Kanto ORA 100W Powered Reference Desktop Computer Speakers


In terms of powerful performance and at the same time the speakers’ small size, the best-in-class model indeed has to be the Kanto ORA 100W Powered Reference Desktop Computer Speakers. These speakers provide powerful, convenient, and versatile performance, making them suitable for any user from the professional music lover to an average end user.


If you are in need of a pair of speakers that can produce studio quality sounds and at the same time does not occupy much space on the desktop? The Kanto ORA 100W Powered Reference Desktop Computer Speakers could just be what you are looking for. Today I want to present you these speakers which are characterized by good sound quality, possibilities of wired/wireless connectivity and a rather compact form.

 Unmatched Sound Quality

The Kanto ORA speakers possess 100W DSP tuned bi-amplified class D, and it eliminates any coloration almost approaching studio quality. The 3” woofers provide reliable bass so you can savor each note in your music or any media that you are playing. Regardless of whether they are listening to songs, watching a movie, or on a process where they may need some background music, the speakers do not fail to produce clear and intense sound.

 Ease of Use: Drive Through

Simple is the first word that comes to mind when trying to describe the Kanto ORA speakers’ operation; these speakers do not require a spectacular setup procedure. All you have to do when using the speakers is plug them into your device through the USB-C, Bluetooth 5. Zero, or RCA, and you’re good to go; you can now turn up the volume and listen to your favorite tracks in crystal clear quality.

 Versatile Connectivity

The ORA speakers are designed to meet all your digital and analog needs with three input options:The ORA speakers are designed to meet all your digital and analog needs with three input options:

  • USB-C: Offers the highest quality of sound output from the pc or Mac.
  •  Bluetooth 5. 0: Complements your phone or any connected home device you have in your modern home.
  • RCA: Complements your analog first-order equipment like turntables.

This versatility makes Kanto ORA a versatile speaker to have for any audio systems you fancy.

 Seamless Subwoofer Integration

For those who seek even more of the bass it is worth to note that the Kanto ORA speakers are fully compatible with the subwoofers. This crossover network operates when the subwoo is connected and helps ORA to concentrate on vocal and high frequency sounds. It also improves the quality of the entire sound and provides the ability to turn up the volume without having to sacrifice the sound quality in terms of distortion.

Mounting Flexibility

The Kanto ORA speakers are designed such that there is a ¼”-20 threaded insert at the back and this is very useful for wall or ceiling mounting of the speakers using any other compatible speaker mounting bracket. This makes it possible for you to position your speakers in a manner that offers the best experience as far as sound is concerned.

 Compact and Portable Design

Despite being outstanding performers, the Kanto ORA speakers are small and they can be carried around effortlessly. They are compact to the point that they can be placed horizontally under a monitor or even thrown in a backpack for a few hours of impromptu recording. Essentially this makes them suitable to be used by anyone who requires good sound quality in places that they travel to.

 Retro Friendly Features

In case you have still not discarded your CRT or high-end PVM speakers, then Kanto ORA speakers will not appear out of place. The self-driven drivers guarantee that there is no disruption of the screen when placed right next to these displays. The analog RCA input will play each of the square waves and sawteeth to a tee, especially the frequencies in the signal.

 Integration with Kanto Ecosystem

Not only are they good sounding speakers, but they also look great when combined with specific Kanto’s speaker stands. Being a business they have models like angled S2, the elevated SE2, and pedestal-style SP9 which work appropriately in any setting.

 Ideal for Various Settings

Whether there is a need for speakers for home office, studio or for the living room, the Kanto ORA speakers will do the job quite well. Through their thin line look and massive punch, they are ideal for use in different environments as the quality of sound produced is off the highest standard.


All things considered, the Kanto ORA 100W Powered Reference Desktop Computer Speakers gives premium performance along with portability, making them a great choice as computer speakers. Whether their clients are an audiophile, studio engineer or simply in need of a home audio solution the ORA speakers would definitely suit the need.

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Kanto ORA 100W speakers
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