KEF Kube 12 MIE Subwoofer: Powerful Bass for Any System


Do you desire bass that is deep, clean, and tight, coupled with a subwoofer that fits interactively into the remainder of your sound components? One product that you should consider is the KEF Kube 12 MIE Subwoofer that gives you a slim-design active subwoofer that is electronically controlled. Q acquisitions of power base speakers optimized with this specific 12-inch woofer is amplified by the 300-watt Class D speaker. Here, it is worth explaining the features that highlight the KEF Kube 12 MIE as a product worth your attention.

 The Heart of the Kube: Woofer: 12 inch

In the center of the KEF Kube 12 MIE is a 12-inch woofer providing for its deep bass and a tight sound. This is not just any woofer but a-special woofer that provides low pitch bass sound that you can touch. It does not matter if one is enjoying an action film or favorite tunes, these portable speakers will make sure lows are felt audibly in any scene.

 Power and Performance: Audio power amplifier is a 300-Watt Class D type.

The Class D amplifier of this speaker is 300-watt which might be considered as the major aspect of performance in Kube 12 MIE. This amplifier offers the subwoofer the required power for it to deliver quality bass irrespective of the chosen volume level. While other subwoofers tend to really thicken at high SPL levels which causes sonic coherency to be compromised, the Kube 12 MIE keeps it where it is, The best.

 KEF’s Proprietary DSP Algorithms

KEF has incorporated its own unique and in house patented Digital Signal Processing technology in the Kube 12 MIE. These algorithms help in making every part of the subwoofer to function in unison. It is much like a conductor of an orchestra, overseeing and making sure that all accordians are in harmony and playing on the right beat. This technology enables the subwoofer to give out sound that is accurate with respect to its surroundings.

 Intelligent Bass Extension (iBX)

Other novelty I mentioned earlier is the Intelligent Bass Extension abbreviated as iBX. This feature enhances your bass to give you even deeper and accurate bass no matter the listening level. Just like putting that extra ace in your pocket which guarantees you’re never left out, the extra track is just the addition of depth to the sound you were never aware you needed.

Front-Firing Long Throw Driver

The Kube 12 MIE has a front firing long throw driver which has a very large cone area and has high excursion capabilities. This design enables the subwoofer to produce even higher output levels for low frequencies thus enabling enough bass. Somehow, I could try to explain it as it being like having a wave of sound that engulfs the room and engulfs the listener with deep, heavy bass.

 Efficient, Cool-Running Amplifier

Amplifiers being an audio equipment has to be efficient and that’s exactly what has been offered by Kube 12 MIE. 300W Class D RMS amplifier – This is an efficient power that does not overheat the unit no matter the hours of continuous use. This is not only beneficial for the life span of the subwoofer but it is also beneficial for the consistent performing of the subwoofer.

 Versatile Connection Options

Let it be noted that using Kube 12 MIE in your existing audio systems can be easily connected because of its flexibility in terms of connectivity. Depending on the used configuration the Kube 12 MIE can either be quite basic or as complex as needed.

 KEF SmartConnect and Speaker Level Inputs 

The Kube 12 MIE is designed to be flexible – it includes KEF’s SmartConnect and has speaker level inputs for easy connection. SmartConnect system makes it easier to pair the device with others to avoid spending a lot of time on connection and more time on the music or the movies.

 The three Room Position EQ options 

Every kitchen and every living zone is unique and KEF knows this basic fact. Three extracting EQ presets for room position are included in the Kube 12 MIE package so that you would be able to fine tune the speaker even if you placed it at any location in the room. It is like having a suit made to order to fit the individual, which can be very comforting than being fit in a suit that is ready made.

Easy interoperability with any system and interface

Numerous problems can be encountered when trying to incorporate a subwoofer into an existing one, one of which is integration. The options of anti-icing systems, steering systems, thruster systems, etc, are well compatible with the Kube 12 MIE to enhance its operation. Regardless of whether you have a custom home theater of a two-speaker stereo in your living room, the Kube 12 MIE simply blends in.

 Improving Your Home Theater Mood

A subwoofer is important in home theater system and the Kube 12 MIE holds a prominent position to take your movie watching to another level. This increases the sound’s impact especially during movies as it creates a surround sound feel thus making one feel as if he/she is in the movie. Action scenes such as explosion, car chase and powerful background music comes out vivid with the help of Kube 12 MIE.

 Why To Choose KEF Kube 12 MIE?

Therefore, why should you settle for the KEF Kube 12 MIE subwoofer as opposed to other subwoofers? It means the power, performance, usability, or the triangle of power-performance-usability that None presents. Kube 12 MIE has a 12-inch woofer with 300 watts RMS, and also it has DSP algorithms and iBX with superior quality sound. Given that it can be connected both wirelessly and wired and that the room position EQ allows you to adjust the speakers’ performance to the room in which you’ll place them, this makes it easy to achieve the best performance irrespective of the room you’ll place it in.


Thus, the KEF Kube 12 MIE Subwoofer is an excellent addition to any system and can provide incredible performance in combination with other products from the same series of KEF. It comes with twelve-inch woofer, 300 Watt Class D amp, and there is also digital signal processing and integrated bass extension, I-BPX technology. You want to watch a movie, enjoy your favorite band or just listen to your favorite songs, the Kube 12 MIE provides high quality and powerful bass.

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KEF Kube 12 MIE Subwoofer
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