Juice Pack: Compact, Protective Battery Case with USB-C Charging


It is necessary to be connected due to the fast and constantly developing possibilities of the contemporary world. Whether you have a tight work schedule, you are a student or are just a giant fan of your smartphone, the moment your battery runs low, you know how much of a hassle this can be. Enter the juice pack – a protective battery case with a built-in USB-C pass through to keep your phone charged all day. This article will be focusing on how juice pack works and why every phone must have this particular accessory.

What is a Juice Pack?

Juice pack is not only a shell for a telephone. It is a slim and portable case that not only comes with the coverage of the phone but also boosts the battery capacity. This one is perhaps the only juice pack with a 2,400-3,000 mAh rechargeable battery, so you will be able to keep using your phone all day long, obviously assuming that you do not have high battery-tanking requirements. The design of this handy device is characterized by a pass-through USB-C charging system which enables one to charge both the phone and the case at the same time.

 Advantages of juice pack

The following are the benefits that one will realize whenever he or she decides to utilize a juice pack. First of all, by connecting your mobile phone to smart essentials, it increases the battery power of a phone by at least 50% to make sure that your line is always open and active. Besides, it enhances the phone’s performance and durability royalties due to its rugged construction that shields the phone from falls and sharp objects. However, the modishness sets this one apart—pass-through charging comes in handy, and it means that you phone charges first than the juice pack.

 Compact and Protective Design

The juice pack seems to be thin but very safeguarding in its look and form. It measuring only a third of an inch in thickness fits snuggly in the palm of the hand or pocket without much weight. However, due to the use of durable material as well as proper design, this juice pack can easily be relied on to protect the iPod touch from normal day to day usage.

 Extended Battery Life

Imagine this: Wherever you go, and the battery of your phone is getting low. With the juice pack, you indicate that the battery strength of your phone can be extended up to 50 percent. This implies extended hours spent on calls, texting, interactive activities, and all the other activities that people enjoy on phones. The rechargeable battery which is incorporated in the device makes the backup power available once you need it.

Priority Plus Charging

Certainly, it is worth pointing to the integration of the Priority Plus Charging feature into the juice pack. This is where you pug in both the phone and the juice pack and your phone starts to charge first. It only draws current when the phone, for instance, is fully charged to start charging the juice pack. This comes in handy especially if you are in a hurry to charge your phone and other gadget but your charging equipment only has limited time.

 Standby/Status Button

The juice pack features standby/status button that you can use to decide when the case can supply power to the phone. The desired state of this compact battery which is the juice pack is controllable through to a switch on and off manner. Furthermore, pressing the button also gives you the battery level along with the status of charge indicating you about your standby power.

 Low Profile Design

At the same time, it is necessary to mention that all those great functions are implemented in the juice pack that has the low-profile design. It is relatively thin becoming even thinner than your phone so it does not make the phone bulky and looks elegant. Because of this, in does not protrude out of the phone and add bulkiness to the phone making it suitable for everyday use.

Raised Corners for Screen Protection

The juice pack hasWake-guard which is raised corners to ensure that the screen does not get damaged in form of scratching or cracking. This considerate addition guarantees the screen of your phone, which is frequently the most delicate area of the gadget, and safeguards it against drops and kid bumps.

How to Use the Juice Pack

In its usage, the juice pack is relatively easy to handle as is depicted below. Allows you to easily snap your phone into the case and make sure it’s snapped in firmly. Connect the USB-C connector of the wireless charging dock to charge your phone and the juice pack together. For battery indication or to enable or disable the juice pack, the standby/status button situated on the rear side of the case should be pressed.


It is important to note that this juice pack supports most of the smartphone brands in the market. This by itself makes us to understand that whatever the model you are in possession of, be it the current model or the previous model, there is always a juice pack to contain that specific model. It has to be noted that to avoid compatibility issues one has to always check that it is compatible with your phone model first.


Juice pack is the perfect companion to the iPhone for every person who wishes to have fully charged phone in addition to the protection. Compactness, longer battery period, and priority plus charging make it convenient, and reliable in one product. Whether one is always on the move or even just has the desire to be assured that their phone is always fully charged then there is no better solution than the juice pack.

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