on a budget. The JBL Tune 770NC attempts to strike a balance between affordability, quality, and features. With a promise of heavy bass and comfortable wear, these headphones aim to cater to bass lovers who want to escape into their own sonic world without breaking the bank. Let’s dive into what makes the JBL Tune 770NC stand out, and where it might fall short.

Image source:www.amazon.com

Design and Build Quality

First impressions of the JBL Tune 770NC are generally positive. The design is sleek and modern, available in several color options to suit different tastes. The headphones are primarily made of plastic, which is expected at this price point. However, the build quality feels solid enough to withstand regular use. The ear cups are well-padded and provide a snug, comfortable fit, making them suitable for extended listening sessions. The adjustable headband is also padded and does not exert excessive pressure, even on larger heads.

One minor drawback in the design is the use of plastic, which may not promise the same durability as more premium materials. However, considering the price, the overall build quality is commendable.

Sound Quality

The JBL Tune 770NC shines when it comes to sound quality, especially if you’re a fan of heavy bass. The headphones deliver a robust and punchy bass response that enhances pop, hip-hop, and electronic tracks. The lows are deep and impactful, without overwhelming the mids and highs too much. Vocal clarity remains intact, and the higher frequencies are crisp, though they might not have the same sparkle you’d find in more expensive models.

Noise cancellation is another key feature of the Tune 770NC. While they don’t eliminate all background noise, they do a commendable job of reducing ambient sounds like engine noise or office chatter. This makes them a good choice for commuting or working in moderately noisy environments. However, if you’re looking for absolute silence, you might need to look at higher-end options.

Battery Life and Connectivity

Battery life is a strong point for the Tune 770NC, offering up to 35 hours of playtime with noise canceling activated. Without noise cancellation, you can expect even more longevity, which is great for long trips or extended listening periods. The headphones also support quick charging, providing up to 2 hours of playtime with just a 5-minute charge.

Connectivity is straightforward and reliable, with Bluetooth 5.0 ensuring a stable connection up to 10 meters. Pairing is quick and hassle-free, and the headphones remember previously connected devices, which is a convenient feature. Additionally, multipoint connection is supported, allowing you to connect to two devices simultaneously.

Additional Features

The JBL Tune 770NC comes with a few extra features that enhance its value. The integrated microphone offers clear call quality, which is a plus if you use your headphones for phone calls or video conferencing. There are also accessible controls on the ear cups for managing music playback and calls, adjusting volume, and activating the voice assistant.

The headphones are compatible with the JBL Headphones app, which allows you to customize the EQ settings to your liking. This is particularly useful if you want to adjust the sound profile beyond the default heavy bass setup.

Final Thoughts

The JBL Tune 770NC headphones are a solid choice for those who prioritize heavy bass, comfort, and effective noise cancellation without spending a fortune. While they may not offer the best noise cancellation on the market, they perform well enough for most everyday situations. The sound quality is impressive for the price, and the added features like the customizable EQ and quick charging make them a practical option for both casual listeners and more dedicated audiophiles on a budget.

If you’re looking for an affordable entry into the world of noise-canceling headphones with a strong bass presence, the JBL Tune 770NC deserves serious consideration. They might not be perfect, but they offer a lot of value for their price.

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