Keyboard 81 Pro: The Ultimate Keyboard Experience



Do you feel like most of the keyboards are not meeting your expectations in any way? This makes the Keyboard 81 Pro adequate for professional typists, gamers, as well as other persons whose works require a lot of input from the computer keyboard. Now, let’s discuss the characteristics that having this keyboard to be such a big deal.

 Unified Keyboard Holder

Another wonder of the Keyboard 81 Pro is that all the keyboard is included in one single holder. This though innovative design makes sure your keyboard does not move around even when all those typing fingers are at work. Try to picture yourself having a nice and secure device for the keyboard that helps to gather all the crucial essentials in one place, and keep everything tidily arranged.

 Three-Segment Switch

The unique aspect of the Keyboard 81 pro is the three segment switches that this keyboard has unlike other keyboards. This switch provides a linear click as well as a more tailored tactile sense, enabling your work. Depending on the level of tactility you prefer, the lower profile of this switch is a smooth ride or the firm click gives an astonishingly satisfying typing experience.

 CNC Aluminum Design

Made for durability the Keyboard 81 Pro comes with a CNC aluminum construction that not only makes it look good but also provide for a long lasting keyboard. This is a quality material that can hardly be damaged thus offering you a keyboard that will not need repairs soon. Consider it to be the outer jacket that shields your keyboard to remain new despite the amount of usage that it has been put through.

 Co-Created Switches

Both the necessary switches on Keyboard 81 Pro are designed in co-creation of providing desired linear click tone and a actually enhanced tactile feel. Because of this synergy, every key pressed is fun and precise and therefore, your typing becomes more efficient. When will I finally be able to type on this keyboard again as if the keys were made for me and thus also experience more joy and efficiency?

First Bouncy but Durable Keycap

Introducing the first bouncy but durable keycap: which is called the Marble-mallow. This keycap is for making the touch more special and unique, reshaping the game of keyboards. Then there is the feel of it, where it has the floppy feeling like a cushion on your fingers, but has the sturdiness as well. Thus, this unique design allows avoiding such a minor but tiresome experience as fingers’ exhaustion during multiple typing hours.

 Double-Gasket Design

That’s why, in the Keyboard 81 Pro, the double gasket is supplemented with a more precisely configured, yet softer, actuation. This means that every time a finger strikes the keys, it is easy and comfortable therefore minimizing finger fatigue. Whether you have to write a report at work, or playing game, this convenient design enables you type with comfort all day. Consider it as the combination of a comfortable and a little stiff mattress, which basically presents the optimum of both.

 supports mac OS, windows, and Linux systems.

Indeed, you can enjoy training with the Keyboard 81 Pro regardless of the operating system that is installed. This is achieved with an evidence of supporting macOS, Windows and Linux making it an easy all-in-one solution. Envision a keyboard that would integrate with your devices and you do not have to deal with having numerous keyboards.

 Hot-Swappable Switches

Keyboard 81 Pro has hot-swappable switches which means you can replace the switches without the need of desoldering. This leads to the fact that typing experience of a keyboard can be tuned to an individual person and the switches can be tried out one by one. If something isn’t working or looks a little bland, variety is the spice of life and it’s exactly the same with switches.

 QMK & VIA are two different open-source Firmware.

As a result of having open-source firmware QMK and VIA, the Keyboard 81 Pro sets the bar high. It is possible to expand the usage of your keyboard, for example, to assign individual macro sequences or change keys for a more convenient work. By enabling this feature, you are able to easily customize your keyboard and thus make it one of the most effective tools in your endeavors.

Enhanced Typing Comfort

Each and every detail of the Keyboard 81 Pro is aimed at providing the users maximum comfort during typing. clockwise from the top right, the drop-down list of options shows the keycap, the double gasket design, and the bouncy keycaps. I would like to suggest you to type for hours without irritation and pressure on your fingers, this keyboard has it engineered accordingly.

Perfect for Work and Gaming

No matter you are typing at office or playing a game, Keyboard 81 Pro fits either of them. Its body construction, keycaps, and switch build it to be used in any activity you may involve yourself in. It is rather a beautiful thought to think you could have that one keyboard that performs not only in the workspace but also in your leisure time games.


The Keyboard 81 Pro, indeed, totally revolutionises the concept of a keyboard. Being a versatile product, it features all the attributes that you might need to get the most of typing experience. If you are an employee, a gamer or just a FAN who like a precise touch of the keyboard, the Keyboard 81 Pro is one of the best investments.


 Why is the Keyboard 81 Pro not the same as any other keyboards?

The innovations include a unified keyboard holder, a 3-segment switch, CNC Aluminum body, Switch co-design, Bouncy caps, Double gasket, and Type-c to Type-a converted in which Keyboard 81 Pro outperforms all competitors and provides the best typing experience.

 Will this keyboard, 81 Pro, work with my operating system?

Yes, the Keyboard 81 Pro supports macOS, Microsoft Windows, and GNU/Linux OS which means that the users in the market can consider it.

 Are there some mechanisms on the Keyboard 81 Pro that will let me change the switches, if maybe I want to add some of my personal preferences?

Absolutely! It has the hot-swappable switches that enable you to modify the switches without any soldering process.

 What is the kind of keycap that is known as Marble-mallow?

The Marble-mallow keycap is the world’s first bouncy and long-lasting keycap aimed at improving the tactile sensations since it is comfortable to type on, especially when working for hours.

 What is in it for me in the double-gasket design?

The one piece double-tapered keltis keycaps with double gaskets make it so that you won’t really feel it with your fingers and it feels more like typing or side-to-side movement.

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Keyboard 81 Pro
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